Dog Pee on Feather Pillow

Updated on January 05, 2010
H.M. asks from Butler, IN
6 answers

does any body know how to clean a feather pillow? my dog peed on mine, i was told not to put it through the washer, and the dryer was a bad idea.

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So What Happened?

thank you for all your helpful advise, it come out of the dryer fluffier than ever!!!

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answers from Cincinnati on

I wash feather pillows and comforters all the time. The key is to make sure to dry compleately and to put in Tennis balls or gyms shoes to pound the feathers to keep it fluffy. I would also wash the pillow in a product called nature's miracle. It will cancel out the doggie urine.



answers from Toledo on

I have a king size feather blanket that I've had for nearly 15 years now and I wash it monthly. I just throw it in the washer alone with soap, oxyclean, and bleach...then straight into the dryer when its done washing. I've heard that doing this decreases the feathers' ability to hold the heat in, but I've not noticed a difference. When I pull the wet blanket out of the washer, I can see the feathers matted together but once it is dry, its nice and fluffy and soft again. I've never washed any feather pillows, but if I needed to, I wouldn't think twice about throwing them into the machine.



answers from Columbus on

My feather pillows are machine washable.

The tag says "Machine wash warm, mild soap, gentle cycle. Do not bleach. After cycle reset to normal spin dry cycle for maximum water extraction. Tumble dry low heat. Thorough drying may take several hours. Dry cleaning is a recommended alternative."

I wash them about once a month or so and they are always nice and fluffy once dried completely.



answers from Indianapolis on

Do you know who the manufacturer of the pillow is? If so, I'd recommend getting on their website.

Our son peed on our down duvet, and the instructions said to machine wash and dry. We have another down blanket that says Dry Clean only.

I'd see if you can find the manufacturer's information and either check their website or call them directly. I'm sure their customer service department has heard similar things in the past and could help.

Good luck!



answers from Cleveland on

I would saturate the pee spot with Nature's Miracle and let it dry before doing anything else. That should help neutralize the urine. Good luck

K. Z.



answers from Indianapolis on

IF you throw it in the dryer, use a clean tennis ball to beat it up and keep the feathers from staying clumped.

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