Do You Use DuPage Pediatrics?

Updated on December 28, 2006
L. asks from Woodridge, IL
5 answers

I want to switch pediatricians so it is closer to my house. I am thinking of trying DuPage Pediatrics on Plainfield Rd in Darien. I have seen a bunch of good write ups, but my question is: How hard is it to get in a sick child? Can you get in the same day? With the pediatrician I am seeing now I was sure he had an ear infection and they didn't want to give me an appointment until the next day!
Any other info on the office would also be appreciated!

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So What Happened?

Thanks Everyone!
I just made an appointment for his one year! It sounds like a great place!

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answers from Chicago on

I love them...I have 3 kids and have been using them since the begiining... my husband used to go there when he was young. I have never had a issue getting in.. I have been in there for an emergency a couple times and had no problems getting in that second.

I suggest you make an appointment with all of them at some point and figure out who you like the best... they are all good..

Good luck..




answers from Chicago on

Hi L.,

I was just there today on a sick visit. I have four kids and have always gotten in the same day for a sick visit.

We have seen everyone there and the only doctor that I don't care for is Dr. Huang. My kids are rarely ever sick and I felt that I had to fight her to prescribe something for my son's sinus infection. He had it for almost two weeks and couldn't kick it. I was really annoyed... We see Dr. Hall mainly. She is young and extremely nice and all of my kids LOVE her. That's saying something... They don't dread going to the doctor.

As far as the other doctors... Dr. Gardner is an older man who's very gentle with the kids. Dr. Kelly is more of an earthy woman. I like her a lot. We saw her for a while and the kids loved her as well. I just "clicked" with Dr. Hall. She remembers my kids' names and is just really friendly all-around...



answers from Chicago on

Hi L.,
I also go to DuPage Pediatrics. My son sees Dr. Gardner. They have several doctors. You shouldn't have any problem getting a same day appointment. DuPage Pediatrics was highly recommended to me. It's a good place to go to.




answers from Oklahoma City on

I've been using them for about 6 months now and I LOVE THEM!!!!! They always make my daughter a priority when she is sick and they also call back right away if you have a question. We use Dr. Davis and he is wonderful.
Good luck and Merry Christmas!



answers from Chicago on

I responded to another request for pediatrician in Hinsdale area posted the same day, but somehow missed yours, so here is my experience. So far.

Du Page Pediatrics was recommended to me from my OB. They have this office for many years, great pediatricians, well respected. Check their website and read a little bit for each of the doctors.

For our 11 months old (now) son our primary doctor is Dr. Kelly - very soft spoken and nice. We’ve also seen Dr. Lynch and Dr. Davis for sick visits. Both were very good. Yes, Dr. Huang is probably not from the doctors that give prescription right away for a reason, or no reason, but some parents prefer that. We visited Dr. Hall only once – she is the youngest there, very energetic, also very nice.

We never had a problem with sick visits. They will see you the same day, in few hours, sometimes even right away. The only thing is that they want you to call them in advance, no matter what. But I guess you call them anyway, right? And they are very prompt in returning phone calls, too.

Good luck!

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