Does Anyone Else Have a Child with Autism?

Updated on September 12, 2008
M.S. asks from West Bend, WI
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My daughter will be turning 6 at the end of the month and she just started in Kindergarten. She was diagnosed with autism about a year ago, and since then we have been through so much therapy, I feel like I could almost do it myself. She also has SID and is hyposensitive--meaning she is without fear and loves to jump off of things that cause mom to have heart failure. She is talking now, but she still has times when she gets very emotional.

I am just looking for other moms with children who have autism, to talk or just trade stories and ideas.

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So What Happened?

I want to say thank you to everyone for the responses. I will be checking out all of the web sites and things that were given. I need all the help I can get, because as someone said, its never dull at our house--very colorful, actually. The wall "art" is very pretty, hehe. Oh, and we live in West Bend WI.

I also have to say that I would never be able to do this without the support and help of my husband. He is wonderful with all of the kids, but has a connection with Lizzy because she is his only daughter--the princess. He has done so much to help with her therapy and growth, and I know she would not be as advanced as she is without her daddy. (Now, if I could get him to pick up his dirty socks, he would be perfect, hehe.)

Thank you all!!!

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answers from St. Cloud on

I have 2 with autism and another with spinal bifidia. IN Pine River we are having a meeting about starting a special needs parent support group today.It will be at the Family Center at 3:30- baby sitting provided. If you are interested please stop by or email for more info. [email protected]

Also there is a monthly support group in Brainerd for parents it is held Monday nights.

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answers from Omaha on

Hi M., my name is M. and my little boy Alex who just started Kdg. is mildly autistic. We went through so much tests and even had a MRI done on him because he was a late walker, he was 2 1/2 when he started walking, 3 1/2 to 4 when he started talking. He's doing very good in school. Most people even don't realize that he's autistic because he's very sociable, which has really happened in the last year and he plays w/ other kids other than going off by himself. Only thing he really does anymore that is part of autism is bounce back and forth. Everyday after school that's the first thing he wants to do, that's how he winds down from his busy day.

Hope your little girl does ok in school. My email address is [email protected] if you would ever want to email me and we can exchange stories.

Thank you, M. Dick

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answers from Minneapolis on

I'm not sure where you live, but I'm in Hudson WI. There is a wonderful new place opening up here for parents and/or children on the spectrum. It is a 'get-away' for an hour, or a day, or a weekend etc. . .a place where you can go and not be judged or kicked out of, or just supported. They have resources for you as well.
It is a new home in the parade of homes~called "Surreia's Place" ( ) You can check it out during an open house, or just contact Donna (see info on website).
They will be doing webcasts etc. . .and will have tons of information. Donna is especially interested in teaching the importance of what foods we consume, and how it effects our kids on the spectrum.

Good luck!
Hope this helps!
(I have one PDD-NOS, one undiagnosed ADHD~sometimes you just know! ;), and 4 kids total)

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answers from Appleton on

I have a 4 year-old son with autism. He also has no fear. I can live with that when we are at home and in our apartment -scarier when we leave and are around moving vehicles and vast places where he can just run away if he gets out of my grasp. Anyway, I have a blog at feel free to stop by and have a look. I also have links to some other parent's of children with autism who are inspirational/funny.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Hey, M.! I don't have a child with autism, but thought I'd respond with a couple of resources for you. There's a online group of moms, mostly in the Twin Cities area, and I know several of the ladies on there have children with autism who are nearly the same age as your daughter. I know they make an effort to get together and do playdates for their children every now and then and you would be more than welcome to join the site and connect with them. It's The other site that I have for you is one for autism service dogs. If you're interested in learning more about it, it's

Good luck with it and hang in there!

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answers from Minneapolis on

A wonderful place to start is the autism society of Minnesota. www. They have a ton of parent workshops and parent groups. Great networking place. If you have not attended the DISCOVER series, this is a great place to start with other parents of younger kids. You will get around others who keep up with the latest and greatest as well as speaks the same language. Everyone has been the route of all of the home therapy and all do it better than the SLP, OTs, PTs and MTs. Everyone who knows what "the diet" is without details and know how fun the dentist can be. Where are the other parents in your early childhood special education enviroment? Keep in touch with them as it is great to grow together. (((HUG))) with a weighted vest. (LOL)....

