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Updated on November 23, 2011
S.B. asks from Keller, TX
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So we are not ones to run to the doctor with every cough and sneeze. In fact my six year old has only had one "sick" appointment his entire life and it was for an infected hang nail. My three year old has never had a sick appointment. We are not anti doctor. Our kids have all their vaccines and we have never missed a well check. We just usually wait out illness and we have been VERY lucky so far that we haven't needed a doctor. So...two weeks ago we hosted a slumber party. Got a call from a mom who said her son came down with strep Monday. Watched in anticipation and saw no signs of it from our kids. Then last weekend on Friday or neighbor calls to let me know her two kids got strep (our kids walk to school together everyday). They had absolutely no fever. She only took them in because she was concerned that the sore throat her daughter complained of may be strep from our party. Yesterday I noticed cold symptoms creeping up on both my kiddos. No biggie. Colds happen. My son this morning had a touch of fever (100) and congestion. He swears his throat feels fine. When I looked at it with a flash light, it was red and irritated looking. Which could be from congestion and drainage. There are no pus pockets visible. Dad and I are in a big debate. If there were no holiday, we would just wait and see. But family will be in town tonight. Doctor or no doctor (and hope it's a cold)??

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So What Happened?

Thanks mamas! I guess I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overreacting. We have an appointment at 2 today.

Glad we went. He tested positive for strep.

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answers from Tulsa on

Just because the holidays are coming up, I'd go ahead and take him to the doctor. If he is really sick, a doctor visit is going to be a lot cheaper than an ER visit, because I doubt you'll find a doctor's office open near the holidays.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I agree with everyone else, take him in. We are not ones to run to the doctor either so I understand your concern. You have the right idea, with the holiday and guests coming you don't want your child to be miserable if it is more than a cold. The doctor will not be there and the alternatives are much more expensive. Take him in and give yourself piece of mind. :)

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answers from Washington DC on

you don't have to have puss pockets to have strep. take him in. I would. it's a quick swab - in fact - our Drs office - you don't need an appointment for Strep tests. They will take you to the lab and do the test and let you know within 10 minutes if it's positive or not.

How great that you haven't had to have sick appointments!! I wish I could say that....but I can't....I don't hop to the doctor any chance I get either...

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm like you and my kids have only been to the doctor sick a couple of times and they're all old. =) But in this situation, I'd go to the doctor just to check unless you have an urgent care that is near and open for the holidays. It never fails that you'll have a very sick child during the holidays or weekends. That's the only time I get bladder infections...LOL I wish you the best and hope they get well soon. Happy Thanksgiving!

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answers from La Crosse on

I'd take him just to be safe. Alot of times you can call in and just get a strep check.. where the nurse does it and the doctor doesn't have to be present unless its positive and a perscription is needed.

With my son if a red swollen throat and a fever are present, he has strep... if we see the puss bags then he has scarlet fever. bodies react differently

I hope also thats its just from the cold!

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answers from Beaumont on

I probably would take him in because of the holidays. Check with the Dr., maybe you could take him tomorrow and just observe one more day?

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answers from Lakeland on

I don't run to the doc either, but I think people can carry strep and not have all the symptoms. (Along with other illnesses). It may be worth it to have them tested just in case. I am also not sure on the incubation time, I would think after two weeks (if they are carriers) it would be gone.

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answers from Providence on

It most likely is strep. It's good that you are going to the doc's today. Better safe then sorry. Sometimes, kids can have strep without a huge sore throat issue. That's my son too. He never complains of sore throat, so it is hard to be sure..Hope it goes well!

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answers from New York on

could be a cold, bUT strep may or may not cause a fever. so if i were you wait one day then take him in, reason being if you are too early the strep culture may not show the bacteria.

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answers from Augusta on

I would take him in, because of the holiday, the Dr won't be there later , better to get him in and check now than to risk it getting worse and have to take him to the ER later.

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answers from Washington DC on

Doctor! You don't want to have a really sick kid on Thanksgiving, and have to find an urgent care. And he has it and gets on antibiotics, then he will feel well on Thanksgiving.

It's a quick swipe of the throat, probably by the nurse. I tthink they hav e a rapid in-office test. Easy. Strep manifests differently in different kids and different ages. Also, if your kids have great immune systems they may be handling the early stages very well.

Hope they don't, but I would check before the ped goes on vacation.

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answers from Omaha on

I would have gone to the doctor yesterday. Just for the simple fact that your children have interacted with three kids that have confirmed cases of strep. I am all for waiting stuff out and developing a healthy immune system, but you don't want to end up in the ER because everything is closed for the holiday. At least call the doctor and see what they think.
Good luck and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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answers from Dallas on

my kids are the same as yours...if you end up going to the doctor those Acute Kids in the area are after hours and great. i know strep is going around, but we have had a wicked congestion thing hanging on for a week or fevers. if you are really concerned, it can't hurt. All they will do is a throat culture and can tell you fairly quickly if it is strep.



answers from Dallas on

Strep is so different than when I was a kid. Both my kids had it last month and neither had a sore throat. One was vomiting and the other just got a rash and slight fever. When I was a kid it felt like razor blades in my throat! Glad you took him!

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