Dog Allergy or Just Irritation?...and Know Anything About Border Terriers?

Updated on September 16, 2009
K.G. asks from Austin, TX
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Hello, I have a two-part question.
I have one 15-month-old daughter. I have always been a dog lover/owner in particular Terriers. I lost our 17-year-old Yorkie the same month I found out I was pregnant.
Now we are contemplating getting a new little doggie! My daughter loves dogs as well.
A couple of instances, she has been bombarded with kisses from my friends Dachshund (weenie dog) and again last night when she was excited greeted by a Border Terrier, she breaks out into a small red, splotchy rash where they have kissed at her face. That's it nowhere else. It lasts for an hour or so and then goes away. Is this a true allergy or just an irritation? No sneezing, or breathing problems just the red splotches where they've kissed her on the face only. I am sure after the dog knew her and was around her more often it may not kiss so much or cause the reaction...???
(I will also be talking to our Dr. about this at her next appointment)

The second part of my question is about Border Terriers. If she is not allergic we are thinking of adopting a Border from a family that can't keep the dog. She is a well-behaved and already trained one year old, but still very lively. They are supposed to love kids. I am wondering if you any of you have had experience with a Border Terrier and possibly other lively Terriers and a Toddler? I am looking forward to walk/jogs with to keep them and me exercised and our daughter out and about in the jogging stroller but I am also leery of an over-active dog that is going to drive me crazy! If any of you have any input I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks much!!!

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So What Happened?

I have learned that our daughter has a dog "Saliva" allergy and they are different than the dander allergies that people get. We are going to wait to adopt a dog for now, talk to our Doctor and see if our daughter outgrows it.
We also realized after speaking with a lot of parents/pet owners that since our daughter is barely walking it is a good idea to wait until she is a bit older and can hold her own against a crazy, jumpy excited dog.
Thank you - K

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answers from San Antonio on

My kids would have the same reaction to their daddy's kisses at that age! I used to fret over where those bumps came from and then they would go away. As I became detective, it only happened when he would be holding them. He was kissing and rubbing his face (stubble) playing around with them making them laugh. He was irritating their precious skin. It doesn't happen now that their older. :-)

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answers from San Antonio on

My son had the same problem and it is considered an allergic reaction. As he got older he started getting itchy eyes when he was around certain dogs, or homes where they had more than one dog-and weren't dilligent about bathing/cleaning after the dog.
There are some breeds that are more allergy friendly than others, but it all depends on the person. I would reccomend having your daughter visit with the dog and see if she has a reaction. If the dog is one that constantly licks, and she consistantly breaks out it may not be a good choice.

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answers from Houston on

I have a border terrior mix and he is 8 mos old. He is a real handfull! I have to walk him 2 times a day just to tire him out and terriors are known to be extremely hyper. I would think twice about it if you do not have the energy for that with a baby.

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answers from Corpus Christi on

My very first thought is may be she is allergic to the dog food that they eat or something in it. It could also just be the texture from the force of kiss's.
The dog may be to active for a small child, a more easy going dog might be what you need with your child.

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answers from Houston on

Border Terriers are extremely active dogs and need lots of playtime and exercise. If you don't have room for her to run and/or time to play, I would consider a less active breed. We had one that ran circles all day around our fenced in area so much that there was no grass. The can be trained to mind well, but still are very energetic. Please choose the right breed to fit your families lifestyle. If you don't, both you and the pet will suffer. My son has a golden retriever that is well trained and I think is a good breed for young kids. They do need good training though, as any dog does especially around young kids. Good luck!

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answers from San Antonio on

I don't know much about Border Terriers but I have a Miniature Schnauzer. While she is a pretty active, sometimes fiesty girl she is still very gentle around our 8 month old son. He pulled her beard the other day and she just sat there until he let go. He is the first baby she has been around so thats pretty good. At 7 years old she has been my "baby" for a long time, I had concerns that she would be very territorial and jealous - typical terrier traits, but she has done well. I love the energy and personality of terriers as well as their loyalty to their people. They can be a challlenge- I will agree there and they do require a lot of training to keep their strong will in check. You might look into contacting a breeder and ask them any questions you might have about the breed or even google breed clubs and go from there. Most I am sure would be very willing to give you insight as most reputable breeders want to make sure that people make responsible, informed puppy choices.
As for the the reation your daughter has to puppy kisses I am not to sure. I would think that if it were an allergy she would have that reaction other places as well. Definatly check with the doc on that one.
I hope that this helps a little and good luck.

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