Do You Shop Sales?

Updated on September 20, 2011
D.P. asks from Beverly Hills, CA
30 answers

It seems like I am DRAWN to sale racks and clearance areas of stores. I love shopping sales! I get such great deals. The way I look at it--they have to move the merchandise, so I get a $50 blouse for $22, and that's a good thing right?
I hear that some people never shop sales?
I just think that even if i 'can' afford full price, I'd rather get a sale price and/or use a coupon.
Do you like sales?
What stores do you think has the best clothing sales?

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answers from Richmond on

I ONLY shop sales :)

My Target gives their clearance items that don't sell to Goodwill... so I get them for pennies on the dollar, tags still on, brand new stuff :)

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answers from Jacksonville on

I try my darnedest to NEVER buy anything that is NOT on sale. Sometimes it can't be helped.... but if I can use a coupon or find a sale, you bet!

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answers from Honolulu on

I only shop sales.
Old Navy. Always has sales. Constantly.
And they have free shipping if you spend a certain amount.
Their regular shipping is just a flat rate besides that.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Is there any other way to shop? :)

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answers from San Antonio on

I was at the grocery store today and went to both clearance aisles. I LOVE clearance aisles. Esp if I can get something I've had my eye on all year and finally it's on sale 50% off. I love to buy off-season items if I know I'll use them next season (ie - we live next to the river. Every summer we river-raft with friends. I am waiting for the rafts and inflatable cooler to go on sale so I can get them for next summer. Also, I like to buy the next size up for my toddler for the following year, so I should buy him his swimsuit and swim shirt when they go on sale super-cheap here any day now. Or maybe I already missed it. Here in Tx it's still super-hot so I think they're still full price). I already have a lot of his long-sleeved shirts that I bought end of winter last year in a size up when they were on sale. As for who has the best clothing sales - I have no idea. I don't shop that much. I generally only go to Target and Walmart and the local grocery store, and of course my local thrift store.

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answers from Dallas on

I only shop sales. Theres no reason to pay that inflated price. I love the thrill of getting a great bargain, the thrill of the hunt. I get a great satisfaction out of being a shrewd shopper. I like to stock up at the end of season sales. Right now summer is 75% off. So Why not! A beach towel bought this year will be just as beachy next year. I get great deals at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory. I really like upscale resale shops. I like the idea that the piece I'm buying is unique and I'm not going to run into 3 other girls wearing the same dress. My teen shops clearance at the Mall, Forever 21, Hollister, Abercrombie.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I always buy on sale. I change my menus if something I was going to have for dinner is not on sale. My first stop in any store is their discount section. I know my prices and that's why I don't use the Angel Ministeries or similar. I get a better deal by watching the sales. I know which grocery stores discount which items. So if I need produce, I go to O. store. If I need meat I go to a different store. If I'm looking for off season stuff I know which stores to go to. I love Black Friday, right after Thanksgiving sales. I usually get a majority of my Christmas shopping done then. I know the Disney Store in our mall has O. week of real good sales twice each year. That's when I shop Disney.

The last time I paid full price for anything is when I had to pay DMV for my drivers license renewal. ;~))

I always ask for the senior citizens discount or any thing else I might qualify for. When we go out to eat, I use coupons that I get in the mail, (Not all the time, but most of the time.)

I'd much rather have the money in my pocket than the CEO's account so he can buy a bigger yacht.

ADDED: This summer, when we were on vacation, I couldn't find a motel/hotel on line for less than $70 a night. So my wife and I drove until around 9 pm. I drove to a couple and their rates and they were still too high. I saw O. with a $58 sign for O. person. I saw another mid level motel (I don't remember the name) that had a sign that said they welcomed walk-ins, $75 a night. I talked to the desk clerk and she gave me the party line $75. I told her there was a motel across the freeway that had a $58 sign, but I was looking for a jacuzzi. She said they only had a jacuzzi in their suite and the suite was $85 a night. I asked her how much revenue the suite was going to bring in if they didn't rent it for $85. To make a long story shorter, I talked her into giving me the suite with the jacuzzi for $60 for the night, and got a free breakfast. (The bad part . . . they had a waffle machine that you pour in the batter and cover the lower part, and then turn the entire cooker portion over. It turns out really good waffles. Now my wife wants O. and I haven't found O. at a garage sale or resale store.)

Good luck to you and yours.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I rarely buy things full price. That said, I do find that many things I've bought in the past on clearance because it was a good deal, I don't wear much. I've been reassessing my wardrobe and trying to only buy things I really love and really need. If that means I buy something full price, I figure if I only buy O. thing and I love it, and wear it, it's better than buying 6 things on clearance that I never wear.


