Does Anyone Know of a Ground Level (Brand New) Home Party Business?

Updated on December 29, 2014
B.K. asks from Purchase, NY
9 answers

I have a business already, but I'm also interested in joining a brand new one.

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So What Happened?

I sell Paparazzi Accessoies and do very well! I do know the company policies. I just want to know if anyone knows of Brand new companies. That means like from 2014.

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answers from Washington DC on

do you mean brand new to you? or a company in the early stages of start-up?
there are a gazillion home party businesses. google is a way better way of finding out about them.
just so you know, like most folks i know, i run screaming from anyone who says 'i've got a new home party business!'

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answers from Boston on

Can you be more specific? What sort of products or industry are you looking for?

You have to be very careful with brand new businesses, because they are not going to be members of any of the top direct selling organizations, and they may not have their compensation plan well worked out yet. Many direct selling companies fade in the first few years - so you are stuck with a lot of product and no future.

If you are not interested in a company with any longevity or track record, is that because you think the market is already saturated where you are?

If you already have a business, be careful - if you are in a leadership role in one, you won't be able to go past a certain point in another business. If they compete, there's a problem, but also Business A won't permit you to use Business B to recruit distributors away from them. That's poor business practice and is probably in the distributor agreement you signed. As it should be. No poaching allowed!

Are you looking for more income? More opportunities to be out at night and on weekends? Ground floor opportunity? Low start up costs? Business guarantee (such as a 90% buy back for one year)? What are your priorities?

You can do very well with a more established company that has consumable products, so that customers are reordering each month. That saves you from having to constantly find new customers every month for "single purchase" products.

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answers from Dallas on

I hate home party businesses but if it is your thing that is great.

The only concern I would have if I were you would be crossing the ethical lines of using an established business you have already to attempt to grow a new home based business. I would think there would be some covenants with established companies that would disallow that tactic.

Around here, people run from the home bases people because we no longer need the products, the business is just a fad and we get tired of people trying to recruit us to be their underlings.

To this day, I have a relative that does well with a jewelry business and thank GOD we are in different states because she will not leave me alone, she thinks I have time to be her underling all while I am a 14yr substitute teacher and run my own company (along with husband) which is not home business or direct sales for the last 7yrs with record monthly sales and just finishing up a record year.

You might need to read your contracts thoroughly and have your legal and tax counsel read them and advise you as well.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have used Mary Kay my entire makeup life. My friend had a party when we were in high school and I've used it every since. I don't care so much for how they've changing into the same make up company as everyone else and got away from the Mary Kay story but it's all good.

Pampered Chef. The sales person only does the show and takes the checks and orders. They they're done since the product is shipped to each individual person. I love their stoneware and knives and kitchen gadgets.

There's also adult parties. Slumber Party is one I've been to and had a blast. The sales person got a black SUV to drive and was super good.

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answers from Detroit on

I also do not care for home part businesses. I'm getting very tired of friends and acquantences begging me for help and telling me how much stuff I can earn if invite all of my friends over to buy the stuff too.
The most recent ones that have appealed to me are nerium (apparently a skin serum?) and some type of essential oils. I don't know the name of the essential oils, but they make your house smell good, ensure no one gets sick, and ensure your lottery numbers are winners? Something like that.

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answers from Washington DC on

It would help if you told us what business you already have...

there are sooo many

Mary Kay
Pampered Chef
Tastefully Simple

The list is long. WHAT do you want to do??

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answers from Phoenix on

It's not brand new, but Lulu Avenue just tripled (or more) in size since lia sophia closed and something like 1100 reps switched over. I have several friends who switched and I know they're excited about changes being made and how Lulu Avenue is restructuring essentially to accommodate and adapt to the growth.

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answers from Cleveland on

I also hate home parties. .but jamberry nail wraps are new in my area...I tried felt gross having them on my fingernails.

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answers from Norfolk on

Norwex is my new favorite. They are not new as of 2014, but a Canadian company that sells cleaning supplies without chemicals. I love the stuff. It took me two years to get someone to sell them in my area. I personally do not like home-based sales, so wouldn't do it myself, but got a girlfriend into it. Check it out!

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