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Updated on January 18, 2012
J.W. asks from Tomball, TX
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My 10 year old rat terrier who has never dug holes until now, got out of our yard on January 8 when I was not home. Immediately we began searching our neighborhood, spoke to neighbors, called all the vets in the area more than once, posted fliers, searched websides, put an ad on craigs list and several lost pet sites, searched craig's list and pet sites searching for our dog. Now we have learned from a neighbor, Lucy was picked up by a good samaritan.

We continue putting large posters on the fences where Lucy was picked up hoping the lady will see them the next time she drives the area. We live on the border between Montgomery and Harris County so search area is double and it is difficult to know where to look. Calling shelters does not seem to be enough but I have to work a full time job.

We raised Lucy from a puppy and even though I am thankful for the good samaritan's help I realy want my pet back. If you picked up a dog you thought was a stray would you look for an owner? What else can we do to find Lucy? My granddaughter and I truly miss her!

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So What Happened?

I received a call Friday on my way home from work from the young woman that found Lucy. I was so excited and happy Lucy was ok and soon to be home!

The young woman went on to say she had seen my signs the same week Lucy went missing but hesitated to call me because she had fallen in love with Lucy. Fortunatelly her friends told her she should call and she did! However she was not willing to return Lucy even though I wanted her back so badly. I told her we raised Lucy from a puppy; she has lived with us all her life! The girl said she couldn't give her up but that she would be sending a check for my trouble.

After checking her phone number on the internet I found that they live in a $400,000 house about 7 miles from my house. The young woman said Lucy had seperation anxiety since she tries to get out anytime someone opens the door. Did they ever consider she just wants to come home? I guess money will buy you anything!

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answers from Victoria on

Ugh that really really sucks! So sorry that happened. I would call the vets in Htown also. We always take the dogs we find back to the owners! We find dogs with out tags but will end up going door to door in the neighbor hood to find out where the dog was from! We always find the owners.

When you said he never digs out it made me wonder if he was digging out to go away to die. Sometimes pets do that. But seeing someone pick her up makes me think differently. Sorry, hope you find her soon. You should also put an add in the paper and look in the paper for lost and found dogs!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Here's is what I learned. Put up lost dog posters, we have found and returned a dog this way.

Two if you have a PetSmart close by they will let you put up a lost dog poster. That way if those people go to shop there they may see it and return him.
I would call some of the local vets and let them you know you are aware that someone has picked up your dog, maybe if someone brings in a new dog that fits your dogs description, then you may get something.

This happened to me too. Someone opened our gate and the dogs got out. We found one, just strolling up the street a few hours later. The other one went to a Walmart parking lot and someone took her home. Luckily it was a Walmart employee, and they left something with their customer service people saying they found a her. I was calling all the local businesses and boom, found her that way.

We did have tags on her, but we had just moved and all of our contact information was wrong. We fixed that the next day. :)

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answers from Kalamazoo on

Oh, that's so sad! Keep checking everywhere that you have been. Also check your local shelters/pounds. Is there a local grocery store or somewhere that you could post fliers too?

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answers from Richmond on

Call all the animal shelters and animal control in your area. That's the first thing I do when I pick up a stray. The owner is almost always calling the same places looking for their pet, so we end up connecting at some point.

I hope your doggy comes home soon!! Rest easy knowing at least she's safe :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

Well, when you do get her back definitely put some tags on her with your phone number (I'm sure you're already planning on doing this, but just incase).

Not too long ago, I found a dog along the side of the road late at night. Luckily she had ID tags on with her owner's number. I was able to return her to her home within half an hour.

I hope you find Lucy!

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answers from Houston on

Try contacting shelters and rescue groups, especially breed specific rescues. We returned a dashhaund we found that way. He didn't have a collar or any other markers. By the way we took the dog across town so check in a large area too. Good luck.

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answers from Washington DC on

Does this neighbor know the Good Samaritan? If so - ask them to contact them and tell them you want your dog back.

I would go to EVERY vet with a picture of Lucy and if someone comes in with a "new" dog that looks like her? Have them call you.

I'm really sorry she got out. It's a long time to be away from home!!

Post signs ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Tell them you want her back! Make sure you have a good picture of Lucy too!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Ask your neighbor if they know more about the good samaritan?
Also, O. of the best things I've seen done in my neighborhood, along with a TON of posters for a missing kitty was a BIG sign at the end of the owner's driveway saying "Lost Kitty--If found Return Here" I think in 2 days everyone within a mile or two knew there was a missing cat and exactly where he lived.
Don't give up. Keep calling the shelters and checking the ads.
Good luck!



answers from Seattle on

We've found a couple strays.

First thing we always do if they DON'T have tags (collars often come off during escape attempts) is to take them to the vet. As yet, all but 1 have been chipped. The one that wasn't, their people had an ad in Craigslist that I found when I went to go post a 'found dog' ad. He'd made it more than 10mi.


answers from Chicago on

Many people report lost/missing/found animals to the police department, I would check there and with ALL local shelters. Our dogs got out once, thanks to the landlord, and the police picked them up and took them to the shelter - by the time we found a neighbor that had seen the incident it was too late and we had to wait to get them the next day.



answers from Chicago on

Awww I'm sad for you, your granddaughter, and Lucy =(

Did Lucy have identification tags on her? It sounds to me like you've done everything possible to locate your dog so I don't really have any other ideas at the moment but I really hope someone else on here does.

As for your question I would absolutely try to find the owner if I came across a stray dog! When my sister and I were younger we were at the park one day and came across a really cute cocker spaniel dog with no tags - and she actually followed us home! My parents said we could take care of the dog until we found her owners - we even named the dog - two days later my mom saw the missing dog poster and we immediately returned the dog! Her owners were so happy to have her back and she was just as happy to see them!

I hope Lucy returns home real soon!


answers from New York on

I feel for you! I would absolutely try and reunite the pet with the owner. You're checking all the right places! I would say also try the local animal shelters in case they get a hit.

As a note, I would not leave my dogs outside, and I would never leave them outside when I'm not home. I know that is not everyone. But that's me.


answers from Houston on

Get on Craigslist, search under pets. There are always listings for 'found' animals. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Hope you find Lucy soon.
I guess you have done everything in the book to find Lucy. I'm not sure if this helps I know of an older couple that found a set of doggies behind their home, they meant no harm so they took the doggies in their house later on they found out that one of the dogs was pregnant had her puppies. The couple never reported that they found the doggies. I dont know if the owners reported lost. So the female dog had her puppies the couple waited 8 weeks and then sold them all. Anyway long story short the owners one day were walking near the house of the couple and noticed the doggies playing outside...sure enough called them by their name and doggies right away ran to their owners. Well you would think they were happy to find their doggies, they were actually furious because they knew the female dog was pregnant and she had her puppies. They called the police and the elderly couple got a fined for not reporting that the found the doggies. Then they got hit with a $500.00 ticket for each puppy sold. So hopefully this lady that found Lucy will make the effort of reporting that she found her.


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