Dog Crate for Lab That Won't Scratch My Hardwoods

Updated on September 03, 2011
K.M. asks from Frisco, TX
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My Lab is still being crate trained and we are getting ready to move. Our new home will have hardwoods throughout the downstairs. Can you recommend what you might be using to keep your dog contained while inside? I don't want to use our existing wire kennel/playpin for fear that it might scratch the floors.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I use baby gates to keep my poochie out of certain rooms.
Then I use rugs on the hard wood floors.
Also, helps keep her contained if I need to. :)
Rugs ( you can find them cheap: Ross, TJ Maxx, Target ((not as
cheap)), Home Depot etc)
I use a big one over the largest space area: living room, dining room
under the table then I uses small ones for my big poochie to walk on
so as not to scratch the floor and not to have her slip.
Try it. Better for everyone.

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answers from Jacksonville on

Just get a rug to put under it. If you are really concerned, then get a rug pad to put under the rug as well. They usually cost about $10 and can be cut to whatever size fits your rug. :)

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answers from Las Vegas on

I've got news for you...the dog is going to scratch your hardwood floors. You can try to keep her trimmed, but at some point, the nails will grow and hit the hardwood floors.

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answers from Augusta on

we have a wire crate and pen and hardwood floors and it does not scratch them .
You can put a rug under them if you really are worried about it. we have 2 puppies and they are always jumping on the side of the pen pushing it around and it hasn't scratched our floors.

Just make sure you also clip your dogs nails or he will slid all over the floor.

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answers from Chicago on

We got one of those moving pads from UHaul and put that underneath the crate for our lab using the wire crate. The wire crates are the best period. If you are concerned again I would use furniture pads underneath or the plastic things that go on carpeted floors under desks to make the chairs roll.

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answers from Appleton on

Look for an area rug at thrift stores and yard sales. Make sure it's big enough for the kennel and easy to clean. If the dog soils it too badly you can always toss it out since it shouldn't cost too much.

I lucked out several years ago and found an old braided rug at a thrift store, it was at least an 8x10 rug and used it on my back porch year round. The deck gets really hot in summer and this way I didn't burn my bare feet. It lasted 7-8 yrs and finally rotted, when we threw it out it was a huge braid and not attached as a rug anymore. But I only paid $10 for it so I didn't care.



answers from Baton Rouge on

I have wood floors and I just put a large bath mat under my dog's crate to protect the floor.



answers from San Francisco on

I agree about the rug. It would also give it a little bit of cushion and insulation.



answers from Nashville on

Put a mat under it, or a towel. You could put the crate in a bathroom if you have one big enough, or the garage or the laundry room over tile floors. If you only have a space that has hardwood, just put something under it...cardboard, rubber mat, shelf paper, rug mat, a towel, etc A crate really is the best thing when training a dog, especially a lab. Our Lab is 12 1/2...she will get those floors later. ha ha Ours runs and slides when the doorbell rings so we have 'nice' scratches all over our BRAND NEW floors. ;o) They are great though!

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