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Updated on January 05, 2013
E.M. asks from Chicago, IL
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So, if all goes well, we are adopting a puppy tomorrow morning! It is a small, male dog with gigantic ears that stick up. (Basenji/Chihuaha mix.)

I'm making a list of possible names and will make a final decision once we've had him home for a couple days.

Would love suggestions. Oh, any would also love to hear the most unique/unusual/funny pet name you've heard -- JFF. So far, the funniest suggestion I've rec'd for our new, big-eared friend is "Prince Charles". :)


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So What Happened?

Well, we've had the dog for about 24 hours now and have decided to name him Zorro. I liked the name b/c of the old TV character, but then I found out it means "fox" in Spanish. And this dog looks a lot like a fox, so it fits! Thanks, everyone, for you input. Enjoyed reading all the responses.

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answers from Los Angeles on

we had a black lab mix and my daughter was super into beauty and the beast so she named her belle. then we got a beagle and wanted their names to go together and named him beast. belle is not longer with us and we only have beast. so this small beagle is named beast. people who never knew belle always ask why. My mom found her dog abandoned and no one ever claimed her so my mom kept her and named her lucky. Then there was another dog hanging out at the jr. high. she ended up with her too. her name is penny. so she has lucky and penny. lucky penny. My aunt named her dog jack and she was going to get another and name them coke so she could have jack n coke.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have a Chihuahua mix named Sheriff. At the time I got him my roommate's son really loved the movie Toy Story (part 1) and begged me to name the dog Sheriff Woody. I didn't like Sheriff Woody, but I did like Sheriff and it stuck.
When I was younger I almost got a dog like you described and planned to name him Clyde. We had a Chihuahua named Goliath. We had a ferret named Spaz, which fit her perfectly. A friend has a dog with big ears named Yoda and that just cracks me up. You can be creative from the color, to where you get the dog to it's personality. I love naming pets. We also have a dog that her technical color is Blue, so her name is Sapphire.
Good Luck and have Fun



answers from Los Angeles on

I love the suggestion of "Radar"!!!!

Or how about Spock from Star Trek?. He had pointy ears.


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answers from Chicago on

I had a friend with a large-eared dog named RADAR. It was perfect and unique.

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Go with Prince Charles and call him Charlie!!!

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answers from Dover on

I know someone that named their dog "D.O.G" which sounds like "De O Gee".

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answers from Omaha on

We named our puppy Dozer. He definitely fit the name. He is our little bulldozer.

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answers from Spokane on

our border collie is rascal. we also have a yorkie named remington (remi for short).
my husbands aunt likes to name her pets after disney characters.

however my first thought when i read big ears was batts mcgee! i dont know why but it popped into my head lol

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answers from Los Angeles on

I have three dogs,,, a terrier mix "Goofy", a bishion/Chihuaha mix "Molly", and a Cockerspaniel/chihuaha mix "Opal"... and our cat "Pooky".... It's hard to suggest names it's almost like you have to wait to get them to see what their personality is like and then it just comes to you. I'm so happy for you!



answers from San Diego on

Our Cockapoo is named Scruffy. The name fits him just perfectly



answers from Cincinnati on

OMG.....I LOVE LOVE Basenji's! Can I ask if you've researched either breed? The reason we don't have a Basenji is because they are expert climbers, cat like and hard to train from what I have found.VERY VERY smart too! And chihuaha's can be little complicated themselves! One people owners, a little nervous, and yippee.
That said obviously raising and training are key. I can't even imagine how cute this puppy must be :)
look up Basenji's and their origin. They are African sight hounds, maybe you could find a cool name from their history?? You could also go the goofy "mexican' taco bell route...pancho? Chalupa? ha ha just kidding!
An old boyfriend of mine had a cat named explanation there. And we were little my dad brought home a stray cat he thought was girl we named it lucy. Then after going to the vet were told it was a boy, my 4 year old sister called out Lucifer!!!!! sadly, it stuck!


answers from New York on

You can get a book of baby names and see if you can find one to suit the dog.

Congratulations on your new family member.


answers from Omaha on

HA! I really like Prince Charles. You can call him Charlie lol.

Here are some other names:

Riley, Jack,Taco, Ralphy, Tango, Walter (for some reason that makes me think of big ears : )


answers from Miami on

I love:

Montgomery (Monte for short)



answers from St. Louis on

I do like Prince Charles. That is cute!
We have a little boy puppy named Finn. I really like his name. We also considered Ace ( among many others!) It was hard to decide, but my kids got the choice in the end and went with Finn.



answers from Chicago on

Are there any characters from books or movies that your family really likes? We named our brother/sister cats Luke and Leia (my son and daughter are older and both love Star Wars). Some other of my favorites from family and friends' pets: Apollo, Shadow, Chewie, Kirby, Magnum, Bailey, Barkley, Barlow. Have fun with your new puppy!!


answers from Norfolk on

Bingo sounds like a good name for him.
"There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o"!
I know a chocolate Lab named Bailey.
And I know a Rottweiler named Chopper.



answers from Chicago on

How about Papillon? The Papillon (from the French word for butterfly, pronounced: [papiˈjɔ̃]), is a sweet dog, and it has big stand up ears, that makes it unique.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I love "Prince Chales"! Lol

Or Tim Geithner?


answers from Chicago on

My main suggestion is to find a name that does not remotely sound simmilar to a command you would use such as
No, Heal, Sit, Stay, Come etc.



answers from Rockford on

Awwww! I like Prince Charles!
Your new puppy sounds cute! My first thought when you mentioned his ears was Skippy John Jones, but he's actually a cat who thinks he's a chihuahua. If you haven't read them, it is a series of children's books. I guess you could go with something like Wingnut?



answers from Chicago on

Kneel (well it doesn't sound like any of the other commands) hahaa
Sorry okay how about Cody



answers from Minneapolis on

We used to pick names that match the 'nationality' of our dogs. Our last german breed was "Gala". Our current nightmare of a dog is "Zane" after Zane Gray. Our other current dog is "Bell" which comes from her full registered name "(insert kennel name) Nobel's Prize". Zane and Bell were also strategically picked because they are short and distinct sounding from each other - crucial for us to train them for handling in obedience and training. I once had a little poodle we named "Salvador" or Sal for short after Salvador Dali, a favorite artist.

Any name that's unique, named after somone or something we admire, and will be easy for the dog to 'learn' gets my vote.



answers from Detroit on

We have two female pups. One is Roxy and one is Chika. Chika's former owners were Spanish speaking so it's helped my kids pick up some new Spanish words. Chika seems to understand English, but if she doesn't follow a command in English immediately we say it in Spanish.
The best thing is to have the puppy a few days and kind of gauge their temperament.
Our friend has a male chihuaha named Samson. Name suits his personality perfect.

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