Does Anyone Else Do Consignment Sales

Updated on April 15, 2010
S.K. asks from Plano, TX
7 answers

Just looking for moms that do consignment sales to get some info from. Which ones do you do . What do you like or dislike?

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answers from Dallas on

I've done Divine Consign as well and have had somewhat good return, although sometimes their screeners can be really snotty. I'm planning to try a new sale that is just starting up, you can check it out at
It looks to be a great sale.

hth! ;-)



answers from Dallas on

Hi, there! For women's clothing, I've consigned at Clotheshorse Anonymous for at least a decade:

Your stuff has to be in style, pressed, almost mint condition and on hangers to consign here. You'll find lots of designer stuff and only good quality, good condition stuff here.

For a maternity/baby consignment sale, I've done Divine Consign for 3 years in a row (twice yearly):

I sell almost everything I consign and by consigning you get to shop early. This year, I'm taking a day to volunteer so that I can shop extra early! This sale always screens items closely so you don't feel like you're at a rummage sale or a garage sale. You make 70% of the selling price and you set the price! Way better ROI than any consignment or resale shop!



answers from Dallas on


Are you still doing consignments? I just posted about getting rid of my son's old stuff. He has clothes in very good condition and also some toys he has outgrown. Thought about a community garage sale and the consignment route, but never did consignments before.

Let me know if you're still into this. And more details if you are.




answers from Dallas on

I consign my clothes at Clothes Circuit in Dallas. It's high end designer ladies resale. I really like it. I think their website is



answers from Dallas on

Below is a list of upcoming sales. I love shoping them all. Divine Consign has a computer system for tagging clothes that is very easy.

Website Directory by State

August ?? 2006 - Tried and True Consignment - check website for updates

August 31 - Divine Consign - Grapevine Convention Center

September 15 - Divine Consign - Plano Centre - Spring Creek Parkway
September 29th - Three Sisters Consignment

September 30 - North Dallas Mother of Twins Sale - 8:30am - 12:30am

October 6-9 - Just Between Friends - Dallas - Highland Oaks Church of Christ

November 2006 - Tried and True Consignment Pre-Christmas toy sale



answers from Dallas on

Hi S.,
I sold(and bought)at Divine Cosign earlier this year and I really enjoyed it. It was my first time participating in any consignement activity. Divine was easy to register and I got my check within a week. I made just under $300.00. The things that sold the best for me were my cribs, swing, playpen, highchair and glider/ottoman. My 9month and older clothes sold, but my newborn things didn't.

I am already gettng my items together for the fall show, mostly clothes this time. Also, when you volunteer to help, you get to shop b/4 the public.

Check them out at

Happy cosigning!
D. W.


answers from Atlanta on

I have been doing children's consignment sales for 15 years. I must say I'm a little addicted (LOL)

Check out my site for tons of tips, tricks, and ways to save time, money and stress when participating in ANY Children's Consignment Sale

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