Does MagicJack Really Work??

Updated on January 23, 2010
J.L. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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Do you have a Magic Jack? Does it really work as easily as they say on t.v.? Do you get a local phone number with it? I am really interested in getting one and would love all opinions. I am hoping to eliminate the phone bill.TIA

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So What Happened?

I finally made to a store that sells magic jack and got it and hooked it up yesterday. I had to do a live chat to get it to work, but it only took a few minutes and the person I was chatting with was very helpful. So far everything is just like having a regular phone. There's an option to have a vanity number for $10 per year, or choose your last 4 digits for $3 per year, I chose the free number where they choose your last 4 digits and it's a good easy number to remember. My voice mail is now my computer, I get an email that has the message attached, very handy feature. I also registered my address with the number for the e911 service, so we still have 911 attached to our address. The quality is good, although last night I kept hearing a sound like someone was pushing buttons on the phone. Today, I have used it locally and for long distance and have no problems, even when I am on the computer at the same time. I am going to cancel my monthly phone service Monday (using the weekend as a trial period although no problems already). I would recommend Magic Jack. Thanks to all of you who responded. I love saving money!!!

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My husband uses Majic Jack for his business and loves it, yes you do get local number.

Hope this helps!



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I dont have much time to talk as I am running out the door.

Yes it does work and if you have a smartphone you can even listen to your voicemails on your phone through quicktime!

I use it for my work line. No problems!




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Yes I love my MJ phone cool thing is if you travel you can take your home phone with you. And you can pick your #



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Yes it does. My mother-in-law currently has it and I have not heard anything negative about it.



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I also was considering the MagicJack. I started asking around and I kept hearing how the sound quality is not great.
However, I see that some of your other responders like it.
I'm curious to find out if the sound quality really is poor or if it's good.
Please post a follow up after you purchase and use the MJ.
Thanks and GL!!



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Hi J. we looked into it and we're going to go with Vonnage instead. Google magic jack complaints. We found for the most part while it works for many people they are very unhappy with the lack of customer support if there are problems and as I understand it, you still pay a yearly usage fee.

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