Does This Sound like a Miscarriage?

Updated on February 15, 2011
N.P. asks from Euless, TX
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Some of you may remember that I posted last week about having a 4th c-section. My doctor's office let me come in on Saturday morning for an ultrasound to put my mind at ease, but the sonographer wasn't able to see anything except where the implantation should be. She said I probably miscalculated and I was only 3 weeks along instead of 5 1/2 weeks along, but I know exactly when I ovulated. They also did a pregnancy test and it came up negative, but they said it was the kind of test that is usually done post-partum or after a miscarriage (??) and it's not as sensitive to low levels of HCG as a regular test. But I took 3 tests a full week before that and they were all positive. I know that HCG levels triple every two days, so shouldn't ANY pregnancy test be able to pick up my levels of HCG almost two weeks after my missed period?

I had some spotting on Friday night, which didn't concern me because I've had it with all of my pregnancies. However, I started bleeding on Saturday night and it's been pretty steady since then cramping or clots, but a constant flow. I called and spoke to my doctor's nurse today, and she asked if I could come in for blood work. Unfortunately we had a car accident this weekend and won't have a rental car till tomorrow afternoon, so I can't go in for blood work till Wednesday - and again on Friday, so they can compare my HCG levels. Then they won't get the results back till Monday, which means I've got a whole week to wait.

I really feel like between the bleeding, the lack of a gestational sac or yolk sac on the sonogram, and the negative pregnancy test at the doctor's office, I'm probably having a miscarriage, but neither the sonographer nor the nurse seemed to want to say that, even though I asked them point-blank. Has anyone else been through a similar experience? If so, was the pregnancy okay? I'd love some honest, straight-forward feedback, even if your pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I'd rather come to terms with it now than a week from now.

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answers from Albuquerque on

I had a bad run with pregnancies last year. In March I had a positive test and a week later I started bleeding (like a period) so I took another test and it was negative. I've been referring to it as a chemical pregnancy or really early miscarriage, the egg is fertilized but doesn't implant correctly. They're more common than people think because it just seems like a late period. I would take another hpt and see what it says, even if it's a dollar store test.

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answers from St. Cloud on

I just had an early miscarriage this weekend myself. I know when I ovulated+ implanted which was later in my cycle. We think my ovary didn't keep up the progestertone levels like it should have so about 5days after my positives @home I started spotting. My labs showed a (150)low end of normal Hcg, a way too low (1.7)progesterone...alas continued bleeding all wknd, had labs redrawn 36hrs later+ levels had dropped already to 80. If a home pg test picks up 20, your levels multiply then drop with a MC so you'd need the blood test 2b sure.

I'm definetely bummed as this would have been #3 for us but well get back at it nxt cycle and try again :).

Good luck to you and hopefully you have a better outcome than I!

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answers from New York on

because only the doctor can tell you... the nurse does not have the right to tell you the diagnosis even if she knows it... its in their code of ethics.. you can ask someone to drive for you, you can ask a friend or a relative... time should not be wasted...

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answers from Phoenix on

I had the same thing and my doctor said that she's always optomistic until she knows for sure. I did miscarry. But went on to have a normal healthy pregnancy 2 years later at age 39. I wish you the best.

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answers from Dallas on

My sister wen through something similar to this. The nurses and Doctors do NOT want to tell you it's a miscarriage, unless they are 100% positive. The truth is many things in early pregnancy can mimic a miscarriage. Unfortunately, her pregnancy did end in miscarriage. But, they didn't know for sure it was headed that way until over a week after the symptoms. Her HCG levels were steadily declining and the blood kept up steady until she started clotting. When her HCG levels started declining the Dr. told her she felt it was a miscarriage, but not until they had that proof.

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answers from Nashville on

with my miscarriage i had spotting for over a week just when i wiped and no need for a pad. Then over a week the blood picked up and i had to put a panty liner on but i never filled it up or anything and i didnt have any cramping either. Then i went to the er and they seen the baby and heartbeat then 3 days later was my doctor apt. and the baby was there just no heart beat and my hcg levels had already dropped. So mine did end up in a miscarriage:( so i went a head and took the pills to help me pass it faster and thats when the clots started to come and i only bleed for 10 days and it wasnt alot of blood since i was only 6 weeks. As soon as the bleeding quit i concieved again immediatly and i am now pregnant with a healthy baby at 10 weeks. So if you are having a miscarriage it wont mean the next one will be. I had one pregnancy before the miscarriage and had no problems and had a healthy girl.

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answers from Dallas on

First of all try to relax. You can wait a week. Keep yourself busy you have plenty of little one's at home to keep your mind occupied. Now as for the possible miscarriage you will just have to wait and see I was told with my 3rd that I would miscarry by a doctor because I was spotting and an over the belly sono couldn't detect a heartbeat and low and behold when I went in a week later for in internal sono there she was alive and well. So hang tight everybody's body is different and let nature take it's course.



answers from Dallas on

I was told years ago by my doc that if it's enough blood to need a pad, then it's worrisome. I'm wondering if the nurse and sonogropher didn't want to tell you that it might be a miscarriage b/c of how traumatic that can be. Have you taken another pregnancy test since you got home? One that would assumably detect the low levels of HCG? If it comes up negative, I would assume a misscarraige. If it comes up positive, I would wait for the docs bloodwork. I would also assume that you have some sweet friends that would either offer to drive you or sit with your kids and let you borrow their car if necessary so you could get your bloodwork done earlier. Hang in there!


answers from Tucson on

I had some bleeding durring my pregnancy. My dr said as long as i didnt fill a pantiliner with blood it was nothing to worry about. If you filled more than that it may be. I hope everyhting works out for you. Best wishes.



answers from Dallas on

I had two miscarriages, and both of them started with a little spotting and the nurse's inability to see what she was supposed to see on the ultrasound. The second time, the nurse told me what you heard: "Maybe you miscalculated the dates," but I hadn't, and I knew it. I am so sorry and I hope I'm wrong, but it really does sound to me that you have miscarried. The doctor may be able to tell you after the first blood test because if the numbers are very low, then obviously they aren't doubling. Good luck and hang in there.

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