Dog Obediance Training

Updated on February 21, 2008
A.P. asks from Overland Park, KS
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We adopted a young lab who is very sweet, but has not caught on to basic commands such as not to jump or nip at my small children. We've done Petsmart classes with our last dog who passed away this summer, so we know some basic commands. They aren't working! I'm very frustrated. Has anyone sent their dog to a pet training place? Any other obediance training recommendations or feebdack welcome!

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answers from Kansas City on

We used Petsmart (in AZ) before with a Rottweiler we had and it worked pretty well. However, we got a 14 week old bull mastiff and I was really frustrated with the Petsmart training class that I started here (we just sat for 2 classes without doing a thing.) So I dropped that class and we took a puppy class at the Dardenne Animal Hospital, ###-###-####. The trainer, Kim, is a dog breeder, trainer, and does classes for St. Charles County park board. She is very calm and believable. Anyway our dog is almost 7 months old and I'm thinking of taking him back for the next level of sessions. Also come spring, she is doing a class out at the dog park in Quail Ridge park.



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Gentle Dog Training!!!!

They are a father/son team and offer classes at various locations and they also come to your location. We had in-home training for our 2 new puppies.
You know the horse whisper? Well, I would say they are the dog whisper kinda people! They love dogs and it really shows.
I can get you their # if you would like, I just don't have it in front of me right now. :)
They came highly recommended to me and we were very pleased.



answers from Kansas City on

I used to work as a vet tech before I had my babies. We referred people to Williams Elkhound Ranch. It is in Gladstone. I think that you leave your dog there for a little over a week. When you go and pick your dog up they teach you all the commands that they used and whatever else you need to learn. They have very clean kennels and acres for the dogs to run on during the day. My mom used the trainer just for the night classes(not drop off), and loved the women who taught the class. To this day, I have not heard anything bad about them!!



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The Pet Connection in Mission,Kansas. ###-###-####. Melody Kelso is the trainer and owner. She has studied under Dr Hunthausen but charges far less for her services. Most of the time when a dog won;t obey commands it is because the owner is doing something behavior classes are given more for the owner to figure out where he is making mistakes than the pet.



answers from Rockford on

I know a lady who is a dog trainer at the Rockford Petsmart. Her name is Cristy Alridge and she is a excellent trainer. She used to work at Noah's Ark animal santucary and did a awesome job trying to train some of the dogs there that had some major obedience issues because of their backgrounds.

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