Do Your Children Have a Better Wardrobe than You

Updated on June 05, 2012
I.X. asks from San Clemente, CA
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I just opened up a package of adorable clothes for my children. They are so stinkin cute. But it has me thinking how rarely I revamp my own wardrobe. I don't' have a money problem so much as a time and freedom problem. Shopping for clothes is something I spend about 7 hours a year doing unless I grab something from target or costco without even trying it on. Before kids I probably spent 4-6 hours clothes shopping a month, looking for all the right things, putting together an actual outfit, sales, trying on everything to get the perfect fit, and going to a dozen stores. Now when I shop I'm just on a mission, usually for a serious whole in my wardrobe like Jeans. So I have to admit my kids dress better than me. What about you?

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answers from Detroit on

My daughter has way better clothes than me - her wardrobe blows mine away. My t-shirts, jeans, khakis and scrubs are so boring compared to all the cute stuff I get for her. But then she's going have to wear a uniform to the school where she's starting kindergarten in the fall, so things might start to even out a bit!

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answers from Kansas City on

Nope. I buy really nice clothes for everyone...including hubby:) I'm picky on the stores I shop at, so that cuts down on my shopping time.

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answers from Portland on

Yes. Thanks to pass-alongs and gift cards, Kiddo's got way more clothes than I do, newer and better.

Someday I'll get myself a personal shopper, ha ha. Until then, I content myself with the fact that I am usually gardening or have some kid wiping their snot on me (preschool teacher... par for the course). Not trendy, but unlike BB, 'effortless' for me is looking like I didn't make an effort, ha ha.:)

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answers from Honolulu on

Yep, I'd say so.

Although, kids are "lucky" in the sense that their clothes/shoes comes from not only their Mommy buying it for them, but also, relatives/Grandma/Aunties that buy them clothes too, and kids often have the benefit... of having gift cards, given to them. So yippee, they do have nice clothes, a good amount of clothes, and up to date clothes.
I was just counting my son's "inventory" of t-shirts the other day... he has about TWENTY t-shirts! And his Aunty wanted to buy him more! I told her... uh, no thank you, he has too many. And it is accrued mostly via it being gifts or friends giving him their son's outgrown t-shirts. And he has like 12 pairs of shorts.
In Hawaii, boys/kids just wear shorts and t-shirts.

Meanwhile, *me*? I have not bought anything new for myself in awhile. I have this favorite pair of jean shorts... in which I have sewn on cute cool patches on the rear pocket because there was a hole on it that was getting bigger and bigger.

BUT the lucky thing is: here in Hawaii, dressing is so casual. And we don't need the seasonal wardrobes etc. No one dresses up, unless they are going to the office or some kind of dressy function. And me I'm a SAHM, so no need to dress up in that sense. Hawaii is so casual. And laid-back.
Most people here have more flip-flops than they have of "sneakers" or even flats, etc.

Kids also, get more clothes more often... because they are growing all the time and outgrow, their clothes in the blink of an eye. So in a sense, it seems like, they have better wardrobes than us.
But they do.

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answers from Kansas City on

when my son was first born he had a GREAT wardrobe - probably for the first 2-3 years of his life he outdressed me. but then i got a promotion at work (kinda had to raise the bar a bit) and he turned into a grubby little 5 year old dirt magnet. i totally dress better than he does ;)

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answers from New York on

No, my son and I look awesome. Not trendy, classsic and effortless.

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answers from Cleveland on

Totally! My kids always look fantastic! I am a wonderful thrifter. I love to find great stuff second hand. I am lucky enough to have a couple of great upscale resale places that specialize in kids clothes very close to me. I can get them all sorts of name brand like new or brand new clothes for way cheap. I probably spend as much on second hand Justice, Baby Gap, and Gymboree as I would if I purchased all new Garanimals clothing at Walmart. The quality of the clothes is so much better so it holds up well, and then I can pass it all on to some one else when my kids outgrow it!
Myself on the other hand, I hardly ever buy anything for, even from thrift stores! I just hate spending money on myself. I'd rather buy stuff for my house!

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answers from Cincinnati on

My daughter does! But not because we buy her alot (any clothes we get her are from Goodwill. She is 4 mnths old and I can't see spending alot on something that she will out grow so quickly) it is because everyone else buys her clothes. She is the first baby girl in my family. Which makes her the first granddaughter, first great granddaughter, first great neice, etc. I had this conversation with my grandma just the other day. She told me that she found the baby an outfit, but she didn't like it that well, and then my grandfather found a really cute outfit so they bought that one for her instead. I said "Grandma, she has enough clothes! You don't have to buy her an outfit everytime you go shopping!" Of course she responded that she needed these clothes. I swear you can't close her drawers, and we have bags of clothes that no longer fit her. Half of which she only wore once or twice. And my mom not only buys her clothes but makes her clothes as well. She is one well dressed baby!



