Do You Still Grow New Moles on Your Body Once You Are in Your 30S?

Updated on February 16, 2010
M.B. asks from Colorado Springs, CO
9 answers

Just wondering if it's normal to grow new moles after age 35?

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone. I do skin checks every six months because I have a history of melanoma. I was just curious if the general population gets new moles in their 30s. In the online melanoma community you are often told that it's unusual to get new moles in your 30s and that all new moles in 30s should be checked. It seems like many of you do get new moles, so it can't be that uncommon.

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answers from Denver on

I was told by the dr that my new moles and skin tags were secondary to pregnancy - hormonal changes triggering the skin growth. I have many more skin tags and a few new moles since my first child was born when I was 36 - I get them checked and then burned off - they can be intrusive otherwise.



answers from Sarasota on

Yes. I added a few in the neck area, bummer, when I was in my 40's and we lived in Florida. I was thinking it was the sun but not sure.



answers from Chicago on

aaaaa yes. they multiply as you age.
can't wait till i'm 70 and look like my dad who gets dozens taken off at a time.



answers from Denver on

Ya know, I have gotten some new moles since 30-ish so I know it happens and may just be one of the tortures of getting older. I would however suggest that you have them checked out just to be sure. I have no idea how to recognize an irregular one.

Good luck.



answers from Denver on

Yes, but you need to have a full body mole check by a dermatologist at least 1x year. It's very important to have a map of your body and for the dermatologist to see any changes, however subtle they may be. My brother in law died of skin cancer at 43 that could have been prevented.



answers from New York on

yes. i see them pop up after being exposed to sun. how odd and unwelcoming :). i am turning 35, feels like i am about to hit gravity head first.
where did the twenties go :)



answers from Cincinnati on

Hi -
Most moles develop during the first 20 years of life, but some may not appear until later in life, according to the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). New mole creation can occur until about the age of 40. However, if you have a mole that first appeared after age 35 or a new mole appear/change in mole appearance (size, shape, color) you should consult a dermatologist or other physician with experience in skin disorders (,1258,article~1607,...;

This site -- -- shows pictures of moles and how to perform a self-exam



answers from Dothan on

Moles appearing can be due family genetics of seborrhic keratosis. Thatsa how you get freckely ppl and moley ppls. It should be checked out always but its not uncommon at all . They can even appear canerous by sight but are perfectly harmless. do your check ups but expect to be moley all your life



answers from Pocatello on

I got new moles with every baby I had (I have 4 kids) and some had to be removed, while others are not interfering with anything so they stay for now. I get them checked at my physical but they aren't changing at all. Get them checked out, removed if need be. Not uncommon at all.

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