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Updated on September 20, 2011
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I posted earlier about "feeling" like I was pregnant. I looked back and did the math, and it does seem to be a definite possibility based on the timing of the deed! My period was due yesterday but not here yet. For 1.5 weeks, I have been feeling icky on and off and sometimes quite strong. I have been having lots of headaches and lightheaded sometimes. Last week, felt cramps like my period was coming on, but still has not. There are all very early pregnancy signs that I had with my son 2 years ago. It feels eerily the same! I know it's early to feel these things, but I did with my first.

Here's the kickers - a tummy bug of sorts has been making it's way around my community, including my that could explain the not feeling well. 4 days ago, I took a home pregnancy test that shows an ever so slight positive. I had this same experience with my son, so assumed the next day would test a stronger positive. But no - the next 3 days were all clearly negative. With my last pregnancy, I used the same brand tests and got a positive a day BEFORE missing my period. So I thought my body would be the same which makes me assume I am not pregnant but maybe each pregnancy is just different. Also, I have been working out more lately (training for a 10k) but I always experienced that exercising sped up menstrual cycle - maybe it slows it.

What do you think? I know I just need to wait - either my period is late and I'm just not feeling well, or maybe I'm right and just to early to detect with the pregnancy tests. We're not trying to get pregnant, but totally unopposed to the idea :) I'm too excited to wait and see... :/

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So What Happened?

I KNOW I'm getting ahead of myself and over-thinking it...can't a girl just feel excited?!

And I don't think people are really reading the question.... I have taken tests :) Just wondering if maybe too early.

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answers from Detroit on

You could still be pregnant. Maybe call your dr. and ask for a blood test or give it another week or so and test again.

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answers from Eugene on

Sometimes we are pregnant for a short time and our period is late. This is a pregnancy but the body recognizes that the zygote isn't okay and so it flushes it out. Our bodies know when a conception isn't right and does what is necessary to make certain we do have healthy children.

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answers from Chicago on

Defnintely a possibility. But if you're 1.5 weeks late, and you've gotten a few negative tests, I'm going with probably not.

If it's been that long and the test is negative, it's unlikely. They're pretty accurate.

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answers from Hartford on

If you're late then call your ob and schedule a blood test. That's the only way to know for sure. Guessing based on symptoms and possible but faint lines is no way to know.

Or you get a digital read-out test that says straight out "pregnant" or "not pregnant" on it and if that fails to give a read-out then call for a blood test.

Why do we make this so difficult? It's not a huge puzzle to figure out.

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answers from Washington DC on

instead of waiting and worrying about it? go buy a test and take it...


answers from Dallas on

With my middle son, I took 3 pregnancy test before the 4th one came out positive, and not every day either. I took the first one after I missed my period, negative, then a week later, negative, then the next day in the morning with first of the day pee, negative, waited another week and it was positive...

Sounds like you really want to be pregnant, and I hope you are. The two signs I had was missed period and my boobs hurt so bad. Okay, there was one more, I have this baby dream every time I was pregnant. What ever the baby was in my dream, I gave birth to the opposite sex, but I was always pregnant when I had the dream.

Hope you are!



answers from New York on

If you are pregnant, by this time your test should read positive. All those things you describe can make your period come later.



answers from Grand Rapids on

I had this happen to me. I had an early very faint positive and the next 3 tests were all negative. About 5 days later my "period" started, which was VERY heavy. My doctor told me that it was a very early miscarriage. For a test to show positive at all, there has to be some HCG in your system, but many times your body naturally miscarries...we only know if we have been testing early.
Good luck!



answers from San Antonio on

Oh at first I was going to tell you just go take a test...then I read your post...I know what you mean the whole am I aren't I thing can be fun and nerve wracking.

I am waiting for my period, it isn't late yet...but I am super paranoid that I might be pregnant and I seriously don't want to be...I am months away from my youngest starting school and going back to work.

Let us know what you find out...but usually a positive is a positive.



answers from Tampa on

I am in the same boat as you!! I have really off periods..usually its everyother month....I have felt like I was going to start for the last 2 weeks going thru all the pms stages I go thru...and cramps... crazy cramps...I still have yet to start, I did take 2 test and were im sure im not. But I want to be so bad!!! lol. If I don't start in another week im going to take the digital one. My husband and I have been trying for over 6 months for our 2nd and last child. I hope you are!!!! Good luck!



answers from Davenport on

take a clear blue digital preg test. I was like this when trying to get preg. and try many many tests that was the one clearly reads pregnant or not and well I was BUT dont pee on the stick read the instructions pee in the cup and do it that way bc its way more acurate that way!! Best of luck!!



answers from Bloomington on

Be patient girl. 1 day late isn't late. Your symptoms could mean just about anything.

Also from my personal experience. I felt pregnant, queasy and everything. But I wasn't. I even knew i couldn't be, my period had come and everything, but I felt pregnant. So that's proof that a body can do strange things just for the fun of it.

Give it another week, then if no period test again.



answers from Topeka on

With myself I had always had this "feeling"inside that I knew I was pregnant before any missed period or symptoms its like a lighting bolt went through my body & just began to register it is time to make room for baby.I do have PMS & most of them lacked during the early stages of pregnancy then missed period,then tested sometimes several because it was to early to be detected on the HPT,but after my positives a call to the OB for blood work & my prenantal vitamins.Exercise,the bug stress can all have some effect on your period you could be crampy from over streching or from having several BM's,you mentiond a slight positve on 1 test & negative on the others are you sure you read it right?There were 2 lines sometimes one is more faint than the other,I would stop buying tests from other places go to Dollar Tree buy a few to test today,Wednesday,& the weekend if no period,but if you experience any cramping on one side followed with bleeding or other pains call your Dr.Yes all pregnancies are different,some babies just want to hide it out for a while & cause suspense...



answers from Milwaukee on

Your negative tests could have been due to the fact that you've been drinking more water and your urine was too diluted to detect the pregnancy hormone. It happened to me last week. I had a positive pregnancy test 6 days before my period was due, but it was very faint. I took another test the next day, hoping the line would be darker, but it was negative. :( I noted that my urine was quite clear, even though it was my first morning urine. Anyway, the next day I tried again and it was once again positive. :) Another thing to consider is the brand of pregnancy test. Dollar Tree tests detect the pregnancy hormone at 25 ml. Other brands can't detect levels under 100. Maybe the 1st test you took was more sensitive.

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