Does Those Otc Fertility Tests Work?

Updated on April 08, 2008
B.S. asks from Huntington Beach, CA
6 answers

or can you just relax and have fun during the five days of your ovulation period? i dont want to get ocd about getting pregnant... i think i will be fine especially if i change my diet.

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answers from Honolulu on

I've used those and it does work, in my case... also, you might want to note down when you ovulate and watch for the symptoms of oncoming ovulation...cramping, discharge changes which are like egg whites etc., which you seem to be aware of. For me, I just went according to my bodily symptoms, and kept track of my cycles in a calendar. I also researched it to make sure I was informed of anything that could help. There are also good ovulation calculator websites which are very useful: here's some links: and another one: and another one:
Just make sure you know when your time is when you're ovulating... a couple days prior, and during, and after (just to make sure) is what we did to plan our 'fun time.' And we got pregnant! Also, stress can interfere with the process too, for some women. Each person is different, but these websites are useful and informative. Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

I have several "traditional" surrogate friends who use the kits as part of thier medical protocal for getting pregnant via artificail insemination. So the docs say it works. I would go natural for a few months and see what happens because those kits can get expensive and they may just tell you what you already know (like the other woman said, I can pretty much pinpoint the hour I ovulate by cramping and the like). I did it that way and had a positive pregnancy test 3 weeks after my IUD was out and had $40 worth of ovulation kits that were useless to me.



answers from Los Angeles on

I used the clear blue easy ovulation kit. It did work on the first month!



answers from Los Angeles on

I got OCD about getting pregnant the second time around- I had unexplained secondary infertility. Anyway, I tried to get pregnant for 3 years using ovulation predictors & IUI, and nothing worked until I stopped actively trying, prayed to God for help, and just had fun with my husband. Then, I got pregnant right away!

C. : )



answers from Los Angeles on

You're absolutely right that it will be fine if you make good nutrition a daily priority. My passion is helping families get healthier. Have you heard of Juice Plus? It's 17 whole food fruits and vegetables in a capsule and is extremely effective in helping woman concieve and in reducing pregnancy complications. I encourage you to listen to this doctor speak about the importance of fruits and vegetables during pregnancy. He will give you confidence that you can create the best environment for you to conieve and for your child as he/she grows and beyond:

Dr. Doug Odom:
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I heard a speaker recently who talked all about health and nutrition. I was blown away by the pregnancy study results. If I can get my hands on the chart she showed, I'll email it to you. Basically, it compared pregnant women that took nothing, pregnant women who took prenatal vitamins, and those who took both prenatal vitamins AND Juice Plus. When measuring the incident rate of several conditions (miscarriage, low birth weight, preclampsia and several others), the patients taking both prenatal vitamins and Juice Plus had none of these conditions and their babies were born healthier! So make sure you are taking both prenatals and Juice Plus daily.

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Here's a testimonial from another one of my customers:
Its Kiki.
I just want to tell you that I have been taking my juice plus without fail twice a day.
I have to tell you that at my last Dr. visit I gained only 3 lbs, which is much better than my first trimester where I gained 5 lbs in the one month before juice plus. I think juice plus is why because it keeps everything flowing and digesting. I have hardly any sugar cravings and when I do....I only need a little bit to satisfy me like a normal human being, not like a crazy pregnant lady looking for anything not nailed down. HA
Also, my skin and complexion is almost flawless, I've never had completely clear skin. My hair is extra extra shiny. Some of this is pregnancy hormones, but I know juice plus has given me the boost I needed. I feel clean and healthy . I'm getting compliments everyday of the GLOW and I actually see it too.
Just wanted to let you know the progress. I'm 18 weeks now, already halfway done.
Thanks for the juice plus. I am enjoying it and see the difference.

C. Crebar
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answers from Los Angeles on

I tried to get pregnant for six months with no luck, and the first time I used the test was successful. Don't know if it was just by chance or if I was off on my calculations the previous attempts. I will use them again if I have problems conceiving in the future!

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