Does Anyone Know About Reliv Products and Effects on ADHD???

Updated on June 03, 2013
C.G. asks from Ingleside, IL
7 answers

I was looking into the Feingold Diet- then heard it doesnt really work well.... so, now I am considering getting Reliv for my son who is ADHD - but i also heard that they are so costly - now I want to hear from some 'real' people who may have had any kind of experience - even just with the Reliv product in general! I have read all of the Testimonials online and spoken to a Distributor- so now I want to hear from my "Council" - Thanks!!

C. G.

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answers from Montgomery on

Hi C.,

I have a son that has ADHD, it took us a year to realize that after multiple dosages of concerta, we had to try something different other than the drugs. We heard about Reliv from a friend at church and dicided to give it a try. My husband is active duty Air Force and we were worried that on-going use of retilin or concerta will adversely affect my kids chances of taking ROTC or going into the military. We have done all that we could possiblyo tohelp him with the focus issues including a year's worth of Focus Training with occupational therapy. We found that Reliv really works but it took about 6 months to find the exact formula that works with my son. What we found in conjuction with the Kid's Reliv that really worked was the 24K and the LunaRich X capsules. Our oldest is off the drugs and has not complained of not being able to focus. It was a life changer for us. Is it costly? We're looking at about $2.80-$3.00 daily. Is it worth it? Let me tell you, his appitite is back, he's gaining weight (side effects of the concerta) and his report card is proof that it's working. Hope this helps. Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Hope this helps



answers from Springfield on

Hi C.,
I have used Reliv products in the past, not for ADHD, but for other health reasons, and I can tell you that they did help me. I had problems with healing from a major surgery, and a blood clot in my brain. Reliv has wonderful products, but they are soybased, and I would be a little hesitant to infuse tons of soy in a child...(you can read about soy and know that it is good for you, in moderation). FYI- I am no longer taking it. I hope this helps!!



answers from Chicago on

My friend uses the Feingold diet with her daughter & her daughter is off meds & sleeping at night. I know nothing about Reliv.




answers from Chicago on

Just something to consider. A few months ago, there was a study published about how many kids that were diagnosed with ADHD often had sleep apnea, and when that was treated, the symptoms of ADHD ceased. Kids do not have to be overweight to have sleep apnea, that is often in older kids and adults. Talk to your doc about getting tested for that. Again, just something to consider before getting the meds.

You can look at dietary issues too. Dr. Dorris Rapp has a great book called, Is This My Child? she is a pediatric allergist and talks about ADD and ADHD in her book and ridding symptoms through diet. She's on the target too.

Best Wishes and Give Thanks!



answers from Chicago on

My experience is that you have to try many products until you find the right one for your child. Just because one works for someone else doesn't mean it will work for your child. Conversely, just because it doesn't work for someone else doesn't mean it won't work for your child. The families who have found a product or a diet on the first try are very lucky indeed.

I can tell you that we generally try to follow the feingold diet. It was very difficult at first. We have a Whole Foods near our house so it made shopping easier. Now, many stores carry organic foods. You can buy many products in bulk on line. My 11 year old son is now an advocate for eating organic food based on what the source of food coloring and artificial flavoring.

We also follow a very structured routine when it comes to homework, video games, and tv.



answers from Chicago on

I have found that putting my son on a product called Body Balance has helped him focus more. I have heard others who swear by it for their child's AHAD. I have become an advocate for it since it has helped me and my family so much in the last 8 years, that I have a website dedicated to it. Do your homework on whatever you decide to do and keep a food journal, alergic reactions, even minor can trigger AHAD symptoms. Good luck.


answers from Chicago on

Hi C.,
Yes, Reliv is quite expensive because the products are moved through distributors. This mean as a customer, you're goin to pay a higher price unless you yourself become a distributor.

May I recommend Melaleuca The Wellness Company? Everyone there is a preferred customer, no distributors, which means we all pay the same PC price. There are several products that can help with this condition. Additionally, there is a 100% money back guarantee.

Take a look at If you'd like to shop online with them as a Preferred Customer [you'll pay the same PC price that I do] let me know.


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