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answers from Bismarck on

Hey M.,

I loved your little story and your family. The thing that struck me the most was that it sounds like you and your husband have a GREAT relationship. That is soooo important when you have kids with special needs. We have 4 kids 13,9,6&3. Our oldest is severely mentally retarded and has autism. He is totally nonverbal and has a lot of behaviorial problems. So always a struggle. But my husband is great and however hard things got, he could always make me and everybody else laugh at the end of the day. That's so important. I tell you there are times we both wanted to pull our hair out but he can always come up with something to lighten the mood. Our son actually goes to a special school about 3 1/2 hours from us because we live in a very rural area and didn't have access to PT,OT,speech and all the other things he needs. We see him about every other week so we travel alot. But it was the best thing we could do for him. He has come a long way since he's been there.

I always love keeping in touch with people who have kids with autism, you know just to vent sometimes. We all need that.

Keep in Touch.



answers from Milwaukee on

I find my companionship through so many moms out there who blog. There are literally dozens of blogspots written by these moms. You just get onto moms+blogs+autism, or autism+blogs, and you will be amazed. There are some written by dads, written by the children themselves (one boy is 11) and so many by the moms of these children. You'll find a favorite one. I begin my day with these can comment, and theycomment back, and you don't feel so hopeless or without answers. I know you'll find something.



answers from Minneapolis on

I have a wonderful 5.5 year old son who is funny and smart and was diagnosed with Autism shortly after his 4th birthday in February. I also have a son who turned 3 at the end of June who has the best smile and loves to wrestle who was diagnosed with Autism shortly before his 3rd birthday. The oldest, Gerry, is hypersensitive and my youngest, Gabe, is hyposensitive. Gerry hates loud noises, Gabe loves to make loud noises. It took Gerry 2.5 years before he'd even try going down a slide. Gabe was trying to jump off the top of the slide as soon as he could get up the steps. We have installed extra locks on our doors (high enough the kids can't reach) because Gabe has a tendency to wander. He is also a lousy sleeper and is up 1 or 2 times a night. Before we put him on melatonin at my doctor's suggestion, he could be up 6-8 times per night. Its definately never boring around our house.

Feel free to email me or even call me ###-###-####). I do want you to know that I believe the autism in my kids most likely came from me so if I seem a bit stand-offish at first, its not personal. It can sometimes take me a moment to figure out what to say. However, I would love to share stories and suggestions for kids.



answers from Minneapolis on

M. - I'm responding to your message but I do not have a child with autism. However, I do work with a chiropractor in the Eagan area who works with lots of children with autism, ADHD as well as diabetes. If you're interested in learning more about how chiropractors are making a difference for children with these any many other "conditions." This clinic does fascinating work and they have helped people from all over the world.

All the best to you,




answers from Minneapolis on

Hi M.,
My son had Down syndrome. Different set of concerns and issues, but the underlying need for support is the same.

I have an on-line store for special needs kids and talk to parents all over the country. Different disabilities. I also look at hundreds of products.

Feel free to contact me if you are ever looking for something in particular. My email is [email protected]

There is tons of support out there so hang in there!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have two daughters (one is 2 and the other is 4) with SID. We do therapy all day long to meet the needs of my 4 year old ....I agree with your feelings on doing the school thing yourself but have learned that they (the kids-especially the special needs ones) need the time away from mom and family to find out who they are, step into new areas of learning/growing that they would not otherwise do without seeing it socially in other kids who are not family. My 4 year old is very emotional and going to preschool helps with this too. She still has emotional times but has never had one at school (this is her second year that preschool). If you ever want to talk to exchange stories I would love to! I am a 38 yr old SAHM of these 2 beautiful girls, been married to my awesome husband for almost 7 years and we too are just crazy (about our girls, about each other and a bit cuckoo at times as well).



answers from Rapid City on

Hi M. ... you are NOT alone! I am a grandparent of a beautiful little 22 month old boy who has Autism. My husband and I are going to our first Autism Support Group this Saturday and are very excited. Our little grandson is non-verbal at this point although he has speech therapy once a week and is making more and more "sounds."

Where do you live? I'm in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I'd love to correspond with you and share funny stories, trials, and frustrations.
God Bless,



answers from St. Cloud on

yes, there are many of us..where do you live?

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