Does Anyone Have Any Suggestions on What to Give My 2Yr Old with Croupe and GERD

Updated on November 19, 2018
M.C. asks from Cedar Rapids, IA
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She has been coughing to the point of vomiting and hasn't been eating very much at all. Mostly because i think she is afraid of what happens when she coughs. I am really in need of sum suggestions and keep in mind she also has GERD which also limits the types of foods and drinks she can have as well. Thanks in advance

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answers from Boston on

I agree to call the pediatrician. Your kid is pretty sick and you need to check in with the doctor who knows her best. Don't be afraid to use the "after hours" line for advice - that's what it's there for. You'll get much faster advice too, than putting it on an internet forum of amateurs and then waiting and waiting for responses.

The other person who is your friend is your pharmacy manager, who has some records on your child (assuming she's had meds over the first 2 years of her life), and who knows the over-the-counter remedies available.

Diet - skip dairy, as it creates more mucus and can be tough to digest. Soft foods like applesauce and bananas can be easier on a sore throat, also jello and popsicles and chicken soup just to keep the fluids going. And water water water - vomiting increases dehydration.

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answers from Washington DC on

what does her pediatrician suggest?

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answers from Pittsburgh on

If your daughter has croup, she should be under the doctor's care. Coup can be very serious if not treated quickly with a prescription from the doctor. I waited too long with one of mine with croup and he ended up in the ER overnight (it was our 1st time with croup and I didn't recognize it right away, after that I learned, at the very first croup-sounding cough, straight to the pediatrician).

Also, are you sure it's croup? Sadly, right now we have some cases of whooping cough where I am, which can cause a very bad cough that leads to vomiting. Mine had a lot of coughing, crying, and a fever with croup but never vomiting.

Bottom line - get her to a doctor today.

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answers from Appleton on

Take her to her doctor.

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answers from Dallas on

Why are you asking us... an Internet forum of moms who are not Dr’s instead of asking your Dr?

Go to the Dr or at least call and get medical advice.

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answers from Portland on

ETA: Mynewnickname makes a really good point - I hadn't thought of whooping cough - but they can vomit with that - if your child has coughing spells, video one if she's not coughing when you take her in. That came help the pediatrician or nurse practitioner, etc. diagnose your child.


Our kids would get it - we took them in shower, and outside to help. Our kids also were asthmatic with the presenting symptom of coughing. We had to make some hospital visits (overnight) and still, ours never vomited. So I'd take this seriously enough to call the pediatrician and at least ask what you should do.

In the meantime, fruit pops, clear soups, etc. I'd keep her hydrated. I can't remember mine being hungry (think about when you're coughing) - and is she's that sore .. keep her head up when she lays down - visit the mayo site for good tips on how to raise the head of the bed safely.

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answers from Portland on

I urge you to call her doctor. I've not heard of vomiting with croup. You need to have a medical diagnoses to know what is causing the vomiting.

Also find ways to keep her hydrated. Ice chips or pop cycles help. Slowly, one swallow, teaspoon, at a time, may work. Constant vomiting dehydrates our body. If she is dehydrated, is listless, her cheeks sunken in, it's very important to take her to the ER. They will give her liquid through her skin. Sometimes we can't see that the child/adult is dehydrated. Call the doctor. He can know, based on your telling him how often she's vomited and how much liquid she's had.

I do hope you've already talked with the doctor or the hospital's advice nurse or taken her in.

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