Do You Trust Baby Sitters?

Updated on July 29, 2013
L.B. asks from Coolidge, AZ
26 answers

For me,I would say no.Whether i go for an 1 hour or for 3 days,i dont trust baby sitters.When ever my husband and i wanna go out for 2 to 3 hours we go to my sisters house or my husbands brothers house.What about you?

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answers from Washington DC on

We didn't have a lot of family who lived close. I had 2 or 3 high school students I used. They were awesome! My daughter babysits and is in demand...
If you are lucky enough to have family, then good for you. The rest of us do actually trust people...

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answers from Tampa on

Do I trust random people off Craigslist? NO...the only person whos ever watched my kids outside of family is the young lady from the gym childcare. She's watched them a few date nights. I live in Florida and all my family is in Phoenix yea must be nice to rely on family but not possible.

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answers from Minneapolis on

You know... I have been a nanny for the past 3 years, and I still can't bring myself to use anyone other than family for babysitting. It's hard because most of the time family is ready and available to watch him, but then there is just those one or two instances where no one can watch him but it's too late to find a random person willing to babysit, interview them, get used to them enough to trust them, and everything else before the actual night that we need a babysitter. Ugh

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answers from Washington DC on

um. this infers that all babysitters are alike.
no, i don't trust someone just because they say they're a babysitter.
yes, i've had babysitters over the years whom i literally trusted with my babies' lives.
i think that blanket distrust of everyone is unhealthy.

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answers from Dallas on


We live a plane ticket away from family and never had the option of only family babysitting but then again, I wouldn't want my family to be my only option. I think it is important to know people and trust people outside your family.

What are you going to do when your children go to school.... escort them all day? You can't raise them in bubble wrap and expect them to come out at 18 knowing what they need to know and have independence like they should. Letting go is in baby steps but all parents must go through it or they can face a horrid time when that child is grown up.

We had great teen babysitters. One family served us until our daughter was old enough to babysit. It was a family of 3 sisters and as one went off to college, the next would step in to the job. Those girls are a part of our family STILL.

Our daughter is a well sought after babysitter herself and does a fantastic job with children.

We believe that couples should have date night regularly (we still go weekly after 24 yrs) in order to keep your marriage together. It is also good for the children to be apart from the parents a bit so they can grow as well.

I don't see how someone can normally go through life trusting no one but family. That's got to be difficult with making decisions financially, medically, etc.

It is certainly not a fear that I have. I chose GOOD babysitters for a reason.

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answers from Erie on

I think you're crazy. I also think you are hindering your children's ability to cope in the real world.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, the 'don't trust anyone' mindset just isn't feasible for us.

My husband and I both work full-time and we don't live near any family, so yes, we had to start trusting babysitters when each of our children was 12 weeks old. It was hard at first, but once we found the center that was the right place, it was no problem. And, since the center background-checks all the staff, we our kids' favorites from the center staff as our occasionally evening babysitters as well. We also have a neighborhood teen who is a really terrific kid, and we trust her as well.

Also, I was the town babysitter where I grew up. I loved the kids I babysat, and I don't think I was a totally unique teenager. There are teens out there who are responsible and worth trusting.

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answers from Austin on

I was a baby sitter as a teen, so was our daughter.
I was considered excellent.
Our daughter was also sought after.

I think if you don't trust them, it is good you do not use them.

You are fortunate to have family close by to assist you, otherwise, I guess you would never go out alone with your husband.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I trust the people that I have hired in the past or entrusted my daughter with otherwise I never would have left her with them. I never would have picked some wacko stranger off of Craigslist.

Are you going to permit your child to go to school, spend time with their friend's families, go to summer camp, extracurricular activities or go to sleepovers? My relatives were the last people I would have left my daughter with, they were much worse than anyone else.

It sounds like you also are not comfortable with your sister either with her wanting to help out,visit or participate in bath time

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answers from Portland on

I don't leave my son with people I don't trust, period. So, yes, I trust our sitters. Either they are people we know already or come highly recommended from someone who has good judgment.