answers from Philadelphia on

we dress about the same.
My kids are rough and tumble so they wear clothes that can get messy and withstand all the junk and my clothes are the same.



answers from Tampa on

Of course! All 4 of my kids are ALWAYS dressed much better than me, and it's ok with me. :) I love the fact that my kids have nice clothes, and they always look great, no matter what they are doing or where we are. It makes me feel good to see them in clothes that look good and gives me a feeling of joy when I see them take pride in how they look as well when they choose their outfit for the day .. so I know that all of these years of making sure that they have nice clothes that fit well, are clean, and are stylish and in good shape has made them take pride in the way they look. I am also proud that all 4 of my kids have learned that you don't have to spend a lot of money to get that look, and are just as willing to shop for their clothing at a thrift store as they are at Abercrombie. (honestly, my 18 yr old is MORE likely to shop at the thrift store since she has a hard time justifying the prices at some of the stores in the malls) LOL!
I DO need to get out and start supplimenting my own wardrobe very soon though. I was noticing the other day that I am still wearing some of the same clothes that I had way back when my oldest daughter (who is almost 22) was just 2 yrs old! LOL I think it's truly time for Mama to go shopping for herself for a change! :)


answers from Washington DC on

Absolutely, and they should IMHO. We WANT to provide everything we can for our kids. I'd rather wear the same clothes and get them new ones. Not to mention my clothes still fit year after year while I'm lucky to get a full season out of them.

But it's funny you asked this question because I find myself thinking the same thing. The last time I had some clothes shipped to the house for me was because I was out of black pants for work - that was no good! I added a few other things in there, but I was giddy to get some for me :).



answers from Louisville on

Yes she does! Her gr-gma is more "old-school" and is kinda her 'personal' shopper so she has ended up with all kinds of matched up outfits over the last couple of years! Gr-gma is retired and can shop while I'm at work - and sometimes is even brave enough to take little one with her!



answers from Miami on

Yes my daughter has a better wardrobe than I ever had. I usually wear my stuff tll they got holes in them. The amazing thing is with all the fancystuff she gets she still says when your done wearing that momma can I have it. The thing about dressing up in mommy clothes lol



answers from Seattle on


I often only own 2 pairs of pants, half a dozen camisoles, and a literal handful of lingerie. Then I'll buy 2 new things and almost double my wardrobe. <rolls eyes> Most of my friends are serious or playful professionals (diplomats to film ), and I drive them crazy. Because when I beg off some event saying I have nothing to wear? They know Im serious. ESP because I used to have thigh high chanel boots, heels and she's for every occasion, a closet people practically shopped out of, etc. they were work clothes. As in I worked taking home almost anything I modeled (back when god was a boy), into my contracts whenever possible. Now that I have to pay for my clothes? Soooooo not doing more than absolutely necessary. It's just that their version of 'nevessary' and mine are wildly different. I'm replacing the unwearable. And I'm a beach to shop for. At 6'1, nearly all my clothes come from overseas. There just ISN'T my sizing found here. If I were still model thin I could cheat a bit, but I'm not. LOL not by a looooong shot! So it's $160 for jeans :P so I wait until they're half off twice a year and patch them until then... And drive my friends nuts.

My son? 4-6 pairs of pants, ditto shorts, a dozen shirts, 2-3 dress outfits, sports clothes, etc. They're relatively inexpensive, easy to find locally, and clothes matter in his life. As a student, I can wear PJs to my classes, much less my uniform of jeans, Camis, and sneakers.



answers from New York on

My daughter definitly has nicer stuff! But, being pregnant, I have been shopping 2x to update my wardrobe. So I am now slightly more up todate than I was... but still in jeans and T-Shirts for the most part. While maternity clothes has come a long way since I was pregnant with my daughter (4 years ago) it still is not so great....


answers from Chicago on

Nope, we dress equally well. I mostly go online to preview collections and have an idea of what I want from where to cut down on my shopping time.



answers from Detroit on

Absolutely. My kids dress way better than I do. It's my lifestyle which dictates how I dress. I am a SAHM who takes care of the household. I am not very social, so there is no need to have a flashy wardrobe. I do have a few nice designer items that I wear for certain events and church, but that's about it. It's Walmart or Kohl's for me. It's funny that you bring this up, because I spent the last 4 days feverishly looking for a new bathing suit. I haven't worn a bathing suit in public in about 25 years. I must have tried on 40 suits, no joke. I ended up buying a very expensive top designer bathing suit, go figure. But, it looks great on me and I am comfortable in it---so that's priceless.


answers from La Crosse on

yup all of my kids have better clothes than I do... even the youngest two who's clothes are mostly hand me downs...



answers from Dallas on

My daughter has an awesome wardrobe; I have a just 'OK' one. At the same time, she is easier to fit than I am, and her clothes are way less expensive. Plus, I can shop for clothes with her and not hear whining, and shopping for clothes for me with her in tow is a royal pain. When she's with a sitter, there are so many other things I'd rather do with my time than shop for clothes.

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