Does Anyone Recommend the Head Start Program?

Updated on April 02, 2010
J.S. asks from Bellingham, WA
6 answers

my child is 3 and she is in the waiting list, its free, im not sure if its free for everyone. Is it a good program>?? im just want to know because i did not know about it until about a year ago.

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answers from Washington DC on

It's a program that is available to your child and it is free. You have to meet some povertly level income requirements to enroll your child. Head Start does accept a small percentage of over-income children if the child has a learning disability. Call your local Head Start center or regional office to learn more. The problem with Head Start is that the Lead Teachers may not be educationally qualified. They may have years and years of experience as a teaching assistant or lead teacher, but they may only have a high school diploma or GED. It's troubling when you receive weekly reviews of your child's progress and the review is written at a 7th English level. The poor grammar and spelling errors on the weekly reports make you wonder just how qualified this Lead Teacher is to teach your child. Alot of the teachers use poor English with the children and that rubs off on the kids. Saying, "That ain't right Johnny!", "He cry cause he mad!!", "Suck it up and stop that cryin' Taneshia!", or "Sit yourself down in dat chair, Martina!!!". The kids learn slang Engish and Ebonics from the teaching staff. The teachers like to think of themselves as big time professionals, but many of the instructors are really quite ignorant. If you can afford private preschool, I would definately recommend going the private route. I would recommend Head Start as long as you volunteer in your child's classroom a day or two a week to see how the teacher treats your child. Sometimes the Lead Teacher will simply dislike your child and it comes across in how she/he treats your child during classtime. The teacher may pick on your child, humiliate her in front of her peers, or the teacher will treat your kid like she's ignorant or slow. It's very troubling. Good luck to you with your search for a quality preschool program.



answers from Spokane on

Hi J. - I loved my youngest being in Head Start (he was in the 4yr old program). It is such a wonderful program (yes it is free). They are also family inclusive. I also loved that they really want parent involvement not only in the class and at home but with their Policy Councils. I had the privilege of being on our center's policy council and I learned so much. These are skills that you can even out on your resume if you want. For where we live the Head Start program is better than any other program (private or public school). Granted each center is ran a little different (for what that area & parents want) but they all fall under the same standard umbrella. One thing that is great is being in Head Start can open up other doors if you or your family needs it. I say go for it if you are accepted! God Bless



answers from Portland on

Head Start is a wonderful program. I just got my daughter in, after being on the waiting list for over 3 years. They are a comprehensive program with many resources for parents and families for everything you might need. They even include medical and dental check-ups as well. I highly recommend the program and am also an on-call teacher for Head Start, all I have to say are great things. It is one of the most well rounded and professional settings I have ever been a part of in my career so far. And some Head Start spots are in private schools as well, so you may want to inquire about that in your application.



answers from Portland on

Hi J.!

i am a new mom, but i have worked in a preschool for two years. i think it's great for children! it is a known fact that children learn faster while they are younger, so what they learn in preschool they carry that to school later on. Preschool also teaches them great things for at home. manners, cleaning up after themselfs and what not, i believe it also helps them get used to being at school and being around other children so the transition to kindergarden isn't as much as a shock beacuse they are already used to that kind of environment. Good luck with your choice! =)



answers from Seattle on

It depends on your situation. If you're working and/or unable to afford paying for preschool or volunteer your time at the school then it's probably a good fit. Private funded preschool programs will have more resources and co-op preschools are inexpensive because of parent involvement. There are websites where you can compare the different types of programs to determine which is right for you and your family. Good luck!



answers from Medford on

The Head Start program is excellent. I recommend it to all parents with pre-school aged kids. All 3 of my kids went and it was the greatest experience for them and us as their parents.

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