Doesn't Really Drink More Then 5 Oz @ a Time and Doesn't Want to Sleep Alone.

Updated on January 10, 2008
E.C. asks from Tempe, AZ
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So my little one is now 2 1/2 months and is eating quite a bit but he drinks 3 to 5 oz at a time. He's eating like every 2 hrs. I am bottle feeding so to my understanding he shouldn't be eating so little bit at a time and so frequent. He doesn't stay asleep to long and when he hears my voice he all he wants is my arms. My husband is at home right now taking care of our kids and he says that both of them r fine ALL day but once they hear my voice they both act up. I also need to know if anyone has advice to get JJ (newborn) to sllep by him self cause all he wants r my arms. The ONLY way I can put him to sleep at night is by hugging him and that's kinda hard when I'm trying to get other things done at the same time. I end up getting into bed to sleep around 11 or even 12:30. since I wake up during the night with him I am exausted during the day.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Dear E.,

The fact that your child only drinks small amounts and more often is not an issue. If anything he may be using his hunger and fullness to his advantage. He is not drinking more than the typical amount, just more often and during the newborn stage is about the only time we eat due to hunger vs bordome, looks good or its time to eat. Some people will suggest feeding him more per feeding and then he will go 4 hours. This may not be the case. Think of last Thanksgiving or any other time you overate at mealtime. Didn't that cause some type of upset stomach, cramps, nausea, ect. My fear is if we force feed 8 oz. every 4 hours and it upsets the stomach, he may sleep even less. Most babies this age group will drink between 32-50 oz. of formula. Try tracking his 24 hours of formula or breastmilk intake. Does it fall into the normal range?

Some people will suggest starting cereal 1-2 feeds per day or at night to help sleep longer. The Academy of pediatrics does not recommend any supplimentation of the diet w/ juice, cereal or any other foods until 4-6 months. The stomach is not mature enough to break down the additional foods. Sometime around 3-4 months you will notice increased or excessive drooling. Saliva is the first step of digestion. So, that is your infants way of letting you know if he is physically mature enough to aid digestion. Also there has been direct coralation to early introduction to foods prior to 4 months can actually increase risks of allergies, exzema, and other skin conditions. So, before offering cereal way your all the pro's and con's.

It can not hurt to get multiple opinions on any subject. Please understand that you and Dad know your infant the best. What will work to fix a problem in one house may actually cause a problem in a different house. Graciously except all info (asked for or not), smile, then decide is this something that might work for our household or our problem.

The only other thing I can a piece of your clothing w/ your body scent on it inside the crib. Make sure it isn't something they can get tangled in.
Your baby feels the safest when next to your skin, the sound of your voice, the sound of your heartbeat and the warmth of your skin. Can you think of a nicer place to be. By placing the article of clothing, it makes the crib/bassenet seem like a more familiar place. If the baby finds this comforting/soothing then maybe he will sleep longer.
Good luck! I know how lack of sleep can effect anybody.

I hope this brings a little more understanding to why your infant is behaving as is. Also at 3 weeks & 6 weeks, babies tend to go thru a growth spurt. THey can grow as much as 1 inch over night. During these growth spurts, they seem insatiable, cranky, sleep less and complain more than usual. Good news it only last 2-3 days but the bad news is .....its a very long two to three days. Just think.... you have already made it thru the most difficult growth spurts.
Hang in there! Good luck! I hope you get some good quality sleep soon.

H. B.

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answers from Phoenix on

I have found that there is a 'week' rule when it comes to childrens routines. If you want to change the way he goes to sleep, decide what you want the routine to be and do it. It will take about a week to become his new routine.
Let's say that you want to: read and rock him for 5-10 minutes each night, after that put him in bed, say your good nights and leave the room. (This is an good time to start closing the door all or most of the way, if you don't already)
He will probable cry, let him cry for 3-5 minutes. If he is still crying, go back in and check on him, say good night and leave the room again, but don't pick him up. Wait 7-10 minutes and if he is still crying, go in and check on him, but don't pick him up. Keep doing this until he is asleep.
The first few nights will be the hardest, but it will get easier, and after a few nights, it will be routine. You may need to watch a clock or a timer or even to go out to your garage during the time he is crying. But you will both get through it.



answers from Phoenix on

Congratulations on your two boys and welcome to Motherhood! I am a mother of 4: 3 boys ages 8, twins 6 and a girl 3. I have always enjoyed those moments at night when I can hug them to sleep, and even still I lay down with them until they fall asleep. It's my precious quiet time with them, and it WON'T last forever, so if you enjoy it I would say don't feel regimented about needing to get them to sleep on their own. It will happen on it's own in time - I doubt they'll be teenagers wanting Mom to hug them to sleep! Just make sure not to be too tired for your husband...when they're this young it's exhausting, but make sure you make time for him - make him feel just as loved as when you met him - maybe even sneak him away into the closet from time to time - the biggest mistake new Mom's make is neglecting their husbands - I know I did when mine were all so little...that's my two cents; I hope it helps!



answers from Austin on

My kids are older 5 and 2 but when the baby was born my oldest was just as clingy as the baby. It was so hard the first three months. Do you breast or bottle feed? I wasn't sure.

I breastfed and pumped and made my husband feed the baby when she woke up around midnight since he was the night owl and then I would feed her when she woke up at 3am. Only having to get your sleep disturbed once a night helped a lot. I also bought a co-sleeper because she always wanted to sleep in my arms. After about 4 months I finally got her to go down in her crib but I would have to leave my hand pressed on her body until she feel deeply asleep. She still woke up twice a night but at least I got to stretch out in my bed again.

I also had a friend who just had a baby and recommended this Graco Sweetpeace Baby Soother

It's kind of expensive and there is no way we could have afforded it but she says it's saved her a lot of headaches. This would also be her 2nd baby.

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