Does Your Child Seem to Get Sick a Lot???

Updated on April 05, 2011
L.L. asks from Fairfield, CT
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My son (turns 4 in June) just got over tonsilitis and the stomach bug 2 weeks ago, and he's now sick again! He's had a fever all day long and is lethargic. Not looking for medical advice or anything, I know how to treat him and what to do, just wondering if anyone else seems to be going through the same?? I felt so bad for him. It was his best friends birthday party today and he had to miss it. He was so sad. I feel like every month we get hammered with a virus. He's in preschool 3 mornings a week, I assume that's where he gets everything. Such a bummer!

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So What Happened?

No, this is his 2nd year of school. He went 2 mornings/week last year. He wasn't sick nearly as much last year. I am almost worried about some kind of immune deficiency at this point. Would that be crazy? Also, no I didn't breastfeed. But I can tell you my neighbor breastfed her children until 3 years of age and they are just as sick as my child all the time. I am really disappointed that the Breastfeeding Nazi's had to attack me on this one. You ladies are incredible, and I'm highly doubtful that your children "never, ever get sick. Ever."

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answers from Jamestown on

My daughter (almost 5) used to get sinus infections and is to just getting over tonsillitis.

Once she got tubes put in her ears last year and has been taking Singulair, these "colds" and "flu" symptoms diminished to one every 3/4 months if that.



answers from Albany on

This year has been horrible... worse than most winters for us and everyone I know! My 5 year old daughter had Mono (a 5 year old with mono?!), a few colds, a stomach bug and a staph infection in her nose! My 3 year old had several colds, the stomach bug and a couple of one day mysterious fevers... my nieces had strep, and several other relatives had all this and several ear infections. One child in my daughters class had strep 4 times this year until they realized that his brother had it the whole time but was asymtomatic and kept giving it back to him! Now, just today we found out the stomach bug is making a second go around at my son's daycare! My kids have always been relatively healthy. They go to pre school/daycare part time and have always been in activities and playgroups and never been as sick as this year- and everyone has been saying the same... I think the fact that it was so cold and snowy this year kept people inside even more than most winters, and schools and houses are basically festering petri dishes! Still waiting for the nice weather!!

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answers from Kansas City on

The problem with the immune system is that it can be brought low by repeated illness. It's a slippery slope. I just about never get sick. But a couple years ago I got a sinus infection which evolved into an ear infection which turned into the flue and vomiting and constant dizziness. My immune system was so compromised that I ended up sick just about all of 2 months. By the time the sicknesses was gone I felt weak as a baby.

Is there any way to take him out of preschool and not have any playdates or even go see family for a month? I would think that if you could push fluids, rest, vitamins, vegetables and fruit, limit all refined sugar for a few weeks, then he would have a chance to start going in the right direction.

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answers from Cumberland on

Have his throat swabbed-the strep is always waiting in the wings for a weak spot in which to flourish! Good luck-I know it seems endless-but soon-it will be warm and the children will all be well-and the mothers will be rested!

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answers from Houston on

We get sick a lot here too. We get a stomach bug at least once every year it seems. Also, several colds each spring and fall. I'm not sure why it seems we are more sickly than I remember being when I was a kid. Could just be a faulty memory : ) Try not to let it get you down.
@Christine J - its possible this could not be breastfeeding related. I mean, the poster didn't even mention whether her son was breastfed or not. There are so many variables that could contribute. I breastfed my first (now 5 yrs) until she was a year old and she gets just as sick as her brother (1 yr) who was breastfed for 4 months.

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answers from New York on

I feel your pain. It feels like my little one has been sick all winter. The doctor says that this winter was really rough.

They are very clean at her daycare, and very careful with the handwashing. Better than I am, to tell the truth. The one thing I'm going to try is wiping her hands immediately upon pickup, before I hand her post-daycare snack.

As for the breastfeeding crowd- the idea that breastfeeding keeps your kid from ever getting sick is B.S. How do I know? My daughter is still breastfed, at 2 1/2. And she's been sick a lot this winter. So stop being so smug. I think it may be that moms who breastfeed may be less likely to put their kids in daycare or preschool.

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answers from San Francisco on

Is he new at preschool? It's common for kids to get sick a lot when they first start being in a classroom environment. After 3 - 6 months the immune system becomes stronger and the illnesses slow down.



answers from New York on

My son rarely got sick until he went to preschool. This has been a really tough year for the kids. They all seem to be getting sick alot. My son was sick with a low fever that took 3 days to break and then a week later, he was sick again. It messed up his whole system. Runny noses, low grade fevers, sinus infections..... We are all looking forward to spring!



answers from Appleton on

If you are a Mom who has to use antibacterial cleaners all the time and run to the doctor for everything and get a lot of antibiotics for your child, he will be sick all the time. Antibacterial cleaners weaken the immune system, if your body never has to deal with germs it will never build an immune system. And if you treat every illness with antibiotics -- same thing. There are tons of homepathic and holistic meathods to treat illness.

Just a thought.



answers from Biloxi on

just a few weeks ago we had a 6 week period where my 5 year old went through 5 different illnesses including a stay in the hospital.... im told its just the season and will get better as the weather warms and stays that way



answers from Chicago on

If you're concerned ask his pediatrician to order a cbc lab (complete blood count). It will tell you immediately whether anything is happening with his white blood cells. My pediatrician orders them as routine at 15 months and 3 years old. Not every pediatrician does that but I love having the peace of mind that everything is really ok with their little bodies even if they get sick.



answers from Allentown on

Hmm, I breastfed both my kids and my daughter who was bf longer is sick all the time, and my son is rarely sick and never as bad as her. He self weaned at 3 she nursed til 4 and a half, bf has nothing to do with it at least in my case. Sorry someone said that because I don't think it could be true. It sounds like he may not have the best immune system, just like my daughter. I give probiotics but I am not sure they really help. But that was recommended by the Dr. I honestly have thought at times I need to keep her home to keep her healthy. I just keep hoping things will improve. I hope your little guy feels better soon!


answers from Los Angeles on

My middle child is like I was when I was little...ALWAYS catching EVERYTHING that is going around! He is 5 and it seems he is the one that just catches it all...poor baby! He has my immune system :(

~When I was younger I always got sick...had the mumps on one side of my face...then the other...then both sides at once! My older sister caught the chicken pox...I caught them from her and had a SEVERE case while hers was as mild as can be, etc. etc....

Hubby and my 2 other kids hardly EVER catch anything! Lucky dogs!!


answers from Denver on

Our oldest almost never got sick in preschool but since starting kindergarten, it seems he is sick all the time. This year seems worse to me. I do know one child who has been doing better since he got his tonsils out - he used to get sick with strep at leats 8 times/year.



answers from Philadelphia on

We have been going through the same thing with my soon to be 4 year old.



answers from Provo on

I feel so sorry for the little guy. I work on a special education school bus and these kids usually has less of an immune system then regular kids. I also go into a group home where germs are abundant that we have never been exposed to. I am really concerned about getting sick or bringing a terrible germ home. I give my young son probiotics and I also take them myself. We don't get sick at all. I get them at the health food store.



answers from Joplin on

I was just talking to my mother the other day about how my poor 5 year old has been through the ringer this year..... just getting over one thing to get the next... they all are getting it though,even for us adults it's been a bad year so god please bring on the sun.

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