Does Anyone Have Experience with Cognitive Testing and Training for LD Kids?

Updated on March 02, 2009
J. asks from Chanhassen, MN
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My daughter is in 3rd grade with diagnosis of ADDHD inattentive. The child is above average in Math but struggling with reading, writing and following instructions (sometimes). They showed improvement but still far below expectations and much below the average student's timed reading test. The child reads much slower for that grade level also. We have continued with XR ADDHD meds by increasing the dose overtime. The have an IEP with extra speech and reading help. We are considering the LearningRX system that may have focused methods of strengthening weaker areas for many LD childlren. It was formerly called PACER and had an online program called BrainAge but a game displaced that business name possibly. We think it could be of much benefit and hope it is too.

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So What Happened?

We are now starting with LearningRX. And hope the results for our child which the director thinks the program is a great fit for our child will help her flourish vs wither over time as things get tougher. We will look into too Thanks.

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I just had a meeting LAST WEEK with the owner of LearningRX in Savage and was very impressed. I have a 12 year old son with autism and I was diagnosed a few years ago, as adult with ADD. This company uses face to face practices. He showed me a few examples of their practices and I now know this is a program I want to research further. I suggest talking with him about the program. Good Luck

D. K



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YES YES YES! I have been a trainer at learningRx for 3 years now. I train students one on one. In all my time at learningrx, I have never had a negative outcome. All the students I have trained have come out will start seeing results as soon as 6 weeks into the program. I have never had unhappy parents. Email me if you have any more questions. I would be happy to answer any more questions!



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You sound like really caring parents so what I am about to say, hopefully will not offend you. Please read on:

Sorry to disagree with you but, I truly don't believe your child has ADHD. I am guessiong your child is a boy. As a Mother of three grown sons, I got them involved in sports at an early age. Boys are wired differently than girls( I also have a daughter). There is a huge difference in learning capacities, boys will catch up, not only in height but also in learning. Please, please,please don't label your child. There is enough of this going around. Now the buzz word is Bi-polar!
Teachers want robots. They probably suggested ritalin. I am sorry if I am sounding negative but sometimes we as parents need to say enough is enough. YOU know whats best for your child, not Teachers, PHD's trust yourselves! Consider getting your child involved in outside activities to have time to let off steam! The fact that your child is great in Math shows that he/she is highly intelligent. He/she will find the way with involvement from you and your husband. These so called experts don't have a clue in what they are doing to our children. My sons all struggled with some things such as reading, language, etc. In first grade, my son was learning at an eigth grade level. He was very active, which now would be labeled as ADD or ADHD.
Second son, struggled in school all the time, now he is in Computers working for a huge Company, and my third son is in his second year of Medical School. I am not saying this to brag. I am just telling you that if you parents give their children the chance to be children and not mold them into what the so called "experts" say they should be, they will be just fine! Please listen to your selves you know whats best for you child.
If they are having trouble, please give them the mangosteen juice (XANGO)get them off processed foods, check for dyes (red and yellow are the worst) and give him/her love discipline etc. (which I am sure you are doing.
Good luck!



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You'd be surprised at what an all natural diet will do for her. My boys had major issues until I got the chemicals out of them. Now they are more normal than not. for more info.
It works, you'll be shocked.
Mom to 4, ages 6, 5.5, 5, and 3.



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Hi J.,
I am a special education teacher currently taking time off to raise my 2 year old. I am not familiar with the specific programs you described, but I can tell you that PACER is actually a Parent Advocacy group that is wonderful for you to get involved with. PACER is not a specific program, but you can set up a meeting with their assistive technology person to go over various computer programs they have available for students with learning and other disabilities. You can even check out materials to try at home. If your child struggles with reading, the school should be using a research based program that emphasizes phonics, phonemic awareness (the sounds of letters and groups of letters), fluency, and comprehension. There are many programs out there that contain these aspects of reading. Computer based programs can be fun for kids, increasing their motivation to be involved, but there should also be a direct teaching component of the program that provides small group time with a special education teacher. I encourage you to visit PACER's website and set up a meeting with one of their representatives. It is a wonderful group and very informative.
Best of luck!
Amy K



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Hi J.,
There are many programs out there for kids with learning disabilities. From what I've seen based on your email, there is,,, and and many more.

My son has Down syndrome and it seems that so many times there are many pieces to the puzzle and the hardest part for a parent is figuring out what those pieces are. We need to remember that there is no "magic pill" that will fix things, but several parts, layered together, that add up to a bigger difference.

Some other ideas that you may want to look into: Diet - have you tested for Celiac? Glutens, wheats, caseins can have a big impact on attention span. What about Dyslexia? You might look into a vitamin called Mighty Mins which has a very interesting study done regarding biochemical/nutritional approach to behavioral issues. I carry them in my store and they are the best selling item I carry. If you want more information, feel free to email me at [email protected]

Try ruling out any medical aspects and take it from there.

Also, regarding reading, kids with learning disabilities many times sight read before phonetically reading. Because of the way the brain works, they can be mentally incapable of processing phonics until they are older (has to do with memory channels and short term memory). Since 50 to 70% of k-5 reading is sight words, you might look into a sight reading program like eReadingPro (also in my store). My son is 5 and is starting to sight read.

Good luck with everything and keep at it. It can be so frustrating for you and for him, but something will click.


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