Does Your Dog Scratch the Carpet?

Updated on February 19, 2008
M. asks from Plainfield, IL
5 answers

My dog (who is 11 1/2) has been scratching our carpet. It's always in the same spot. Has anyone else experienced this? He is starting to due some damage. The carpet is only 2 years old. Any advice?

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I have had my same awesome border collie for nearly thirteen years, and I can tell you that she always scrathes and gets comfy on the spot that she is about to sleep. It was once a kennel, then a carpet, then our bed covers, a towel, our wood floors, her dog bed, etc. It is wherever she is inclined to curl up and sleep. I thjough I reas somewhere that it is a dog's way to feel secure, like thay have a place of their own and that dogs might do this if they don't feel like they have a comfortable place of their own to sleep. I don't know if that is true or not, but scratching certainly seems normal.

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Have you tried any of those products that are supposed to be repulsive to dogs. Like spraying bitter apple on that spot.

Does he sleep in that spot? If so, then he's probably instinctively scratching and prepping before laying down. You maybe need to put some furniture in the spot or try the sprays.


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Hi M.,

Does your dog happen to lay in the same spot after he is done scratching? My dog will scratch and move a blanket and then do that a few more times before laying on it. I heard (not sure if it is true... but sounds right) that domesticated dogs get this from their ancestors... wild dogs who would make their "bed" with hay, leaves, etc... and then go to sleep there.

Oh... and my dog will stretch her body across the carpet and scratch the carpet at the same time. (She does this when she is excited... and that can be anywhere on the carpet.) She is a 9 yr. old cocker spaniel.

Advice??? if your dog does sleep in this spot, put a dog bed out for him if you don't already have one. Or try throwing a rug over the spot and see if he stops. But... he may just scratch the rug until it moves away. Or if it is possible, put something else over the spot that he can't move and then remove it after a month or so to see if that helps him break the habit. Or.... just don't allow him in that particular room... gate it off. Just some ideas!

Good luck,




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Everyone pretty much said what I was going to say. My dogs scratch the carpet right before they lay down. They are trying to make a "nest" to lay in. Can you buy a large dog bed or pillow for him? You can put it right on top of the spot he is scratching. Put a blanket in the bed for him to "scratch" around and get comfy.



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I've raised and bred many dogs, but never had that problem. I bet the pet store would have an idea. One idea great for many problems is, put a mouse trap on the spot with a newspaper over it so that it would make a loud noise, but not hurt him when he tries to scratch there. Maybe putting red hot pepper shaken over the spot so that it gets on his paws and won't like it. Although, he might just pick another spot. Feel free to let me know if anything works at: [email protected], my name is B..

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