Does Anyone Have a Recipe for TGIF Chicken Quesidilla Rolls?

Updated on May 26, 2009
T.C. asks from Murfreesboro, TN
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I am hoping someone has the recipe for TGI Friday's Chicken Quesidilla rolls. My kids love quesidillas and I thought this would be a good change!

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I have a recipe, but it's just mine not TGIF's. It's very easy. I use chicken tenderloins and cut them into bite size chunks. Cook them in a skillet until done. Add salsa and simmer for a while. I use a flat skillet next. I put a pad of butter in and let it melt. Place flour tortilla on top. Place chicken, salsa mixture on 1/2 the tortilla and top with cheese (jack/colby) and fold tortilla over the mixture. Let one side get just golden then turn and lightly brown the other side. Top with sour cream. I usually cut the quesadilla in thirds.
Hope this helps! enjoy.

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They were sampling chicken quesidillas at Sam's Club the other day. The woman told me to use Mission flour tortillas small, John Soules Foods precooked chicken or beef fajita (It was seasoned really well), and El Terrifico Tamale Company White Cheese Dip. You cut up the chicken or beef fajita into smaller pieces, put the cheese dip on the tortilla, add the fajita, flip it in half, put a little butter in the bottom of the skillet, and cook until it is lightly brown. They were great. I put diced onion and green pepper in my husband's quesidillas. I didn't put any of onion or green pepper in my children's quesidillas. My husband thought it would have been better with a little less white cheese dip (only on half the quesidilla) and add shredded co-jack cheese. He thought melted cheese would help hold it together better than the cheese dip. We are going to try it with the shredded cheese next time.



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Have you tried ? They have mock recipes from restaurants.



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Just google TGIF's chicken quesadilla rolls recipe and it comes up with a few. There is a site that says the award winning recipe from the woman who invented it for TGIF.

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