If there's ever a question, then we don't leave him, period.

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answers from Detroit on

Of course, if they are experienced enough to deal with sitting.
But you have babysitters too, at the houses you mention.
It's unrealistic to think you can trust anyone simply because it's family. Trust me on that one.

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answers from Chicago on

I think it is not really normal to not trust a sitter Which part do you not trust? them with your kids? them in your home? paying them? I think you need to give some thought to those questions and then when you figure out which part it is address it. In the real world you will not be able to be with your child 24/7 and it is really not good for your children to only be with you 24/7. They will need to be able to cope with other forms of authority. Will you be homeschooling and then providing a living for your children as adults? I know that sounds like an extreme but if you do not allow any outside influence how will they learn to cope in the real world?

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answers from Dallas on

I also think it's a mistake to think your kids are perfectly safe with anyone, but you. I've worked with abused children, I know for a fact family is more likely to harm a child. I hope you are teaching your children how to advocate for themselves.

I don't think it's an unwise risk, to use someone with a great working history, referrals, and clean background. I do think it's unwise to teach children, that family will never hurt them.

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answers from Chicago on

I live 400 miles away from most of my family. My sister lives about 1 hour away from me, but owns her own business and has her own kids to care for. So, I MUST trust a babysitter at some point, but it isn't easy to find someone to feel that you can trust.

I have 2 wonderful sitters that I have been using since my 2nd son was a baby. Both are adults: 1 has 2 kids of her own (teenagers), and the other is a 24 year old nursing student. They love my kids so much, and I know I can count on them 100%.

It is a lot of trial and error with finding the right sitter. There were a few I used for short little trips out, but decided they weren't quite what I was looking for.

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answers from Cleveland on

First as others have said you are lucky to have that option.

I did as well and was very greatful. It was hard for me to even think about a teenager or someone I didn't know well watching my infant, but now my kids are older than 6 yrs and I am much more comfortable.

I also think wether it is family or not you need to pick well and be clear w them on what your expectations are.

Using a babysitter isn't horrible is you are smart abou it.

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answers from Washington DC on

I think you need to loosen up. You can't trust everyone, but there are plenty of GREAT babysitters out there. Family won't always be available to watch your kids...and having someone else is good for both you AND your kids.

We had my sister watch our kids for three years before we put our youngest two in a daycare. Both my sister and that babysitter were amazing - my youngest son now still goes there two afternoons a week.

We had a nanny for three weeks that was horrible. She pushed my youngest (he was 4) and she was fired as soon as I found out.

A week after she was fired, we found a new girl that we have had for two years now. She is AMAZING and we fully trust her with our kids. We are trying to save enough to ask her to do a weekend for us.

This girl is patient with my kids in getting them up and out of the house 5 days a week for school. She has attended field trips when I could not (I was having surgery), she gets my kids off the bus if I need her for a little bit in the afternoon, she covers date nights for us that have lasted up to 7 hours. She does general cleaning in our house even though we have told her time and time again she does NOT have to do that...dishes, sweeping, folding cltohes, helping the kids clean their rooms, etc. More than anything? She plays with our kids. They are NEVER bored with her. She is the BEST hide-and-seek player ever. She walks them to the local park (1/4 mile away) and takes them to the pool daily. All of this is not anything she HAS to do. She is paid to keep our kids safe...that's it. She is beyond amazing though.

We hired her when we did not trust sitters - coming off of a bad nanny. She opened our eyes to some of the amazing people out there.

Oh - and she won't watch any other kids - just ours. So I'm VERY thankful we found her when we did!

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answers from Washington DC on

My kids only had Master's watching them. Seriously- Master's in Tae Kwon Do...I trust them to the core of my being with my children....

With my daughter? Only family was allowed to watch her. When we moved to Belgium? It was hard. I had to find people I trusted...finally found one! YAHOO!! She actually followed us to Germany too!! Her dad got reassigned the same time we did...

I would wonder why you don't trust people to care for your children. have you not checked them out? You do realize that more molestations happen by family members and not non-family members?

