Does Anyone Have Experience with Singulair for Seasonal Aller./ear Inf./fluid?

Updated on February 10, 2009
M.B. asks from Wylie, TX
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I took my 19 mos twins to the ENT last Tues b/c they have had ear infections since Nov. One failed his hearing test and the other barely passed. Both had fluid in both ears. He put them on Singulair for 3 weeks to see if it will clear up their allergies/fluid. It has been six days now and they act like they feel terrible. They won't eat, wake up during the night, and cry pretty much all day. Their noses are still running. They do not have fever. I feel like the Singulair is not helping but don't want to be too impatient. I am about to call another ENT and see if he will just put tubes in their ears and get it over with! I am just wondering if anyone else has had a positive experience with Singulair and how long it took. I am also wondering if the Singulair itself might be affecting their moods. They are usually happy and playful.

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So What Happened?

Okay, this is what I was thinking. They have been spending their days sleeping or laying in the floor screaming and kicking since they started on Singulair. I am not going to give it to them anymore.

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Hello M.,

Singulair did not work for my daugher plus it made her so moody and defiant. it wasn't even funny! anyways in terms of the ear infections, I just gave this advice:

Definitely get them checked for specific allergies. it could be anything: wheat/gluten, soy, ragweeds, milk, etc. that will go a long way towards their body fighting the infections. Also, find a good chiropractor.
Milk is usually the culprit...
good luck! ~C.~



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I am an adult on the singulair and it works great in conjunction with zyrtec but the singulair alone doesn't do much. It does make you sleepy and does take a couple of weeks to start working



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Hi M.,
I learned last year from Dr. Bain in Frisco that 95% of ear infections are due to a food intolerance. My girls started having ear infections and we had them tested...(Dr. Bain only uses Genova or Immuno Labs due to reliability of results) through Immuno Laboratories and we eliminated all the foods that they were reacting to for four months. We have added all the foods back now except the two main culprits. We have had NO ear infections in over a year. Their immune systems are so much stronger than before as well. My youngest also came out of the 'fog' she seemed to be has been amazing for us. I HIGHLY encourage you to look into Immuno Labs for testing....Blue Cross Blue Sheild will cover this test.....let me know if you have questions.

Singulair has scary research showing up some very serious reactions in children. I personally know three people whose children were either zoned out, having night terrors, or moody behaviors directly linked to that medication. I hope the option we took may work for your has been a journey but one worth taking.

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