Does Anyone Know What Kind of Illness Are Going Around?

Updated on October 11, 2010
K.O. asks from Columbus, OH
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I and my toddler daughter are visiting family. My mother came home sick, but thought it was a sinus problem. Symptoms: sore throat, acid reflux, coughing. Here is the kicker. Four hours after going to bed, I wake up with all these as well. Feels like a horrible burning sensation right at the larynx. It woke me from a a very sound sleep and I have a high pain tollerance. Just took some meds and heartburn medication. I am hoping this helps, but was wondering if this was something that is going around. I really don't want my toddler to get is nasty! Any and all help would be appreciated. In wild and wonderful WV at the moment. Thanks.

Update: My mother pretty much lost her voice. When it does work, it is very raspy. So far, there are no physical manifestations like hives, a rash or measles. I am guessing it is a virus. The meds we are taking (mom and me) are helping. I am just praying my dd doesn't get it. Thanks for all the info and messages.

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So What Happened?

I find it interesting how some use this helpful and personal forum for soap box talk. To might want to actually "read" my post before posting a response. BTW...we rarely get sick at all. We do take echinacea and vitamins.
I would like to thank the others that were actually trying to answer my question. It is greatly appreciated. <3 to you.

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I had a really bad sore throat felt like I had a ninja star in there, along with nasal issues, headache and my eyes just felt soo tired all the time. I apparently passed it to my son but along with my symptoms he is quite croupy and his voice is really really raspy. The dr said it was a virus and the strep test came back negative. I know there is a stomach bug going around, and another virus that has a fever that lasts around 5-6 days, and then another one that is causing diarrhea for more than 2 weeks. I believe its gonna be a horrible year for illness.

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answers from Johnstown on

There's alot of things going around here now--hand/foot/mouth, a few different types of flu, strep throat, etc...just make sure that you don't kiss your wee one on the lips, no sharing drinks/utensils and wash your hands well before you touch her hands/face. Feel better!

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I do in home nursing and I took one of my clients to the doctor for the same exact symptoms. She was diagnosed with a throat infection along with a sinus infection. Almost every one I know here in MN has had this or is getting it. My 19 month old has a nasty cold right now but I dont think it is what is going around. Good luck

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answers from Honolulu on

I would go to the Doctor or an urgent care... and at least get tested for Strep.
Main thing, is it not get worse... and find out what it is.
Watch out for any worsening symptoms and/or secondary infections or worsening or coughing etc., or labored breathing as well.

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answers from Cincinnati on

I think it is some sort of flu bug. We had similar symptoms here. My husband and I just had some throat irritation and started using our netti pots and coloidal silver right away. But, since I can't even get my son to blow his nose, there is no way I can get him to manage the netti pot. Anyway, he had a very runny nose and a raspy voice for about a week.

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It could be asthma. Allergies are super bad this year because there was tree pollen earlier in the year. We had yet to get the grass pollen. I do have allergies and am on meds all year round. Allergra, Bepreve for eyes and Fluticasone for nose. I am allergic to the earth. Anyways, I know several people who have had this and asthma is what it was. Asthma has been bad this year even for people who don't get allergies. I would consult your doctor just to be sure.

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answers from Toledo on

My 2-year old had strep about 3 weeks ago in southern ohio. He had the same symptoms you listed, plus a huge fever and a sore in his mouth. He got a shot of antibiotic and got better in a few days. At first I thought it was just a virus, but I'm glad I took him to the dr. and got the diagnosis of strep (the bacterial kind). Hope everyone feels better soon!


answers from Sharon on

flu, stomach flu, and changing of the weather is a big one



answers from Toledo on

K., I think if more people could focus on prevention instead of "what's going around" we could stay healthy. Find a Good vitamin supplement and an immune enhancer and let everyone else get sick while you and your family stay healthy. More money is spent every year on cold remedies and flu nonsense and if more of us could understand that it is not necessary to get sick in these "seasons" how upset the pharmacutical companies would be. Good Luck We can talk if you like

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