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answers from Denver on

Yes I always scan sale racks. I bought a pair of PJ's that was supposed to be a 3 piece set but only had 2 pieces. The original price was $15 and I got it for $1.50 It was too big for my youngest and "too boyish" for my middle but I fugured for that price I was saving it for the youngest to wear. I only shop clearence, I recently bought myself 3 shirts for under $20. I shop at walmart and target only, yes I know they are awful companies and no O. has anything good to say about walmart, BUT the budget allows what the budget allows...I also shop grocery sales and use coupons. I try not to pay full price for anything.

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answers from Topeka on

Yes of course I shop sales & clearance racks before I shop the other racks plus if I have a coupon the better.I was a huge spender for JCPennys still am but we have so much clothes for the kids i'm waiting to buy fall/winter so I have yet to splurge on other items that i'm sure are so cheap right now.In my area Kohl's has nice clothing but not really for me it is too dressy,but for the kids great,JCPenny's,Target,Sears,Old Navy.I never shop online I don't get the idea of not trying it on before buying.I do shop at Walmart for childrens clothing i'd rather spend that kind of money on play clothes.

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answers from Washington DC on


I troll Gymboree and Old Navy and Childrens Place for sales. I got a bunch of shirts for DD last spring for this fall for $2 each. The only maternity pants I got from O. of the higher end stores was on sale. If Old Navy has something left off-season and you honestly can't find the tag, they will often sell it for $1. Got socks there last spring for DD for less than $1 a pair.

I try to buy things I need vs things that catch my eye because they are half off. Money spent on things you don't need is a waste. However, refusing to buy *because* it is on sale sounds like someone with more money than me.

Edit to add: I don't exclusively buy sale items but if it's something I need AND it's on sale? Why not?

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answers from Dallas on

I just got flamed on the other "deal" question and labeled as materialistic and hiding behind labels, BLAH.....

I do not specifically go to a sales rack, however, I shop very smart. I do not shop resale.

I got a $200 BeBe dress for daughter's homecoming this week for $100 thanks to being a member of the frequent buying club and a 50% coupon.

I shop White House Black Market and routinely get up to 30% off my bill thanks to frequent shopper and coupon that I get emailed often.

DSW is great with the $10 coupons for frequent shoppers.

I buy when we need something. I am not O. to enjoy going to the mall and shopping, browsing, etc. I tend to know exactly what I am looking for, I go and I get it and I am done.

So, do I shop a sale rack, usually not, BUT I do shop wisely and I don't blow my money.

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answers from Detroit on

LOVE IT! When I go to Target I always have to check out the clearance clothes racks. I dont even know what they carry up front thats full price until it hits the clearance rack.
When did Targets clothes get so expensive anyways?

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answers from Chicago on

Ummm ... all about discount/sale ect. Ross is O. of my favorite places to shop it's the ultimate discount store!!!

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answers from Cleveland on


Kohl's run's pretty good sales for adult clothing. For my kids, I mostly shop resale shops. They are little, and grow fast so why spend a fortune on clothes? There is a great shop by me where I just bought my 3 year old 5 outfits and a pair of tennis shoes, that all looked new and were mostly Gap and Gymboree brands, and I spent $50!! Can't beat that

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answers from Los Angeles on

I am a bargain shopper. The price is right but the quantity I buy sometimes (in the past) turned out to be money wasted.

Shop to your heart's delight, but be reasonable. If you get the urge to chase a sale, take a quick inventory of items in your closet that need matching and then go for it.

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answers from San Antonio on

My husband always reminds me that, "You can go broke on good deals."

But yes I do love sales...but I try to limit it to things I am going to buy already.

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answers from Chicago on

My kids know that unless I am allowing them to "splurge", if it in not on sale it is not being purchased. They are kind of getting the idea of waiting for something instead of get it now type of attitude. Don;t always like it but, oh well. I do check out sales as much as possible, check out clearance racks too. I figure, the more I save in a sale, clearance or-yes even garage sale-or resale, the more I have to spend on something else. Spend less on what you need to get more of what you want.

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answers from Phoenix on

I only shop sales and that includes the grocery store. I pay very little for anything I buy. We pay CASH for everything and I think thats why we can, because I don't pay full price for anything! My hubbys ex was an extreme name brand shopper, high dollar for everything. Now that he's been with me for the last 4 years, I have successfully converted him to a major sale shopper as well. In fact, sometimes I will tell him a great deal I got and he's all, do you think you could have got it for less? LOLOLOLOL!!!!

