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Updated on April 02, 2008
C.B. asks from Aumsville, OR
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I have started my Crochet project for Christmas already. I started in July last year and didn't get them all finished in time. My daughter will be 2.5 years old this Christmas. I am wondering if ANY of you great women (or men) have any or know of a great website where I can find a crochet hat pattern. All I can find if for newborns or adults.

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answers from Seattle on

If you are still looking for toddler hats look for a book called "Too Cute Crochet" by Cynthia preston. My dad rented it from the Port Angeles library. The hats are super cute and are for both babies and todlers

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answers from Spokane on

It will take about a week for your membership to go through but so worth it. They have millions of patterns for knitting and crochet.

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answers from Seattle on

Try looking on the site, it is a great one that I go to almost every day with ALL handmade stuff. I have seen patterns for many items and nice detailed pictures as well. Check it out, I hope you find what you're looking for!

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answers from Seattle on

Not knowing where you live, I suggest that you go to any arts and crafts store that has a well supplied yarn department and browse through the many pattern books. I know that in Redmond, Washington at the Ben Franklin store they have a great needlecraft department and gobs of free patterns hanging by various types of yarns. Their pattern book collection for crocheting and knitting is extensive. Hope you find what you're looking for!!



answers from Yakima on

Hi. The site Lion Brand Yarn has great free patterns, and many for hats of all types for babies on up. Their website is I use it quite often for resources, ideas, etc. Also consider going to the public library and checkout out a book on crocheting also. Good luck.



answers from Richland on I know the knitting version has tons of all kinds of patterns in all sizes, I'm sure this one will too.



answers from Eugene on

Hi C.- Have you tried:
I did a quick search and found some nice looking hats at the above named site~with free patterns to boot. I don't crochet, but envy those that do. You've inspired me to finish a project I've had for years. Good luck with the patterns.



answers from Portland on

Have you tried Lion Brand yarn website: They actually send out a newletter if you sign up for it which includes patterns. I think it is awesome that you are already working on your Christmas gifts and that you make them! Truly a labor of love!



answers from Richland on

I have not tried these, but look at or If you don't like anything here please write to me again. I have lots of free crochet pattern links.

L. Allan
Richland, WA
[email protected]



answers from Anchorage on

Why not make your own hat pattern.Just write it down as u go and see how it comes out...makes it more

Anywho, I have tons of hat patterns, including a couple I made up myself.Let me dig them out and see what I can find.Also, if your interested I have a bunch of yard I'm going to be putting up for sale soon.Just did sooo much crocheting when my girl friend had her first 5 yrs ago up thru my pregnancy that I'm done for a looong while and would rather get it outta here and put to good use then have it clutter my storage until.I'm getting back into my beading and quilting for the time being.



answers from Medford on

I just made one for my 20 mo. old. I didn't have a pattern. I'm not great at following patterns so I don't know all the terminology, but I've found that trial and error is pretty forgiving with crocheting! If you start with a small chain in a loop and then do two single crochets (or 1.5, or double) in each chain, then continue doing two in each consecutive row, it will lay pretty flat in a circle. When you think it is wide enough and you are ready for it to start coming down on her head, begin reducing the number of stitches (ie. 2 in one, 1 in the next, etc.). Then continue reducing until it forms the shape you need. I used one of his other hats to help me get the right size. Good luck!

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