Does Teething Ever Cause Vomiting?

Updated on May 12, 2010
R.H. asks from Rathdrum, ID
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My son just cut his first tooth about a week ago and is still working on the one next to it. He woke up this morning and was acting completely normal. About an hour later I noticed that he had a slight fever so I gave him about half a dose of Tylenol. He and I then took a nap around 10am and woke up around noon. I fed him lunch and he polished off all his food. He still seemed to be running a slight fever although at this point he was acting irritable. I held him and he started falling asleep then he just started crying. I then decided to nurse him hoping that would help him fall asleep. He nursed for a few minutes then I heard the gurgles and he threw up all over himself and me. I stripped him down and cleaned him up and he was completely happy, just all smiles and kicking his legs. I'm guessing the awful queasy stomach was relieved...finally! Still throughout the evening he has had a mild fever. I gave him Tylenol once again and the fever seems to have subsided. I did dress him down for bedtime so he doesn't get too hot if the fever comes back. I'm just wondering if any of your children of vomited while teething....or do you think he's just gotten a little bug? He's never been sick yet, but if he's still not feeling well by Monday, we're going to take him to the doctor. Advice?

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answers from Spokane on

I believe that teething does cause vomiting. My 17 month old is late getting his teeth - he only has 6 front teeth right now. But he is cutting his upper molars, and he runs a temp and vomits sometimes. I'm sure it's pretty painful, cutting those teeth, and sometimes great pain causes upset tummies. I'm sure there are experts out there that will argue that "scientifically, no, teething does not cause vomiting and fevers" but I know different from experience!

Of course, there is a bit of a flu bug going around right now, too. So it could possibly be that. But I am still convinced that when teething, some children will get flu-like symptoms.

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answers from Seattle on

I discovered long ago that if I was sick and had a fever, if I brought it down with "medication", I would be sick longer than if I sweated it out. (I go to Naturopaths a LOT) - it's worth the money. If the fever isn't too high don't lower it. Naturopaths advocate working with the body, not against it. When my children have fever, and I put them in bed (feber not over 103). If it goes higher, go to a doctor immediately - with blankets piled on top, and let them sweat it out, I find in a couple of days they're completely over their cold or flu.

With teething, however, I don't think it matters whether or not you lower the fever. I noticed that a lot of times my child would spit up more when teething, and appetite would decrease. Your child may have vomited out the Tylenol, as well because the little tummy couldn't handle it. This is something to check with the doctor. My children were still breast feeding when their teeth came in, so they would spit up, but not really vomit.

Good luck.

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answers from Portland on

My son would eat so much that he made himself puke. He would keep eating and eating because the chewing felt so good on the gums while he was teething... they aren't mature enough to realize that you can only eat so much!
My son and I both vomit any time we have a fever also... it doesn't even have to be related to anything that would normally make you sick to your stomach. If our temp goes up, we vomit.



answers from Evansville on

My son is 17 months and only had 7 front teeth. Recently he began teething again and there's many coming in together. He has no fever but has been throwing up the past two nights, always after his final nap. Doc says it's a stomach bug but I think it's the teeth breaking through.



answers from Portland on

If your son is still vomiting I would take him to the doctor. Better to be safe than sorry. Even if it is from the teeth, which I have never heard of, he could get dehydrated.



answers from Seattle on

Hi R.,

Teething can definitely cause vomiting. Our daughter is 18 months old now and has had that happen twice. Both times everything seemed normal until she vomitted. It can also cause symptoms similar to a cold like a cough and runny nose. It is very normal for children to have these symptoms. I checked with my DR the first time and got reassurance on that. I think he can me more stressfl for us as parents sometimes. It seems to be more of a frustration to her. Blessings to you and your family.



answers from Portland on

sounds like he may just have eaten too quickly, and a little stress from cutting teeth, plus the baby tylenol - specially if he's never had it before - could have upset his tummy. unless he is throwing up often so that he is not keeping food in his tummy i wouldn't worry about it. by the way, my son is 9mos old and has 8 teeth - the teething definitly gets much easier. he doesn't even fuss when cutting teeth now. just plays with them with his toung!
good luck!


answers from Seattle on

Hi...i realize you pisted this awhile ago now but i have so insight on the matter. He could have vomited for a few reasons if he over ate that could have done it.. But what i have noticed with my second child who is cutting his first teeth very slowly is that excess saliva can cause one diahrea and also vomiting. Mainly the vomit happens because you cant tell how much they are swallowing and they go to eat and the food sits on top of it and well the rest you get to clean up. My six month old has now several times thrown up on me due to that. it isnt fun but he to is usually giggles adn smiles nce he gets it out of his system. i wish you good luck!! Teething does get easier the more teeth they get in my two year cut all of his doom doom doom and he started at three months!!

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