Does Anyone Know Where I Can Buy a NORMAL Rocking Chair?

Updated on April 07, 2011
L.J. asks from West Palm Beach, FL
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I want to buy a good ol fashioned rocking chair in a cherry finish. I can't find one!! I found one online only to be charged incorrectly then told "oh turns out these are out of stock till August 1st!!" So I am kinda burned on randomly looking online. But does anyone know a specific place online that sells these for a nice price (like $250 or less) OR a real store? I called rooms to go, jc pennys, city furniture, el durango, ashley and they don't have them.

PS I do NOT want a glider or a recliner, I want an indoor regular rocker.

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So What Happened?

Cracker barrel does not have ANY in cherry. I can't use a glider cuz(I have one already actually) my husband is heavy and will break it (and I just don't care for how flimsy they are). I went to They don't have any cherry in stock either. I am gonna try overstock. the problem is I want a cherry finish one....apparantly those are hard to come by. The one I really wanted is out of stock till May. Still no luck yet :(

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answers from Norfolk on

Cracker Barrel is a good idea! We got one from Pier One. It wasn't a cherry finish, more like maple. But it's not a glider or recliner.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Not sure about the Amish population in FL, but here in PA, Amish furniture stores are a great place to look for good, handcrafted wooden furniture...

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answers from Naples on

Try the unfinished wood furniture places...if you don't want to mess with it, some of them will finish it for you too, or Cracker Barrel - the rockers are all for sale. Good luck!


Try the unfinished wood furniture places...if you don't want to mess with it, some of them will finish it for you too, or Cracker Barrel - the rockers are all for sale. Good luck!

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answers from Tampa on

I second Cracker Barrel - especially since it's FL


answers from Provo on

Flea market, thrift stores, those would be cheapist. But if you want expensive, go to cracker barrel.
Not knocking you or anything, but I can't stand rockers when actually taking care of a baby. I tried out our rocker and I felt like my back was going to die! Maybe if it was padded it would have helped, but I am forever a glider girl! They are nicely iconic though :)


answers from Rochester on

I have a gorgeous wood rocker I bought from our local Amish outlet store. I think it was closer to $300, but it was a splurge I really wanted to make since I also did not want a glider or cheap version of a rocker.



answers from Sacramento on

Too bad you're not in our area. We have one to sell but no takers at the last two garage sales. People just want the gliders.

You might even take a look at Craigslist to see if anyone in your area is selling one.


answers from Detroit on

I got mine at a flea market. I disinfected it & then made my own cushions all for under $20.



answers from Chicago on

Or if you guys have an Amish community around you, they ALWAYS hand-craft beautiful wood furniture, and they almost always have rocking chairs. I got mine from an Amish family in Kentucky - it is beautiful and will last forever.



answers from Washington DC on

Do you live near a Cracker Barrel? They have them for sale on the outdoor porch. They are around $110.



answers from Dallas on

Believe it or not, I actually saw one yesterday at Kroger Marketplace. It is a grocery store out here in Texas. I also looked up cherry rocking chair on Here is the link:

Good luck!


answers from Jacksonville on

Did you try
We have bought the majority of our household furniture at Jesup Furniture Outlet. (The physical location of the store is in Jesup GA, but they take orders over the phone and deliver wherever, I think.)

I found the site through Jesup Furnture Outlet's website. They have TONS of rockers of every kind you can imagine.

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