Does Your Cat Adore You? Pets and Pregnancy...

Updated on July 11, 2010
M.R. asks from Churchville, NY
6 answers

I am tired and petting my cat and wondering if anyone else has noticed that whenever they are pregnant their cat (or perhaps other animals...?) become obsessed with them. With each of my pregnancies it seems like my cat has known almost before I did and has to be around me whenever possible. Honestly, it is a little flattering, but when I was hugely pregnant with #2 and getting up five times a night with a toddler, I was not impressed by him needing "mom" in the middle of the night to walk him down to the basement. He's loving on me now wondering when bedtime is. Any other funny stories about pets and pregnancy? Goodnight all!

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answers from Chicago on

When I was pregnant with my second, one of our cats, Ellie, jumped on my stomach at 3am - two days after my due date. I sat up right away because my water broke! I was so shocked! But Ellie just looked at me with her big green eyes like she was saying, "Well, off to the hospital with you!"

After we came home, our other cat, Spooky, would lay on the arm of the rocker while I was feeding my daughter. He would gently put one paw on her as if to say, "She is mine too."

Ellie was famous for laying in the baby's bouncy chair. It was so bad, we bought Ellie her own. Our older daughter, who was 3 at the time, thought that was hilarious. A baby in one bouncy and a cat in the other.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My cats know when i am not feeling good. They will snuggle and rub their heads against me. I think it is really neat that they know to do this. I got them after i was pregnant so i am sure they would have been the same way. They are my little friends :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

When I was pregnant with my daughter my dog wouldn't let anyone near me. She is the most friendly, sweet, loving dog, but not when I was preggers. My husband and I took her for her shots and check-up, we went through two vets and three nurses before one suggested I should leave the room. As soon as I left, my husband said she laid down and rolled onto her back so they could all pet her tummy. 5 minutes later we were out the door! When we brought my daughter home, my dad came to visit. I ran to the gas station to get some batteries. Kali(dog) had never met him before and he said as he approached the bassinet she got in between the two of the them and growled! She would not let him go near the baby until I returned home. Then she was fine. Animals have a sense about things I really believe that. She "knew" my daughter before she was physically in our home and the bond between them is so sweet to witness.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My Dad had two small dogs. One is a min-pin and the other is a deer chihuahua. I was at his house pretty regularly because he was ill. The little chihuahua wanted nothing to do with me. She is pretty old and is usually content being on anyone's lap to snuggle and get petted, but not me when I was pregnant. She snubbed me, wouldn't even come to the food bowl when I filled it if I was standing next to it. The min-pin on the other hand, could not get enough of me. She brought her food to my feet so she could eat near me, was constantly on my lap, and when I laid down she would be right on my belly/hip. When I would leave she cry for about 30 minutes until she calmed down. I oftened wondered if she could hear the baby through my tummy. =)

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answers from Dallas on

ha, my cat wants to be around me, but only if my husband isn't home. he is all over HIM, and likes to bite me if he is home...i guess he's trying to say "look, woman, this is MY daddy and that kid you're having, yeah, he ain't stepping in MY time". this cat HAS to be center of attention. does not give you a choice. it is SOOOOO annoying! aha, things will change in two days after i bring the baby home :)

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answers from Bismarck on

When I was 7 months pregnant, we adopted an abandoned 4wk old kitten that had been dropped off at our vet clinic. He would sleep draped over my belly, and as my belly grew over the next 2 months, so did Napoleon. He would also sit perched on my big, ol' belly when I took a bath, as it was his dry, little island in the tub, since he wouldn't get more than an inch away from M.. Always content and purring. After my son was born, whenever he would start to cry, Napoleon would go lay down next to him and start purring and and my son would stop fussing immediately. I always wondered if he could hear the cat purring in the womb and associated it with a safe sound. It was a wonderful experience and now, almost 14 years later, my son is a huge, hulking almost 6 foot tall beast that still has a soft spot for crusty old Napoleon that turned out to be a huge, hulking 26 lb. shedding beast. I guess they were destined to be pals... lol

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