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answers from Lincoln on

I LOVE sales! The only thing that can be depressing is when summer stuff is on sale, so you get it for dirt cheap and then have to wait half a year to wear it!! (I just got a cute dress the other day that I will have to wait for!)

I also love when I find damaged clothes b/c I can sew. I got a cute top at O. of the stores in the mall for $3 b/c it had a little rip. I sewed it right up!

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answers from Dallas on

I never pay retail for anything!
We learned in economics about the "snob factor." Some people would never buy anything on sale or buy something at a shop that is not upscale. Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with how much money they have. Totally don't get that.

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answers from Seattle on

How can you not love a good sale?? That is just unheard of.

I cant wait to see how much I saved when I get the receipt. Especially when you save more than you spent! I love that feeling. Makes me feel better about spending the money I did.

When it comes to clothes and some other things, I usually dont buy it unless its on sale.

I like the after season sales. And the Presidents Day sales are great! My Mom and I save every year so that we can go shopping together and see how much stuff we can get for little money. Its kinda like a game I guess lol. Who saved the most game. Lol.

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answers from Houston on

Thats all i shop at. Besides food which i buy pricey. I get a high from a good sale. I love ross because its a clearance store that has super clearance sections. 75 to 90% off has a good ring to it.

I get coupons in the mail for all kinds of places.on request.

I went to victorias secret the other day with two coupons, O. for free panties and 10 dollars off a bra. I got a nice matching set for 20 dollars (thats cheap there)

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answers from Chicago on

I shop a sale anytime I can...Not just for the sake of the sale but if I need something etc....I like have coupons to use in addition to the sale. Von Maur rocks it when they clearance their items. Love Kohl's when they offer $10 off your purchase plus an additional 15% or 20% etc....

I also shop resale. The Mom's group I have plus outlets...Bought my 3 kids clothes for a total $132 for the winter. Coats, boots, jeans, etc.

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answers from New York on

The only time I pay full price for anything is when I really need it.

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answers from Spartanburg on

I tried for years to shop sales but after 1) never finding my size/favourite color 2) always buying things I didn't need 3) definitely overfilling my wardrobe and emptying my wallet - I decided less is more and now I only buy fewer basic pieces, but higher in quality, in the color and size I need WHEN I need them, not weeks or months later. It suits my morale better, I find: when I need I just go and get a great piece worth spending my money on.It makes me feel fabulous, what can I do?

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answers from San Diego on

Yes and no. I do like to look at the sales and clearance racks at our favorite stores because really, who doesn't like to spend less on something? Some things I just don't think are worth what they are charging, even if we can afford it, and don't see the value of spending that much (Disney..$60 hoodies?!?!) and wait until they are on sale or clearance. Other things I will spend full price if I feel they are worth it (just bought my daughters Xmas dress yesterday because I completely fell in love with it and didn't want to risk it not being there later on and spent $40 on it and still need to get a sweater to go with it). I love clothes from REI but I can't justify spending $100+ on every pair of pants so I scour the clearance racks, but I have bought a couple jackets that I really needed and did pay full price, but I'm getting what I pay for at least there.
I have 3 kids that outgrow things so fast that I appreciate being able to stretch my dollars further. Some things they don't get to wear very long so the idea of always paying a premium price for it isn't very appealing to me.
I love the clearance racks to stock up on the next sizes of basics like leggings, jeans etc too.
When my first was born we didn't have a lot of extra playing money. We had a wonderful resale shop down the road. My son was the height of fashion in piles of name brands, tons of Disney Store and his other favorite characters and I spent a fraction of the price so we had more money to be able to do the fun things we wanted too. We have more money now then we did then but I still would rather have the extra money to play, save and enjoy life with my family (and get a new house in the hopefully soon future! LOL)

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answers from Tampa on

Never pay full price, but I don't just buy it because it's on sale. Kids Easter, Christmas outfits I buy after the holidays 90% size up or so for the next season same with bikinis. It takes a lot of time and resources, but it's so worth it. Smart shopping!!!!

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answers from Boston on

I always look at sale items first or try to find coupns before paying full retail price (however if you find a good deal on something dont post it on mamapedia casue they will flag it and delete your comment grr)... anyways the way I look at it, if you pay clearance you have more $ to spend on more clothing or just to keep :) the force of being drawn to the red lol

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answers from Washington DC on

Yes. I shop sales. But I don't get up at o'dark thirty to be the first O. there...

I also go to Goodwill and AmVets stores - i've gotten brand new things - jackets, shoes and other things WITH THE TAGS still on them for pennies on the dollar.

Tuesday Mornings is a good place to get an item for a decent price.

I love Nordstroms and think they have the best clothes..
Macy's is next then JC Penney's.

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