Does Anyone Can Give Me Any Idea to Find My Daughter?

Updated on September 27, 2015
D.Q. asks from Belleville, PA
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I am a Chinese mom and companied my daughter for high school for years. Then she went to university. However, after her university, she told me she found a job and went to the workplace. After that, I got lost of her contact and don't know anything about her current situation, except her only one email talking about her bad living condition and unfairness of the job place. No matter how many emails I sent, just no any reply. I called her cell phone at the beginning, but nobody picked up the phone. It's been 2 years. I am worried about her to death but just have no way to find her and don't know where she's now. Does anybody know how to find a person? I would be really appreciated for your help.

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answers from Norfolk on

Perhaps you can hire a private investigator to help you search.
If you are where you have always been, then your daughter knows where you are.
Maybe she's just too busy to check back home.
I never lost track of my Mom but the first few years of working in my professional career were EXTREMELY busy - I only had time to talk with her on the phone once every few months.

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answers from Appleton on

Are you in the US? I only ask because I am not sure how things work in other countries. My first call would be to the police. In America taxes and social security are taken from each paycheck, if your daughter has a job the police can check to see if she is paying taxes and which company sends in the payments. The company should be able to tell you if she works there and give her a message to call you or allow her to talk to you.
If not in America I would still contact the police and file a missing person complaint on your daughter, give as much information as you can and the most current picture you have.
Have you tried to search for her on social media such as Facebook, tagged, linked in, etc. ?
edited to add:
If you are in China and you think your daughter is in another country you could try to contact the Embassy for that country. Explain what happened and ask them for help.

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answers from St. Louis on

I would start with the cell phone provider. Ask them if she is still paying her bill and what her last address was. They may not give you that information but they may at least give you a city so that you can contact the local police.

If one of my kids moved to another country and lost contact I would contact my government so they could work through a local embassy.

Sorry that I don't know an easy answer. Try contacting anything you already know like the university, email provider, cell carrier.

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answers from Phoenix on

Is this legit? If you "companied" her for high school then I assume you are in the US? Even if you are in another country you should know to call the police and file a missing persons report. I'm sorry, but I don't know any mom that would let 2 years go by without any contact then ask a random online group what to do. SMH.

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answers from Washington DC on

welcome to mamapedia....I think....I think I need to call troll on this one!! In the off-chance it's legit?? I'll respond...

If you are Chinese - are you talking about your daughter being in the United States or somewhere else??

Are you here legally? Is your daughter here legally?? If you know the name of the company she went to work for? Call them and ask if she's still there.

If you have an address for her? Call the local police and ask for them to do a well-check visit.

If you are paying for her cell phone? Call the carrier and ask for a location as she's missing.

You can hire a private investigator. He/she will need pictures of your daughter as well as any and all information you have - company she worked for, address she lived it, e-mail, cell phone.

I just can't believe ANY mother would let a child go for 2 years....

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answers from Los Angeles on

I would take all the concrete data you have for her...

- full name
- phone number
- email
- any addresses or location
- university

Do a quoted search on this in Google like this...

"Full name" "email" "phone" "address" "university name"

In fact you can use this just fill in the correct information and hit "search"

And see what that comes up with. Also you can remove any parts of that string to refine or broaden the search.

Hopefully that gives you some clues to track her down.

- Jake

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answers from Atlanta on

I don't know what to add. I don't think I could let 2 years go by without contact with my kids, especially if they are in a foreign country.

I would start with the company she was employed with, then the cell phone company, then the Chinese Embassy.

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