Do You Use a Steamer for Your Hardwood Floors???

Updated on February 22, 2011
M.B. asks from Plainfield, IL
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Just wondering if you use a Shark or Bissell Steam Mop for your hardwood floors? If so, do you like the results? I've used many things, like the Bona mop and cleaner, vinegar and water, and Method. They just don't seem to get the floors clean like I'd like.

We have a 80lb Lab and he drags in the dirt like u would not believe and I am looking for something that would be fast and easy!

I'm thinking of purchasing either the Shark Steam pocket mop or the Bissell steam mop deluxe. I'm just a little afraid about the water. When you use these mops are the floors really wet? I know that is not the best thing for hardwood.

Any advise??
Thanks :)

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answers from Lincoln on

I love my steam mop on my hard wood floors! The floors don't get "wet" you can walk on them almost instantly.

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answers from Washington DC on

I wouldn't! Water can damage wood floors. My flooring guy told me to use the Bruce hardwood cleaner - see link (has excellent cleaning tips for hardwood floors). (and he told me not to use a dry swiffer duster - the waxes & chemicals in them will dull your finish)

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answers from New York on

NO NO NO! My parents own a flooring company so I grew up in the industry and I can assure you that the LAST thing you want to do is force moisture under your wood floor planks which can cause both warping and mold. If you are talking about laminate flooring, use the same caution but the worst you will get is chronic mold b/c the material is not wood.

Call the flooring company that manufactured the product or the retailer who installed them and ask them for suggestions. Most will suggest that you "dry clean" your floors daily with something like a Swiffer and that you "scrub" your floors no more than once a week- you will literally scrub off the stain and finish if you do it more frequently.

We currently have Bruce Brazillian Cherry floors and we mop weekly using the products that they manufacture. I have two cats, kids and a husband who does construction, but the floors still only get one scrubbing per week. Keep shoes off the floor and catch the dog at the door. Wipe his paws with an old towe. My mother used to do it with our dog to keep the mud off of the floors and furniture.

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answers from Dallas on

Have had hard woods for most of my life. I would think that using steam would force moisture into the wood. Water + Wood = water damage. Not good. A good damp mop is about as far as I would go with real wood. Dirt on the surface of the wood is about as far as you should take it on hard woods. It's too porous for anything more.
Best Regards,

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answers from Atlanta on

We have LOVED our Shark steam mop! I was hesitant at first, but it really, really cleans well. We have two large dogs, a cat and a 2 and 4 year old and it does the job. The floors do not get really sopping wet. There's a sheen of water that quickly evaporates -actually much less than we had when we used a regular mop or a Swiffer. I do still use my particular preference of a dry Swiffer with Murphy's Oil Soap squirt and mop on the stairs. I just love the way it smells! The steam mop has been great though.

We did have an issue with part of it breaking after about 8 months. We sent it back and they replaced it for free.



answers from Phoenix on

I love my Shark and use it daily on my hardwood floors. It does a great job cleaning and sanitizing and leaves significantly less water on the floor than a traditional mop.



answers from Topeka on

I seen my dad do this on Sat. it didn't leave it wet cleaned the hard wood floor very well you can see it on the micro fiber pad it was disgusting now I want to do mine since my method is sweeping,vacuuming then getting down on all 4's cleaning & scrubbing till it shines.
It is steam it won't be sopping wet



answers from Columbus on

We have a Shark and really like it. It doesn't leave the floors wet all, there is so little moisture on the floor that they're dry within about a minute- if that. It cleans up well after our dog, although you have to sweep or vacuum to pick up the dirt/hair before you use it. It's been well worth it.

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