Dog Groomer That Will Groom in My Home - Reasonably Priced

Updated on April 15, 2013
A.I. asks from Richardson, TX
4 answers

I just absolutely don't have the money to pay Pet Love this time to have my three dogs groomed. Does anyone know of a dog groomer that will do the grooming in your house? I have 3 terriers.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I don't know anybody in Texas but when I had the need in California last year I just googled "mobile pet groomers in X area" and had a great selection. Good luck. It wasn't much less expensive (if any) but met my needs for convenience.

ETA: the mobile groomers here pull up in these tricked out trailers with proper water, tools and stuff so I just walked the dogs outside.

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answers from Columbus on

Does it have to be in your home? I take my dog to our local vocational/high school. The kids there in the grooming classes do a great job and they charge a fraction of what those other places charge. My dog loves it and acts excited when we get there so I know he's not being mistreated or anything! I trust my vibes when it comes to my doggy's reaction to anyone/anywhere!!

Maybe check to see if you have any schools nearby.

Good luck!!

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answers from Dallas on

Does it HAVE to be in your home?

I take my to poodle to Classy K9 in Plano at on the SW corner of Independence/Legacy. I LOVE that place. It is not a typical groomer place. You set an appt like you would at a salon for yourself, drop them off and then they call you in about an hour or 2 when pets are done. The pets are not cooped up in a kennel all day, some run around and play while there.

If that is not possible... google the mobile groomers.

Good luck.

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answers from Honolulu on

I should not be IN your home.

In my city, the come-to-your-house Groomers, do it in the garage.
NOT in the person's home. They do not go in your home. And they have a full on mobile truck for grooming.

Sigh... just thinking that when I was a kid growing up with lots of dogs... there were no such thing as "Groomers." Nor nail salons, etc.
And nowadays, it is such a regular thing that people spend money on.
Professional pet groomers, were more for "show" dogs who competed at dog shows. Not for everyday dogs.

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