Do You Take Anything When You Feel a Cold Coming While Pregnant??

Updated on November 30, 2009
L.P. asks from Aurora, CO
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Hi Ladies,

While not pregnant I would take Zinc and other additional supplements to support my immune system when I felt a cold starting but the doctors say you can't do these things while pregnant. Is there a product anyone knows about that is safe to boost immunity? Everyone in my house is sick and I know its coming!!

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So What Happened?

Thank you all so much for your advice. I went to vitamin cottage and found wish gardens, I bought the cold rememdy dropper so hopefully that was the one you were talking about, I saw one called kick ass immunity but wasn't sure if it was ok during pregnancy so I skipped it, also picked up some vitamin D3 like suggested. Hope it works! Thanks mommys!!

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answers from Boise on

Emergen-C is the best thing, even when you are not pregnant. Kids can even drink it. It's best if you only add 4oz water. It tastes similar to flavored seltzer water. I like Raspberry and Pink Lemonade the best. Drink 3-4 a day until it goes away. Wal-Mart is the cheapest place I know of ($9/box). I haven't gotten sick for 2 years, as everyone else does around me.

I personally don't think there's anything wrong with taking zinc or herbal remedies, especially vitamins when you are pregnant. That's ridiculous. I believe you should take more because you are providing for 2 people.

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answers from Denver on

I second Wish Garden herbs--they were very helpful, are specific to pregnancy and have been around for decades. Hang in there!

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answers from Denver on

Get adjusted by a chiropractor first of all. Every adjustment helps to boost immunity. Also, you do have to be careful of what you ingest while pregnant but there are plenty of supplements that you can take safely. Check Whole Foods or Vitamin Cottage and specifically check out products by Wish Garden Herbs. Great stuff! (I used it while I was pregnant)

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answers from Denver on

You might look into Umcka. (

It's not an immunity booster but can be very effective if you take it right away when you get cold/flu symptoms. I've had really great (sometimes stunning!) success with it and so did a friend I recently recommended it to.

You can find it at Vitamin Cottage or King Soopers.



answers from St. Cloud on

Hi L.! You have gotten fabulous advice from these other moms! I second the suggestions of the nasal wash (I use a kit from NeilMed, purchased at Wal-Mart), Emergen-C (packets that make a fizzy vitamin C drink, also found at Wal-Mart) and acidophilous! Also, talk to your doctor about a vitamin D 3 supplement. It is different from the vitamin D in milk and regular vitamins. It's essential for boosting immunity and it's SAFE for pregnant women to take.

If you are able, you could try taking fish oil capsules. The best ones are by Nordic Naturals or Carlson's. The best price I have found on fish oils is at their shipping is pretty quick too.

Depending on what you would normally use to supplement, I would ask a second doctor's opinion on taking supplements while pregnant. My OBGyn was very supportive of supplements and herbs that are safe for pregnancy.

I hope you have a very healthy pregnancy!



answers from Provo on

Nutritionals you can trust Usana Health Sciences.


answers from Colorado Springs on

The midwife that I work with recommends:

-Acidophilus (or mixed probiotics), the kind that require refrigeration, 4 billion cells
-Echinacea tincture, one full dropper, 10 days on, 10 days off
-Garlic, deodorized capsules, 500-600 mgs per day
-Vitamin C, 500 mgs with Bioflavinoids, 200 mgs, can be purchased together or separate
-Propolis, a.k.a. bee pollen, 1 capsule/tablet
-Grapefruit seed extract, 15 drops, preferably with OJ because it is bitter by itself!

But you should always check with your caregiver before taking any supplements that are recommended on the internet! LOL!




answers from Denver on

Hello L., I used a herbal tincture from Wish Garden herbs which you can find at whole foods, vitamin cottage and it is amazing. It is the cold remedy for pregnancy and it is safe for pregnancy and nursing. I can not tell you how amazing it is! I highly recommend it.

Hope you feel better.



answers from Colorado Springs on

you can take vitamin c it it safy and really helps your immune system



answers from Denver on

Sleep and TONS OF WATER. It really is not safe to do any of the herbals or supplements they just aren't tested. The water will help flush it out of your system. The good news is when you are pregnant, the cold will likely not be as bad as everyone else had it. You can also take Vitamin C.

Good luck!



answers from Denver on

I've read that doing a nasal flush(neti pot) with distilled water and non-iodized salt a few times a day is one of the best ways to prevent catching the flu or colds. I don't remember the "recipe" but it must be online.


answers from Casper on

I realize that I am late in responding, but I second the Netti pot. I also swab the inside of my nose with peroxide and gargle with half peroxide and half water mixture. It works great on kicking the germs out. So on your next cold, all of these these are great natural ways to help your body fight the cold.



answers from Salt Lake City on

Try the Neti pot! I had a cold last week and everyone was Pushing me to try flushing my nose, but I was so scared cause I had tried it before and it hurt really bad because I flushed my nose with plain tap water! But I tried the neti pot with salt and distilled water and guess what??! my cold was gone the next day. I've also read that it helps you not get sick as often. If you do try it make sure that you use SALT please! don't want it to hurt.



answers from Denver on

Hi L.,
I have a great product that you can take while pregant. It's a whole food and all natural. It has made a HUGE difference in the health of my and my family. I would love to share it with you! Please let me know if you are interested and I'll give you all the info!

Take care,



answers from Los Angeles on

Cell salt is safe during pregnancy. My homeopath recommends Ferrum Phosphoricum when you feel a cold coming. I am pregnant too and she recommended I have it handy in case I get a cold. Zinc is probably in your prenatal blend. I wouldn't take any supplement in addition but try to get Zinc through food (pumpkin seeds are a good source). I also swear on nose rinses with salt water. I do it every night. It is suppose to support your immune system since it is taking stuff out of the nose passages and it really feels good too if you have a stuffy nose. Gargling with warm salt water, drinking lots of fluids, getting enough rest, lots of fruit :) Stay well!!!


answers from Fort Collins on

My midwife told me zinc was okay to take. She also said echenacea (sp?) tea (with honey) is okay to drink. I always drink that when I feel something coming on and it shortens the duration. Ask your dr or midwife.



answers from New York on

I just make sure I take my vitamin, drink lots of oj (vitamin c), decaf tea, and soup!

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