Doctor for Diaper Rash?

Updated on October 19, 2012
J.W. asks from Pontiac, MI
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Have you ever taken your baby to the doctor for diaper rash? My daughter is 16 months old and has a horrid diaper rash. The kind where she is screaming when we ty to change her. I have been letting her soak in the tub and air dry. We are slathering on both the zinc (white) diaper cream as well as the A&d type. It is at the point where some of it even looks shiney. I don't think it is "oozing" though. I

I am wondeirng about taking her to the doctor.I jsut don't know if they wil do anything different, or if it is going to just take time to heal. Not even sure what brought it on. No major food changes, new diapers, medications, etc. I just feel horrible for her!!!!


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So What Happened?

O.k. I am calling in the morning. The thing is it just started on Tuesday afternoon at daycare, and was very small then. It was really yesterday and today (Thursday) that it started to get bad. I really thought that after a few soaks in the tub and keeping her ultra dry yesterday evening and today that it would start to clear up. Instead it is just getting worse. I don't want anyone to thing this has been going on for a long time and I haven't been taking care of it! Thanks for the advice everyone!!!

Just a run-of-the-mill diaper rash! Got a prescription for a stronger cream and was told to be sure to change her very frequently (we were:) ) . Then we were sent on our merry way! Thanks again!!!

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answers from Sioux City on

Take her in. She has yeast infection. I have been there! NOT FUN! If you get her in they will prescribe an ointment that will clear it up quick.

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answers from Boston on

Err, I would take her to the Dr's. It could be yeast or bacteria related, in that case, whatever you are doing isn't working, or just irritating the skin more.

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answers from Detroit on

i always try to treat my kids at home for abotu 24-48 hours.. if they are gettting worse or not getting better.. then we go to the dr.

I use this rule for rashes as well as fevers coughs... whatever..

my son has had yeast rashes and bacterial infections in his diaper area.. so go to the dr.. so you can get some creams that will help her.

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answers from Indianapolis on

The Dr can give you a prescription for a stronger cream. I've used an rx for a diaper rash once. We'd been fighting it for weeks. With the dr's prescription it was gone in 2 days!!

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answers from Seattle on

If the rash is persistent, weeping or bleeding I would take her in. She could have a yeast or bacterial infection of the skin for which you need a medicated cream in order to treat it.

Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

Absolutely! It may not be diaper rash.

Might be yeast or something else. Was she on an antibiotic recently? You might try buying Lotrimin AF for athletes foot. Tonight! See if it getting better by morning.

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answers from Austin on

My daughter's babies have had horrible diaper rashes...... sometimes to the point that they bleed.... we hate seeing it, but didn't really know what was causing it.

There are two factors to a severe diaper rash..... it can be a yeast infection, which will need an anti-fungal cream, or it can be a bacterial infection, which may need a good prescription antibiotic.

I would take her to the doctor... this has gone beyond the home care state. She will probably need a prescription to help clear it up.

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answers from Cumberland on

it could be an infection-have it checked out-there will be something that will quickly take care of it-:(

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answers from El Paso on

When my older daughter's diaper rash would get really bad, I think I put baby powder on it first to make sure I had a nice dry base to start with, then I put the Desitin paste on over the baby powder. For whatever reason, the baby powder made it at least tolerable for my daughter for me to get the diaper rash cream on.

Depending on how long this has been going on, it very well could be a yeast infection, as others have mentioned. OTC lotrimin or something similar should help, but sometimes it will take an RX, and usually they prescribe nystatin. Good luck!

ETA: Unfortunately, my experience was that the diaper rash ALWAYS got worse at day care. Started there, got worse there. The only time I could get a leg up on it was when she wasn't there either over a weekend or a holiday. Good luck!

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answers from Washington DC on

When DD was screaming herself purple (literally) and her skin was peeling and bleeding? Heck yeah we saw the doctor! You might get a compound to treat her with. It's worth at least a call.

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answers from Philadelphia on

It sounds like a yeast infection. My kid's doctor told me to treat it with the over the counter medicine Lotrimin. FYI... Yeast thrives in dark moist places so make sure she is completely dry before you put her diaper on her. I actually used to use a blow dryer on low heat to dry the area.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

When we had kids come to my child care center like this we dabbed on antacid on their hiney's. It worked about 90% of the time. Those times it didn't it was usually a yeast infection.

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answers from Seattle on

I've had to take my son to the ER as a baby, once for diaper rash. A yeast infection (a very common form of diaper rash) that spread from his bum to his scrotum.

You would BELIEVE how fast bloody balls (and screaming baby... Constantly) gets seen in the ER when there's a male triage nurse, male nurse, and male doctor all working. My son has been blue from hypoxia and hasn't been seen that quickly!

Regular doctor? Went about 6 or 7 times for refills on the Rx cream before we figured out it was a wipes allergy (that got worse over time) degrading the skin. So the yeast infections were actually secondary. Ditched wipes (damp paper towels instead)... And voila! No more yeast infections!

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answers from Dover on

I haven't taken my kids to the doctor for diaper rash but my daughter did have a horrible rash a time or two. I used Little Bottoms Spray (hard to find now) because it required us not to touch her, gave her immediate relief, and some protection/barrier until next diaper change. If what you are using is not working and you can't find Little Bottoms, call the doctor. They may be able to call in a Rx for something stronger to help.

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answers from Dallas on

CORNSTARCH!!! I have never ever used diaper cream it burns and makes it worse(at least with my 2 it did) My nana told me to put cornstarch and it cleared up within a day

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answers from New York on

when my daughter had diaper rash it started out only a little bit and then got worse even though we were slathering her in desitin.. luckily she had a dr appointment anyway and it turns out that it was the baby wipes.. i had a diaper/wipes wishing well for my baby shower so i was just using whatever i got, turns out it was because i was switching between god knows how many kinds of wipes it was giving her the rash even with the desitin.. luckily i had gotten a big package of pampers sensitive wipes, we started using those + the desitin & it cleared up within a couple days.. also now iv noticed that i have to use the sensitive ones, doesnt matter what brand or if i switch, as long as they are the ones for sensitive skin

& i should add that before we started using the sensitive wipes the doctor had me use damp paper towels (+desitin) to clean her up for a day before we switched over

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