Dog Grooming and Boarding near Leawood/Overland Park

Updated on July 02, 2010
K.N. asks from Leawood, KS
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Does anyone have any good suggestions for a place to take our dog to be groomed and for boarding (every once-in-awhile)? I think that the place that we currently take him charges way too much, and they seem to up the price every time I pick him up! We are sick and tired of getting surprised when the bill is higher than it was the time before. It shouldn't cost more to have our dog shaved than for me to get my hair cut and styled.

Any suggestions?

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answers from Kansas City on

We have been very happy with Martin City Animal Hospital. It's right across the street from Jess and Jims.

It's a very simple, clean facility with a great staff and reasonable prices. We have a chihuahua and she doesn't get groomed, so I would call and check on prices first.

I have also heard good things about Sydney's Pet Spa at 135th and Roe and Mission Road Animal Clinic at 95th and Mission in the Ranchmart area.

Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

Well my response is kind of mixed. We love, love, love Tails R Waggin at about 152nd and Metcalf for doggy daycare and boarding. And the occasional bath isn't too bad.
But I was floored last year when I picked up my golden retriever and I had asked them to shave him when it was really hot and humid and it was something rediculous like $80 just to take clippers to him! And it wasn't that good of a shave! Learned my lesson, I'll stick with the day care/boarding and occasional bath!
And we've been taking him there since they opened and always very happy. He's like a kid at daycare, as soon as we pull in the parking lot he gets excited and can't wait to get in!


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answers from Kansas City on

We take our dog to Tails R Waggin. We love it there. He is a huge dog and most people don't care for him because he is so in-your-face, but the people at Tails R Waggin LOVE him. It makes us so happy to know that he is getting good care there. We have him groomed there (he doesn't get shaved). We have them use the furminator and they do a great job. THey also do a great job on his huge claws! They clip them and file them. I think we pay $60 or something for it, but it's worth it to have someone else do it.
We also have friends that take their dog once a week for day care and they think it's worth the $10 a week to get their dog socialized.

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answers from Kansas City on

I cannot recommend highly enough the love and fun your pooch will have at Pawz At Play in Overland Park, just of Hwy69 and College Blvd. I used to work with the owner, Erica Lane. It's cageless and fun! And I just looked at their site and they also offer grooming.
Pawz at Play - Where Pets Come For Pure Fun!Voted #1 Best Boarding in KC & ahead of the pack in dog daycares - features 3 large indoor playrooms w/outside yards & playgrounds to romp & play! We have webcams, 24 hr care, grooming, food sales & more!
11200 Mastin Street
Overland Park, KS

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answers from Kansas City on

I was going to suggest Pawz at Play as well. My dog loves it there and all the staff is fantastic, seriously. Their groomer is very nice and has been grooming our very furry Old English Sheepdog for years now. I don't know how much you're getting charged for a shave, but it can be expensive. Even though it doesn't involve much styling to just shave it off, dog hair is coarse and there is definitely a technique involved! I don't remember how much we pay but I know it's reasonable and cheaper than some other places around town. We are also happy with their other grooming services too and have just had a brush out or bath on ocassion.

The playtime is fantastic! The boarding is reasonably priced and daycare is included in boarding prices. You can check it out for free, just call and they'll let you bring in your dog for a couple hours to test it out!

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