Does Anyone Know What to Do with Old Bras?

Updated on April 09, 2010
K.M. asks from Chandler, AZ
12 answers

I have a bunch of bras that no longer fit. Does anyone know of any places I can donate them?

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answers from San Diego on

What a great question. I normally toss mine but no more! I plan to donate them to a woman's shelter too.

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answers from Phoenix on

The B. R., a division of Bosom Buddy Recycling LLC, will gladly take them! They collect gently used bras to provide to women in shelters and transitional housing. For criteria on how to donate, as well as to find a donation center in your area, visit them online at

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answers from Phoenix on

Hi K.. My church actually collects them for I-Help (homeless assistance). I am happy to pick them up and donate them.
A. ###-###-####
[email protected]



answers from Dallas on

Try the CCA, and if they will not take them, maybe a thrift store, and if not CCA donates stuff to charity whatever they decide not to sell in the store. There is always someone in need of something, new or used!



answers from Florence on

I would say definitely a battered women's shelter like Hannah's Home or also there is church in my area who does free clothes and misc. giveaways for needy people every fall and summer. I try to give my stuff to them because I know they don't charge for them and I know that at least some of the needy people get things that they need. Maybe there is a local church or a place that helps indigent people in your neck of the woods that you can donate too.



answers from Boca Raton on

Great question - and some great answers! I have long wondered the same thing. Thanks for asking!



answers from Phoenix on

I know of a couple that runs an organization that is called Bosom Buddy. The do Bra Recycling. The recycled bras will be distributed to women and girls in homeless shelters and transitional housing.

You can contact Elaine and Johnny Mitchell at ###-###-####. Visit their web site at

Hope this helps,

H. Martinez
[email protected]



answers from Boston on

Goodwill takes them, as far as I know.



answers from Detroit on

Possibly homeless shelters. womens shelters, or disaster relief places...



answers from Indianapolis on

I always send all my old stuff to Goodwill - I hope they are able to send them on to other places if they can't put them on the floor for resale.

But, I do think that finding a women's shelter is probably one of the better ideas. Perhaps even church groups have charities they know of that may be able to utilize them.



answers from Phoenix on

Yes. You can recycle your bras with The Bra Recyclers. Visit their website at They donate a portion of their bras to shelters around the country.



answers from Chicago on

Hi K.,
When I was in high school in Pennsylvania, I took the bus to school in the country. We passed thru East Bangor along the way, and all the kids laughed because someone had wrapped and hooked a bra around a telephone pole! It was there for days! Your question made me remember that! Aside from potential entertainment value for today's youth, I would recommend probably donating them instead!
C. in Wisconsin

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