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Updated on July 18, 2012
C.Z. asks from Manning, IA
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ok as you all know I am getting a puppy from BF. He will be a Weimaramer. Now I am going into like mini nesting mode. We pick him up Aug 11. I want to make sure I have everything (or have it on the list to get)!

Here is what I have so far. Tell me if I need more!
dog dishes
toys- I have one but we are going to pet smart for more!
A harnes to begin with
vet apt the monday after we get him for a clean bill of health check.
Puppy shampoo - gentle for their skin... I hope to do a lot of swimming with him when he is ready

Here is whats on the list that we need
-food we will get when it gets closer but its on the list
-smaller treats will come when training starts
Tie out. Just for when we are gone. Fence will come later! or free run when we are home.
(we will get the hunting gear as soon as we know how big he will be and when he is trained. )

I know I am forgetting something. I know I have time. Uhg I feel like a new mommy to be... Kinda am but still. I did this with the Gpigs too!

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answers from Houston on

Dog bed? Dog crate? Nail clippers (or the number of a groomer/vet to do the chore)? Baby gates if keeping out of certain areas of the house?

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answers from New York on

I would never leave a dog (especially a puppy) on a tie out (or outside for that matter) when I wasn't home. Especially if you don't have a fence. Aren't you worried that someone might take him or he'll bark and annoy your neighbors? Everything else looks good.

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answers from Kansas City on

Don't tie him up! I cannot fathom why people do that. You seem ready to love him and treat him so nicely, so why the tie out? If you don't have a fence, take him out to potty on a leash until you do. And if you are worried about having him loose in the house unsupervised, get a crate. It is much safer for your dog. Dogs are not bothered by crates; in fact, mine used it as his "safe spot" for a few months after we adopted him, long after we stopped putting him in it and closing the door.

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answers from San Francisco on

Please don't use a tie out, it's so cruel :(
Much more humane to crate train him.
I hope you have lots of Weimeraner specific information, I know they are a very special breed! If you are getting him from a good breeder they can and should provide lots of advice and support, even after you bring him home.

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answers from Huntsville on

A crate if you are going to crate train him :)

Tag for his collar/harness with your contact info on it. We got an awesome one from Petsmart recently. It's bone shaped & the machine will engrave it on both sides. We got the dogs name on one side, and the other side has our address and my phone number. It also came with a special clear sticker to put over the address part - it helps protect it from wear & scratches! They make them all fancy now! ha!

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answers from San Francisco on

Flea control
Pooper Scooper

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answers from Dallas on

I completely agree with the others as far as crate training instead of the tie out. JMO.

Congrats on the puppy!

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answers from Anchorage on

Do you have a kennel for him? Using it at night helps him to potty train and most dogs like to have a safe place like a kennel they can go to to just chill out.
When it comes to food, not all brands are the same. Many are full of fillers that a dog can not process properly and it will create extra wastes, plus it can cause other issues. My dog used to get ear infections and had itchy skin, then we went to a grain free filler free food and that all went away and he is so much healthier. We use Taste of the Wild but there are other filler free lines out there.

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answers from Houston on

Crate training instead of tie out. Leaving him out when you are gone is a bad idea... especially for a weimariner, they really need special training. Get a good breed specific training book.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Vaccines!! I have soon way to many pups suffer from Parvo.



answers from Los Angeles on

Dog bed/Pillow
Dog bowls for food AND water (I have a few water bowls in diff areas)
Collar w/tag w/your info
Long leash

Along w/the other poster's recommendations for vaccines etc.

Lots of love & patience. You're set.



answers from Kansas City on

dog comb and brush!!


answers from Lakeland on

I would get the puppy wellness plan at Pet Smart and use the Banfield vet services it is worth the price. It has saved me hundreds of dollars with shots, spay surgery, etc. It also helps that I can take my puppy to ANY Banfield and they will honor it.

Dog bed
Crate (even if it is just for when you go out)
Dog dishes
Nail clippers

I also found a web site that is specific to the breed I have. I have read about possible health problem she may be prone to when she gets older.

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