Does Your Kid's Name "Fit"?

Updated on May 24, 2012
N.L. asks from Tampa, FL
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With my oldest, she definitely "grew into" her name. It took probably 3 months or so before I really felt like she "fit" her name, but her name totally goes with who she is. I'm having a bit of trouble with my newest though. She's 9 months old, and although we've been calling her by her name, it doesn't seem like it really "fits" her. It's even to the point where we're seriously considering changing her name (since we don't think her middle name really fits her either).

Have any of you changed your baby's name? Or did they eventually grow into it?

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So What Happened?

I guess it would help if you guys actually knew their names. I'm always a bit wary of posting my kids names, but here it goes.

My oldest is Xoe. It TOTALLY fits her and we're very pleased with it. The youngest is Yuni Elizabeth. I'm Korean and my husband is Caucasian so we wanted our kids to have both a Korean and a "Anglo" name. The funny thing is, Yuni is pretty much blonde with hazel eyes. We're thinking she's more a Sophie or Cammi...and we'd give her a Korean middle name. We actually love the name Danaerys, but I really can't see naming my kid that (even if we did call her Dani - or Dany - for short).

I still like the name Yuni Elizabeth, but I don't think she's a Yuni, or an Elly, Liz/Lizzie, or Beth. I think we'll probably just stick with her name, but I was just pondering whether it would be "worth it" to change her name.

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answers from Dover on

Yes, my kid's names both fit. Mike (Michael Theodore) is laid-back & straight forward, serious when he needs to be, goofy when he doesn't. Hailey Ann is for the most part girly & pretty with a touch of old-fashioned, but can absolutely hold her own whenever the need arises.

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answers from Dallas on

2 out of 3 kids names fit. With the 3rd I had to shorten Jadyn to JJ. JJ fits her perfectly.
Is there a nickname you could use?

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answers from Houston on

No. My son is loud and obnoxious and noisy and very mobile but has a very old fashioned name, named after my husband's favorite great uncle born in the 1920's. Every time I say my son's name it sounds like I'm calling over an old man with a cane. Let's just say its along the same line as Herbert (no offense to anyone with a relative with that name).

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answers from Denver on

Both of my kids names fit although we have their little nicknames that they go by a lot too. Although I adore both of their names.

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answers from St. Louis on

I think is the opposite. I actually think that the person "makes" the name, I have met really sweet Elizabeth and really nasty Peters....My kids are what they are and their names fit perfectly because they, themselves, gave their names a "face" and a "heart". By the way, your children's names are beautiful!!...don't change them.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter's name totally fits her. I can't articulate why though- it just does. She hates it at the moment but I think it's just a phase (I hope it's a phase). She does get lots of compliments on her name- many people say it's different. Elliana Rosa Lyn. I think part of why I love her name so much is that it's so much a part of our family- Rosa and Lyn are her grandmothers' middle names, my mom's best friend (who was a part of our family) was named El and she passed away around the same time I found out I was pregnant. And Ana is for my sister's name, Anne.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Go ahead and change it-but do it now. A friend of mine did this and it worked out great.


answers from Orlando on

My kids both fit their names. My son looks like a Stephen James and my daughter looks like a Harlee Quinn :)



answers from Columbia on

Johnny Carson changed his kids' names when they were young.


answers from Minneapolis on

I guess it depends on what a name says to you, and this is a very subjective thing I think?

My daughters name was chosen well before she was born. I had 3 miscarriages in a year, many tests, then got pregnant with her a few months after the last loss. We had a boy and a girl name chosen. The boy name kept getting altered slightly tho. We have a good standing tradition in both sides of our families, that middle names are after other family members or significant very very close family friends. Well, thru my losses, other baby boys were born to my husbands siblings and they kept taking our boy middle names!

But I always knew we were destined to buck the norm of so many boys being born for his side of the family and have our girl. And she fit the name and the name fit her. She loves her name.

She also has a few family nick names, unique to her, with stories behind it, which she also secretly likes as they make her unique. Pockets is one of them!

My poor hubby got saddled with Ernie (Ernest)...after a grandpa. He hates it, but I am not sure what else would have suited him. One thing to his advantage, no one forgets his name.



answers from Des Moines on

My 7 year olds fits her perfectly...Kenzie. My 8 month old will have to grow into her name...Parker. She just isn't a Parker yet, but she is a Pj(Jo is her middle name) which is her nickname!



answers from Colorado Springs on

Some children automatically fit their names. Some make their names fit them. And some end up with nicknames that fit instead!



answers from Chicago on

If the name doesn't fit, and you don't have a nick name that can fit, then either legally change it or just start calling him by a new name. My Dad was Levin Jasper. He went by Bud. Barack Obama went by Barry. Perfectly ok. If you ARE going to change it do it NOW, asap. Before the 1st bday. I don't know if you can then get the birth certificate changed as well since it's been not even a year, but I would do that as well.
Some kids just don't fit their name ever, if you KNOW that then take care of it.



answers from Chicago on

I knew a girl named Elizabeth who went by Ebbie. You can pronounce it 'Ebi' or 'Eebi.' I always thought it was cute. I really do like the name Yuni though:)



answers from Los Angeles on

my daughter is jaiden. she fits it will. shes girly let strong. i never saw myself calling her anything but jaiden but now she goes by- jaiden, jai, jaid and other pet names


answers from Austin on

Our daughters suits her perfectly..

