Does Anyone Use the Wexler Skin Care Line from Bath & Body Works?

Updated on March 31, 2009
T.D. asks from Lombard, IL
5 answers

I am really close to buying the Wexler "starter" kit from Bath & Body Works. It seems reasonably priced and the online reviews are good.
Have any other moms out there used this product? Thanks for your help!

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answers from Chicago on

The cleanser is on sale right now, but everything else seems pretty expensive.

Honestly, if you haven't ever tried it, I would strongly recommend that you check into Beauticontrol. They have the best skin care around. My husband and I have used everything under the sun including ProActive and prescription Accutane for acne...nothing every worked well for us. I bought a acne skin care set from Beauticontrol and I saw results over night. I am nursing now so I don't need the acne care line...I use the Skinlogics basic set now.

Their skin care is formulated to the age and condition of your skin. Skin in it's 20's w/ slight acne....Skinlogics
Skin in it's 30's that is a bit dryer...Skinlogics Gold
Skin in it's 40's or older that is fairly dry...Skinlogics Platinum

The skin care and makeup by this company can't be beat. I've never used foundation by anyone that didn't look fake or splotchy on my face....and I've used department store brands, counter brands, Mary Kaye, Avon and so on...

Check into it. It is 100% guaranteed so you can't lose.

The company sells mini sets of their skin care for people to try...but I think you can only get those through a consultant. A mini set is about $6 and it lasts a week.

The regular sets are right at $60 and they last three to six months. Everything in the acne line lasts six months except the toner.

Beauticontrol...I can't say enough about it.

PS Someone else mentioned their skin getting use to their skin care. I too have always had that problem with skin care, deodorant, and makeup. I've used Beauticontrol skin care and makeup for more than two years now and I haven't had to rotate with other brands at all. I rotate from the acne line of skin care to the basic set...and some time I switch from the liquid foundation to the dry compact, but I've never had to buy a different brand. It is great stuff.

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answers from Chicago on

Hi Tammy,

I work at Bath & Body Works and the Wexler line is one of my favorite sets of products! The acne starter kit has been rearranged since the holidays so it's now only $29.95 (it was $39.95). The acne line contains the same MMPI20 ingredients for age-fighting that are in the age-fighting products. I started using the acne line in the fall and it took about 3 months before I saw major results and I'm happy to say that since Christmas, my face has been clear! I had been struggling with moderate to severe acne since my daughter was born and this really was effective! I highly recommend it! Please let me know if you have any questions about any of the products...I've tried several and have many return customers that are hooked on Wexler! If you purchase items in the store, make sure you give your phone number and e-mail at check out b/c the company tracks what you buy and customizes coupons for preferred buyers!



answers from Chicago on

I tried the starter kit, and after 7 days my face was so broken out, it took me a month to get rid of all the new acne I had. So if your skin does not handle change well, beware.



answers from Chicago on

Hi Tammy - I have/do use the products and like them. The starter kit stuff is all good. Like any line (any line I've used anyway) after time my skind "got used to" it so I rotate with other lines but have kept the Wexler stuff in the rotation. You can get lots of coupons srom BBW if you give them your mailing address/email. I got a ton of stuff for free last year by using coupons with that line in on of the mailers they sent out...ask if they're doing that again...



answers from Chicago on

I love it! I had patches of eczema on my face and with the Wexler products it is now completely gone. My skin feels smoother and I less break out also. I believe the starter kit is only $45.00.

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