Dog Hair Taking over Our Home!!!

Updated on January 18, 2012
S.R. asks from Lumberton, TX
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Anyone have any idea on how to prevent dog hair from taking over your home? Tired of vacuuming constantly, I need to be proactive on this. Perhaps a grooming glove?? Anyone have any idea? What has worked best for you??

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So What Happened?

Sorry I wasn't more clear. It seemed obvious to me that yes, we are brushing the dogs. I guess we'll try the furminator! I appreciate your input!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Do yourself a favor, get yourself a Dyson or other GOOD easy-to use the attachment, and light, vacuum. Brushing/grooming helps but there were many days I vacuumed twice!

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answers from Tallahassee on

I think the best thing is to brush your dog as often as possible to get all of the loose hairs before they hit the floor. I don't know about long haired dogs, but Furminators work really well on short haired dogs.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Wash the dog regularly to loosen and remove hair. Of course it is unfortunate you MUST vacuum the house every day, but it does keep levels down .

You could also get a vacuum designed for pet hair. They have better brushes for gathering up hair, and most have hepa filters to suck of fine pet dander as well as dust and dirt.

By a pet brush attachment (find online or a pet store) for your vacuum. Vacuum-brush your dog several times a week if they are in a shedding phase.

Get your venthilation system cleaned and disinfectected professionally once or twice a year. Install hepa filters in your central air unit. Put filters in each vent throughout the house as well.

Get a new dog bed regularly and don't leave blankets or rugs around that the dog can lay in and leave and track hair on.

This should help a lot.


answers from Jacksonville on

Fourth the furminator. It isn't perfect, but it really makes a difference in the volume.


answers from Albany on

I feel your pain. But if I took the dogs and brushed them thoroughly outside with any ole brush once a week, that'd be the end of it!




answers from Detroit on

I second the Furminator. You didn't mention the kind of dog you have, unfortunately some just shed like buffaloes. I have found that when I have fed my dogs a diet that's high in omega-3 fatty acids (like those in fish oil), their coats are softer, less dry, and they seem to shed a lot less. You can get a prescription diet called j/d (by Hill's) that has mega amounts of fish oil already in it, if there's no reason to have your dog on any other kind of diet. It's called j/d for "joints" because the high levels of omega-3s act as anti-inflammatories against arthritis. But your dog doesn't have to have arthritis to benefit from it. I've had clients put their dogs on it for their joints and as a side benefit, their coats got really nice and plush. You can try a fish oil capsule in their regular food too, but the j/d has a lot more fish oil per serving in it already. Just a thought - I do NOT work for Hill's or benefit from endorsing them in anyway! I just know what I've seen!



answers from New York on

I don't know what these are called, but you can find them in most pet stores, it looks like a saw blade, its made of metal, and it is shaped like a teardrop. in our house we call it the "de-dandif-icator". We use it twice a week on our mutt (german shepherd/ lab/ terrier mix??). She's black and weighs 80 lbs. She's not a massive shedder, but this device totally keeps things at bay. consider that the house has beige carpeting and taupe furniture, we vacuum only once a week, and everything is great.

we "de-dandif-icate" her outdoors so clouds of dog hair aren't released into the house.

Another thought, keep the dog hair at bay by keeping the dog at bay. Our dog doesn't get on any furniture, into the bedrooms, and doesn't jump on people. she's allowed on the ground floor, and upstairs hall only. She has two dog blankets which she sits on. We wipe her feet with a wet washcloth to get the mud and dirt off whenever she comes in from a walk.

good luck to you and yours.
F. B.



answers from Columbia on

We bought a Roomba (used). It ain't deep cleaning, but it's clean enough for my toddler. And the best part, since it's a self-directed robot - turn it on and leave the room.


answers from Houston on

Our dog is a shedder, very long coat, skin allergies and all that. Which is why we shave her near bald every few months. Works like a charm, and she is happier too.



answers from Denver on

The Furminator works really good. I would take our Lab to the groomers 2-3 times a year and let them get the majority of the undercoat off. Then make sure you brush them constantly to keep up on it.


answers from New York on

Third the furminator. If you brush the dog a couple times a week you'll get the fur off the dog before it has a chance to get on everything in your house.

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