My nephew has a great name.. but since he started playing football, everyone just calls him "G".. It is a perfect fit for him.

My niece has a great first name.. but her middle name... is a bit exotic.. she is in no way exotic.. it will be interesting to see if she uses it. in the future.
It would make a great name for a business. clothing line, restaurant..



answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter's name fits her well. It is strong, pretty, and unique, just like her. It is not in the 1000 most popular girl names of the last 12 years, according to the Social Security records. It is not a made-up name, it is a name that's been around for a long time.

There would be no harm in changing your daughter's name, at this age, if no nicknames come to mind.



answers from Kalamazoo on

There is nothing wrong with starting a nickname that DOES fit, and letting her choose if she'd like to change her name officially, as an adult. (a friend I grew up with chose to do that - everyone knew him by the nickname is baby brother gave him as a preschooler).



answers from Houston on

My 16mo's name sounds like a brokerage firm, but, I tell ya, that name is tryin got catch up to HIM. We had a couple of other names on standby until after he was born and we could look into his eyes, but our hearts were always with this one. Every several weeks or so, we marvel aloud at how pleased we are with his name.



answers from Muncie on

My daughter is the opposite of the Naomi's I've known in life. They were all gentle and demure, well liked because they were all so bloody nice to everyone. Mine is a whirlwind, adorable and sweet in her own way, but honey, she not only marches to the beat of her own drummer she is her own drummer! She's my mini clone. We usually call her Nomi, both fit her, but I think Nomi suits her best.

I'm a D., suits me just fine. At first I would have been a Jennifer...I am NOT a Jennifer. Lovely name, but really not this girl.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Naming is always a difficult task and to be required to make that choice moments after meeting the baby doesn't help either. There is nothing wrong with changing her name if you feel strongly about it. That is your choice as her parents. I knew several people through school that went by a nickname that had nothing to do with the name on their birth certificate. The nickname worked and they will always have the choice of which name they want to be when they are older.
As an example I had a friend named after a day of the week, but we always knew her as "Missy". That is because of a nickname she was given as a young child, she had a raring attitude and "Missy" was what her mom called her when she went into it. Missy stuck and most people never even knew her real name.



answers from Honolulu on

Yes my kids' names fit them and also their middle names.

Your kids are, what we call in Hawaii "Hapa." Meaning bi-cultural and in ethnicity. My kids are too. They have names that pertain to my Husband's culture and mine. And we also named them according to the "meaning" of the word.
In Hawaii, it is so common to have multicultural or bi-cultural kids and people. Their names, reflect that. And it is nice. And common, here.

I have cousins that are also of mixed ethnicity and they have names that reflect their cultural heritage. And it is nice. Despite how they look outwardly. They know their culture and their heritage and their name and it therefore means something to them. Same for my kids. It is very meaningful, to them. And they are proud of their cultural and ethnic heritage and lineage. And they are proud of their names. Which reflect both of their cultures.

Personally I do not care for the name "Danaerys." I can see everyone having trouble pronouncing that name or not knowing if it is a boy or girl name and having to spell it all the time, for everyone, everyday, would be.... maybe irritating for a child.

I think the name you have for your child is nice.
Keep it.

This is the meaning of the name "Yuni":



answers from Chicago on

My kid's names fit them. My oldest is Hope, she is sweet sensitive, mature and anyone who knows her knows she "is" a Hope, plus the first time we heard her heart beat was the morning of 9/11. My son, his first name does not fit, it's John. But even during pregnancy, we called him by his middle name...Ryan. We also call him Bubba. He is loud, active, a momma's boy and ALL they completely fit. My youngest is Addison. Her name fits her to a tee. She is a spicy child. Strong willed, independent, but sweet and cuddly all rolled into one. Her nickname has somehow become "Baby" and everyone, I mean everyone calls her that. Somehow it still fits perfectly.

You don't say what it is, but maybe give it time, unless it is something really strange like Apple or Blue Topaz or equally! Or just call her something that fits and whenever you fill out forms, just list that as the preference if you really don't want to go through all the legalities of formally changing her name. You never know, maybe she will like it. Or she can change it when she is old enough. Don't worry will work out.



answers from Houston on

Yes they do! My daughter is named after my mother. Shannon. She is a Shannon. She is beautiful, smart, caring, loving wonderful young woman.

My son, is a junior. We have called him by his nickname since he was born, Chase. He is so a Chase. He was a whirlwind of a little boy. Hig energy, loving, sweet, huggy, all boy, loved puddles, bugs and had an imagination! He still does. He fits both names now. We sometimes call him JR, like JR Ewing becaue he likes cowboy hats and he's bossy! He had no idea his name wasn't Chase until school. That I regret. He was so confused. His name really should be Chase, but ya know, he is starting to look like a Michael now! Just took him 19 years!!!! :)



answers from Seattle on

I can vary Japanese names, but would be wary of doing that for Korean (although I'm going to give you ONE option, I don't know if it translates badly... like ebi translates to 'shrimp' in japanese). Some of these will be repeats, but Elizabeth has been around for soooo long (and was so popular what with the Queen), that there are a LOT of nicknames for Elizabeth.

Here are the Elizabeth variations (for nicknames)

Ellie (Elly)
Betta (from Italian Elizabetta)
Liselle / Lisel
Leese / Lis
Lize (lies)

Merging the Korean Yuni & Brit Elizabeth

- Liu / Lyu/ Leeyu

- Yulie

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