Does My 1 Year Old Sleep Too Much?

Updated on August 08, 2007
S.J. asks from Jackson, TN
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My 13 month old sleeps on average 10-12 hours a night. After she wakes up and eats breakfast and plays for about an hour, she is ready to go back to sleep. Her morning nap usually lasts about 1 1/2 hours. Then she gets tired again late afternoon and sleeps about another hour. This schedule usually occurs 3 or 4 times a week. Sometimes she skips the afternoon nap, but not very much. Im wondering why she sleeps so much!

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answers from Knoxville on

Hi S.!

My son slept almost exactly the same as your little girl when he was her age. He would sleep 11-12 hours a night and still took two naps a day until he was well over 18 months (usually 1-1.5 hours each).

Now he takes one nap a day (usually 2-2.5 hours a day) and still sleeps about 11-12 hours a night. I think kids are all different in terms of how much sleep they need ... but mine sounds just about like yours (he's two and a half now).

Your daughter is probably worn out from just being a one year old ... it's hard work crawling, playing, learning to walk, learning to eat new things, teething, etc. ;)


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answers from Nashville on

My son does the same thing. He sleeps from 8pm till 9am, then takes a 3 hour nap during the day. Sometimes he breaks it up into two naps and sometimes he sleeps the full 3 hours. Don't worry, some children just need more sleep.



answers from Nashville on

I have a 14mth old daughter and she will sleep about 10 or 11 hours at night, then be awake for about 1 1/2 hrs and take a nap that lasts from 1/2hr to 1hr. Then she will take a 2nd nap right after lunch for another hour or so, and then sometimes she will take a 3rd nap around 3:30 for another 1/2 hour - 45 minutes. I agree that all children are probably different. My daughter goes to daycare during the week and doesn't sleep quite as much there, but what I stated above is pretty much her routine on weekends and weekdays when she is at home.



answers from Nashville on

My daughter slept just as much. In fact, her afternoon naps would sometimes last 3 hours! My doctor said that she will get as much sleep as she needs. As long as she is happy, responsive, and interactive during her awake times, and the pattern remains consistant, there is no need to worry.

My 2-1/2 y/o daughter is very bright and pleasent today and still takes long afternoon naps most of the time (sometimes as long as three hours still). She weaned herself down to one nap around 15-16 months.

If you still are nervous about her sleep patterns, ask your doctor. I also recommend the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child, by Marc Wiesbluth (sp?)

Hope this reassures you!



answers from Nashville on

I think it sounds like your little one is doing great. As a toddler, my 5 year-old was on a very similar schedule and didn't give up his afternoon nap until he went to a 4 year-old preschool program. If she is happy and content, I wouldn't worry about her sleeping too much. Always run it past your pediatrician if you're concerned. Enjoy the time to yourself. :)



answers from Johnson City on

ive always been told that a baby that sleeps a lot at that age is good because it means that they are growing but thats just what ive heard . now both my older boys were that way until my 6 yr old reached age 3 then the naps stopped but he still sleeps around 10 hours from the time he goes to sleep at nite until he wakes in the morning however my 4 yr old still takes a 3 hour nap in the afternoon not including sleeping all night atleast 9 to 10 hours . now if i could just get my 12 week old to sleep i would be happy lol



answers from Chattanooga on

My daughter was the same way...Trust me they out grow it, soon there will be no naps. She slept 10 hours and did the same thing would get up and then back to sleep, and sometimes another nap but not always. I guess some babies require more sleep than others. Now that my daughter is 5 it is very rare that she takes a nap. :)



answers from Clarksville on

my little guy is 2 and sleeps 12-13 hrs at night and 1-2hrs in the afternoon! he's always slept well unlike my 6yr old who didn't sleep through the night until he started school! we think it's god's way of making it up to us for all the sleepless nights with connor! i asked my ped. if he was okay. i was worried too. she said babies who sleep well grow,learn, and play better than others and get this-- lowers their risk for obesity! evidently they are more active than others when they are awake. this is sooooo true with my youngest! don't worry be grateful!!!!!!!! lol!



answers from Atlanta on

Don't worry. My five year old still takes a 1-2.5 hour nap in the afternoon. I think most parents don't make their kids sleep enough. Be thankful and keep the naps as long as the American Academy of Pediatrics says to. They have a website that discusses sleeping and children.




answers from Memphis on

Hi S.,
I would not worry about the baby's sleep habits until she does not do much else. I looked up how much sleep our toddlers are suppose to have and it is between 12-14 hours including naps. You could always mention it to the doctor to make sure she may not have a Thyroid problem but i would not worry. Babies are very good about knowing what they need in some cases. They will eat when they get hungry and sleep as much as they need. I am a concerned parent also and the doctor told me not to worry that they will let you know what they need. I have the reverse problem. My 19 month old fights sleep and rarely takes a nap. (Talk about cranky) but she ends up falling out somewhere and sleeping for a bit. so I try to let her do her thing. I wish she would sleep more because it is great for health and her mood.
Good luck and dont worry. Sleep is good for both of you!

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