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answers from Los Angeles on

As a former babysitter, yes I trust babysitters! I was a great one. So were my sisters. Many teens aand young adults out there truly enjoy babysitting and will treat your kids extra special, with as much care as their own kin.

That said, I most often Use my own family as babysitters. But I have tried out a few non-related teen/college students in the past. You know when you find a good one! It is hard to find the whole package (fun, involved, competent, attentive, responsible). But they are out there.

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answers from Grand Forks on

I do trust babysitters because I wouldn't hire a babysitter I didn't trust. I am too frugal to pay a babysitter, so when I needed a sitter I usually just traded services with a friend, neighbour or relative. Aside from using the babysitting service at the gym or at mom's group, or leaving them at the community drop-in programs I have never hired a stranger to babysit. The age of the child makes a difference. If the child is verbal and able to tell me about their day I would be a little more comfortable with leaving my child with a stranger. I have myself done lots of babysitting, but I am always recommended to the family by friends.

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answers from Miami on

Hi. we only hire a sitter we would trust. and in the beginning, i stay with them and my everyone feels comfortable... and we like to use the same 2-3 repeatedly so we work up a relationship with them. In addition, if I hire someone, i try to pay them what they ask and err on the generous build their faith and trust in us as employers. If we cancel at the last minute, we pay or pay 1/2 depending on the notice. Does that make sense. Our 3 sitters we know see as almost part of the family ...and I am happy to see them as is our son. I hope this help...

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answers from Chattanooga on

It depends on the individual...

I know I was a kick-a** babysitter when I was young (from about 11 to 17) I had about 5 families in my church that I regularly baby sat for, and many other families called me for random sittings. I had taken first aid and CPR courses, and been taking care of my younger siblings my entire life. When I baby sat, I spent the entire time playing with the kids, helping them with chores and homework, or reading/ doing my own homework after they went to bed. I was raised with a strong work ethic, so if I was being paid to watch the kids THAT is what I did. No talking on the phone, no friends coming over, no sending the kids off to play on their own.

I really hope that when I need to, I can find a babysitter like my younger self! Lol.

Of course, I'm not going to trust just any random teen to watch my dd... My "trust" will be based on reviews/recommendations from other parents, my impression of the person, how my daughter reacts to her, and perhaps her behavior during a dry-run or two (have her babysit while I am home to observe.)

I'm lucky now... My SIL is living with us so she can go to school, so we have a free live-in babysitter.

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answers from New York on

If they are 10 no! Obviously, but if they have been babysitting yes. Ask for references if you are not sure. I would have never survived without babysitters! It is good for kids to be comfortable with others.

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answers from Santa Fe on

We have 3 wonderful babysitters that I trust completely. We know their parents well and know them well...they are almost like family. We have no family nearby so if we did not trust our babysitters we'd never do anything without kids! You start off trying out a babysitter for a very short period of time. Try out quite a few recommended babysitters and eventually you will find one you click with. Make sure they have taken the YMCA babysitter class so they know child/infant CPR/first aid. Once you find a babysitter you think is great then let her/him watch the kids for slightly longer. If she/he does well it will help you to feel more confident in them.



answers from Houston on

I trust my mother. I trust the lady who comes to my house every day and stays with him all day. Now that he's over two years old, I am branching out a little. We spend time with a cousin and her daughters, and I am getting to a place where I can feel comfortable leaving him with them. At this point, it's more about his comfort with them.



answers from Cumberland on

NO-my children did not have babysitters-my Grandchildren do not have babysitters.



answers from Washington DC on

I've never used a babysitter. My kids went to licensed daycare with trained adult staffers. If I needed someone for a few hours, I asked family or friends. I figured I couldn't relax or concentrate if I had left them with a teenager. However, my older daughter has been a babysitter for 6 years. She's mostly had positive experiences (no medical emergencies or creepy dads), though one family warranted a call to child protective services. The worst that's occurred is that a wind storm blew out power to several neighborhoods and the parents couldn't get home for hours while she was in the power-less house with the kid.

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