Do You Seem to Forget Things Easily?

Updated on July 23, 2010
J.P. asks from Brooklyn, NY
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I am going nuts with that situation. Before my daughter I could remember a phone number like months after telling me, i would just memorize it. I feel like after having her my body has taken a toll for the worst, I love my aughter but I forget so easy. My high school friends have been contacting me on FB and yes it has been 15 years since I graduated but they remember me and I don't. I hate feeling this way, is not just that but everyday things I forget as well. I don't know what to do or why this is happening, besides im always tired and this is not me at all. Im thinking of having another kid but im seriously doubting it now. If this happened with the first I can only imagine what is going to happen with the second one. Advice please lol.

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answers from Cleveland on

I used to remember EVERYTHING! Ever since I became pregnant with my first I started having a horrible memory. I would forget things daily and started forgetting things that happened in the past that I used to remember every detail about! They call it pregnancy brain, well it got worse once I have my son, now I have mommy brain and I'm pregnant again so now I have mommy brain plus pregnancy brain and I literally forget things ALL the time. I have to write down EVERYTHING, it's bad. I hope it gets better!!!

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answers from Dallas on

What was the question again? HA!

My kids are 21, 17 and 3. I can remember my locker combination my senior year of high school (10-36-3) but cannot remember what I wore to work yesterday or where I put my glasses when I take them off. Slowly but surely I'll forget where I live I am certain of it. (I kid)

I have found, and it may help you, that the more sleep and good nutrition I get, the better I remember things. I try and sleep when my youngun sleeps (when I can) and eat better and take vitamins so that I can be a better mom and so that when i'm at work and my boss asks me what happened to that file, I actually know not only what he's talking about, but don't give that lost "Huh" look.

I also find that notes help. If I have an appointment, I set a reminder NOT ONLY for the day, but for 2 days prior and the day before so that I'm prepared. I also have the kids tell ask me if I'm hurried, if I've put the date in my calendar at work, cell and at home so that there's no problems later. Sounds a little overkill, but after a while it becomes habit and you don't think about it anymore, you just know you have to do it.

Sending good thoughts your way...

Now where DID I park my car.....?

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answers from New York on

You are not alone... I forget everything... old and new. I will look at my grocery list, see the note to bring in the bottle returns, and five minutes later I walk out the door with out them. Of course during that five minutes I have changed a diaper (or if lucky, taken my daughter to the potty), explained why you need socks for sneakers and not sandals, and made sure I had some snacks & water packed etc. I think the reason we forget is because we have so much going on...

As far as old - I graduated from a small school with somewhere around 60 people 20 or so years ago, now I say - you were in my class? Who are you? Some I remember, and if sometimes they can jog my memory with a story but other times I just have no clue...

I just read someone else's answer - my high school locker combo was 19-31-7... go figure, I will probably always remember that....

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answers from Buffalo on

Oh sweety this is perfactly normal. Just the other day there was a post on here titles Momnesia and there was 71 responces. The stories were too funny, see if you can find it. It will make you feel better.

If you are tired you can check with your doctor and see if you have sleep apnia or a thyroid condition. but it just sounds like you are not making time for yourself. Make sure you get 8 hrs of sleep at night (Hard I know TRUST me I have 3 kids well 4 if you include my hubby) But you have to take care of you or you are not going to be able to take care of the fam. Get a planner, and lots of lists and notes. It will help keep details straight. Please do not think this happenes and gets worst because you were pregnant or have more kids. Everyone gets over stretched and looses focus, it would happen with kids or not.

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answers from Indianapolis on

Yes, between 2 kids, the stresses of work and parenthood, and memory loss from 5 months of chemo, my memory is shot. There's really a term called "Chemo Brain" that I've had in varying degrees the past 2 years.

I can literally be in the middle of a sentence and completely forget what I'm saying, the word for something simple (like blanket) or someone's name. It's quite distressing, but when I explain it to people, they understand immediately.

If you're concerned, talk to your doctor about it. It could be something none of us are familiar with that requires treatment. Or, it could just be how your body processes stress.

Good luck.

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answers from New York on

i have notice that too, not with my first but with my second an l am still very young so I don't think that my bad memory is caused by the same than my mother's bad memory.
But, I think...what was the question again?
Just kidding.
I think you should talk to your doctor just to check nothing is wrong (it may just be normal because you are tired).
I do know that amino acid complex, Ginkgo Biloba or Royal Jelly are said to rebuild memory and help with concentration.
they also have some pills on the market, but like I say, talk to your doctor before you take something.
There is also a nintendo game that suppose to exercise the brain, and is FUN too.

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answers from Harrisburg on

My doc told me that while we are pregnant and breastfeeding that the baby sucks the DHA out of us (which makes us forgetful) and that is why we have to take pre-natal vitimins and a DHA suppliment while we're pregnant and nursing...I'm not sure how old your daughter is, but if she is still nursing maybe this is the answer. I agree with many other responses that you are definitley not alone and to check in with your doc about some solutions. Good luck!


answers from Jamestown on

yes I do too. =) I would not let it stop me from having kids. I think forgetting things is normal...and there are ways you can increase your memory. Do a search online, for tips to increase memory. Writing notes for yourself and such. <3 go ahead and have more kids. =)



answers from Harrisburg on

It could just be we're getting older, more busy and have a lot going on. It's hard to keep up with things if we don't write them down sometimes. That might help. Good luck.



answers from Miami on

I am more forgetful then I was pre-children. But it didn't get any worse with each child or anything, it's been the same since my first. I think it's just that a different part of your brain goes into action, and you are focused on different things then you used to be. Also, less restful sleep sometimes plays a role. And of course, there's the simple aging factor. I graduated 12 years ago, so we are around the same age. I just started writing EVERYTHING down. Shopping lists, to do lists, bill lists, appointments etc. I always have a notebook and pen sitting around. Other people may be able to recommend memory boosting herbs as well.

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