Does Your Dog Pout?

Updated on December 06, 2011
C.O. asks from Reston, VA
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My dog, Grady, pouts. yes, pouts....his bottom "lip" comes out and he sits on "his spot" on the couch giving us "the look" with his bottom lip sticking out. it is TOTALLY hilarious!!!

He also thinks I "cheat" on him. So whenever I go out without him - I get sniffed to ensure I didn't "cheat" on him. If I did touch another dog? I get The LOOK!! OH MY WORD!! THE LOOK!! And he talks to me too...there have been a couple of mom's on here who have heard him "talking" to me...if I gave another animal too much love - like he can smell the dog on my shirt and not just my pants or hands? he licks me ALL OVER - like he's 'marking' me against other dogs!!

What's funny is this morning when we were walking to put the boys on the bus, we did something different and walked around the block...we met another dog...he played with the other dog...I pet the other dog. We get home and he sniffs me and starts talking to me - goes to his spot on the couch - POUTS and gives me the LOOK!! I'm like WHAT?!?!?! YOU WERE RIGHT THERE WITH ME!!!

What does your dog/cat/animal do to make you crack up?

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So What Happened?

ooh keep them coming!! I LOVE IT!!!

Grady talks to us as well - he cleans our glasses regularly - by coming up to us and kissing us.

He LOVES pretzels and will say "please" for them and knock on the pretzel barrel...he is a TRIP!!! Love him to death!!!

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answers from San Antonio on

My 1 yr old cocker Dalyla sneezes. If you ask her if she is hungry she gets all excited and starts sneezing and moving her head up and down. She plays hide and seek with my oldest. He throws her ball down the hall then goes and hides. When she comes running back with her ball and he is not there she sniffs him out. It is so funny!
Fun Question!
Thanks Cherly O.

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answers from New York on

Our dog sighs audibly.

Love it,
F. B.

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answers from Charleston on

Mine plays dead when we try to get her up to give her a bath - closes her eyes and lays really still. She knows what she's in store for soon as she sees the "dog" towels and shampoo come out. We usually get her up with some cheese. ha ha

Your dog sounds hysterical. You need to video him during a pouting episode. :)

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answers from Dallas on

Our older one pouts likeno other. We call his crate the pout house. He will huff, shuffle and flop into it.

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answers from St. Louis on

We have two St. Bernards. When I brought the newest one home a few years ago, we were trying to crate train her. She was older (about 2) and had never been in a crate before so, she was none to excited about it. My husband chased her around the house for a while trying to get her to go into it. She finally ran over to the corner of the kitchen and stuck her face down in the corner of the wall like she was hiding. I guess she thought since she couldn't see us, we couldn't see her. She weighs about 150 pounds so, needless to say it didn't work. I about fell over I was laughing so hard. She stayed "hidden" for about a minute and finally turned her head back and looked at us like, "you can still see me". She then stuck her tail between her legs and walked very slowly to her kennel and got in. It was SO funny!

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answers from Jacksonville on

Kali (6yo American Bulldog) gives us "the one eye." She will sit on her bed and hold her head this certain way so that she is only looking at you with one eye. Its hysterical. Its as if she is so disgusted with us she can't even look at us fully!
She also talks all the time. She will stand in front of me talking until I say "what?" Then she goes to whatever she wants/needs (the door, food or water dish, toy, my daughters room if she is gone). She's a very happy dog because she is able to easily communicate her needs.

Cute post :)

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, our toy poodle is mad at me now because I am having some grape tomatoes, mozz cheese and lemon juice and I am not allowing him on my lap because he tries to eat my food! So he is crying. He u sually sits on my lap while I work, everyday.

He is the sweetest dog ( 5 yrs old). He sleeps with my 16 yr old daughter and as soon as she gets up in the mornings, he runs downstairs to my bed to snuggle. He is my shadow when she is not home.

Our 7 yr old Cocker can out snore a man. Gees, she is loud.

I crack up when the coyotes howl because my dogs start howling like crazy. It is so funny to watch all 3 at the back window howling loudly.

Dinnertime around here is between 3-4 pm for dogs. Around 2:45, like clockwork, they start watching every move I make and the oldest Cocker (13) starts crying/begging for dinner. As soon as I pull out their dishes they start acting like they have never seen food before!! I usually put some beef gravy on their dry food and if I forget and give them dry food only, they will not eat. They look at me like "WELL".

I just love our 3 dogs so much. They are a huge positive part of our life.

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answers from Stationed Overseas on

Oh my gosh yes. Our last dog who has since passed away used to do this all the time. It made me feel so guilty. The most memorable was I had to bring her back to the states from Europe and leave her with my brother. We were due to transfer during the summer and she would not have been able to fly due to heat restrictions so I brought her home early and then went back to pack our belongings. My brother would send pictures of her having a blast at his farm so I knew she was in good hands. When hubby and I came home from Europe she gave us the cold shoulder! Her tail would wag and she seemed happy to see us but then she would ignore us and watch from afar. It took a good couple of weeks before she was back to her normal self with us. Talk about guilt! She never left our sides after that. We miss her so much.

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answers from Madison on

Our 10 year old yellow lab will sit stiffly with her back to us and her ears flattened to tell us she's not happy with us.

She will also sit in our line of sight and stare at us until she gets what she wants, which is usually having her Kong filled with treats.

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answers from Baton Rouge on

My dog shuns me after I give him a bath.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Our Boxer does. She's the QUEEN of pathetic!

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answers from Denver on

Our dog Buddy, a Vizsla is the funniest dog we have ever been around. He is a rescue dog, so we don't know his background. He is terrified of our hardwood floors and thinks it is much safer to back through doorways and down hallways. He uses his tail as a feeler. The breeds nickname is "Velcro" dog and for good reason. He likes to be touching you, holding your hand in his mouth or holding onto your clothes taking you where he wants you to go. He is also very vocal and talks to us all the time. And yes, he does pout when he doesn't get his way. We always tell people, "Who needs TV when you have Buddy to entertain you". He sleeps in a toddler bed and we have to tuck him in and cover him up every night. When it gets dark out, according to Buddy, it's bedtime. He heads to the stairway and starts telling us quite vocally that it's time to go to bed. He has a broad vocabulary and is the smartest dog I have ever been around. After having a Vizsla, we will never have another breed. They are very good companions, good with kids, great watchdogs and are lovers. They do not do well as kennel dogs, they need their people.

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