Does Your Principal Attend PTA?

Updated on September 18, 2011
J.B. asks from Atlanta, GA
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Another question reminded me to ask this one of my own. My husband and I are not highly impressed with the principal of our son's school. This is our oldest and he's in kindergarten, so we're new to the school. I do know many people who have been at the school for several years, and we were told that this guy was an interim principal and that they were looking for a new one. Now it seems as though the board decided to keep him. I've been meaning to email some of the other parents I know well and get their thoughts on him, if he is indeed staying indefinitely, etc., but let me have your opinions! The principal of the elementary school where my son attended pre -k last year was ON IT! She is a very professional, well-spoken lady who is present at every event. This guy rubs me wrong because he never stand to address an audience (he's enormous, but seriously -if you're speaking to parents and a large group -suck it up and stand!), and we've had two PTA meetings this year and he hasn't attended either one. Is this the norm for some schools, so the PTA can talk about the principal if they want to? That's the only excuse I can think of for him not showing up. There are a few other reasons I'm not so hot about him, but I wanted your opinions of him not attending PTA meetings.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Ours definitely attends and speaks at the meeting. I think it's so vital that this happen as the parents may have questions. Additionally, the pto board is present as are all the room parents for each class. At our previous school, while the principal did attend, many other faculty members did not....... nor did many parents for that matter. In my opinion, if a school is going to run effectively and efficiently, as much of the staff of the school need to be present at the meetings.. this includes parents and caregivers..

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answers from Cleveland on

mine does she is great. I doubt she gets paid for it though and i'm sure it takes away somewhat from her other obligations. hopefullyl by working with us though we can help her fullfill other neesds

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answers from Los Angeles on

He sounds lazy, and he should be attending PTA meetings. It's a no-brainer. Unless he's got some serious reason for not coming (surgery perhaps?).

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answers from New York on

My oldest is also in Kindergarten. I've been to 2 PTA meetings so far and the principal was at both. I am VERY pleased and impressed with him, he seems great to me. Our PTA is run very tightly, with no chit chat, on an agenda. There are faculty reps there, the principal and all of PTA board members as well as PTA general members.

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answers from Omaha on

Personally, I don't think the principal needs to be present! When I was on PTA, most of our meetings were based around fund raising for new equipment, school carnival, organizing meals for Parent/Teacher conferences, making sure there was a classroom mom/dad to handle holiday parties, adding additional books to the library and things of that nature. I don't believe that the principal needs to or should be present for that kind of thing. I think it is reasonable to ask the principal to be present when initial conversations about adding additional equipment were going on, but otherwise, they spend enough time at school and it is not necessary to have them there for the other stuff.

Maybe I am missing something here...what do you discuss at your PTA meetings?

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answers from Austin on

All 3 did at all 3 levels of our daughters schooling. They also always were on the agenda to speak.

Since the meeting dates are always announced for the following year.. there are 2 years of scheduled meeting. so not many excuses for them not to be there.. We work very closely with each Principal to find good times for them.

I felt bad because in elementary school, every other meeting was at 7:00 pm. That meant the Principal had been up at the school since 6:00 am or 6:30 am and then stayed all day until after that meeting was over. We tried to provide a meal for the Principal.

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answers from Spartanburg on

Our principal attends every PTA meeting- even if she doesn't speak, it's nice to have her there so she can hear the things we are planning. All of our teachers are also members of the PTA. Our principal is great, though, she is at every function and is very visible throughout the day.



answers from Boston on

My oldest is now in the 3rd grade. The principal that was there when she was in K and 1st grade never attended our PTO meetings and the new principal that started last fall has never come either. Out of the entire elementary school there's only one teacher (the liason) that comes routinely. Would be nice if more attended....most are not even members of the PTO. We would like to say we won't honor a fund request unless you're a member...but of course we would never actually say that!



answers from San Diego on

Private school, but yes. That's his JOB!

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