Do You Really Lay Flat to Dry?

Updated on November 18, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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It seems that all my sweaters this season say "lay flat to dry". Where do you find space to lay all your clothes flat to dry? Is it really gonna mess up the clothes if I hang it to dry or *gasp* tumble dry low??

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I lay my sweaters flat by draping them very carefully on a drying rack. If I really laid them flat the cats would thank me for the new beds.

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answers from Green Bay on

I love to freshen up sweaters with Dryel, it is a dry clean at home product. I use it mostly on sweaters. If I do hand wash a sweater I lay it on the ironing board or a counter in the laundry room.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I lay a towel out on top of the dryer and lay it flat. The heat of the dryer while running helps it dry, actually. I've also seen the "screen" dryers at Bed, Bath and Beyond. If you have room in your laundry area, you can put it there. Or the bathtub :) Generally, yes, wet sweaters will stretch out and get longer if you hang them while wet. It also makes funky puckers on the shoulders.

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answers from Indianapolis on

get a clothes rack and hang them on there, then when they're dry put them in dryer on low setting for 10 min and it will get any marks out that the rack left on it.

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answers from Dallas on

Yes, it will really mess up your sweaters if you dry them. For those that do, I promise they are not the same shape/size/color or pile as when they were bought. If you hang them dry, they could stretch. Use a dring rack, it is much faster than putting it on a towel on the bed.

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answers from Honolulu on

Yes, it will stretch it out and/or shrink it.
IF it is made of natural, fibers, more so.

Just lay it out on a big towel or beach towel, on your floor, if you don't have room.
There are also drying racks, that you can buy, just for sweaters or fine clothing.



answers from Topeka on

I dry mine on my bed. Just wash in the morning & lay them out to dry. I usually end up putting them in the dryer on low to "bounce" them back into shape.



answers from Savannah on

I hang with those hangers that are shaped more like shoulders than the triangle ones. I usually get them from buying clothes at kohls or taget.



answers from Madison on

No, I don't lay my sweaters or tops or pants flat to dry--unless they are made of a fabric that will "stretch" if I hang the article. Otherwise, I have a wooden drying rack, and that is where I put my clothing to dry--so it's hanging up, so to say. I've never had an issue with doing it this way, either.

I hesitate to use a dryer, though, even on low, just because I don't know how the fabric/fibers are going to react with the heat. If I really don't want the article to shrink (or it can't afford any shrinkage), then I stay away from putting it in the dryer.



answers from Seattle on

I never, ever, do.

But a girlfriend does. She has a rack that holds about 20 sweaters (although she usually only is drying 5-10 at a time, so there's more airflow) and is about 2'x2'

My husband has ruined more wool sweaters by putting them in the dryer on low, than I can count. Fortunately our son can wear them. Myself? I had a friend who was 6'8 (ball player). I tossed his sweater in the wash and dryer, and then couldn't figure out whose dog sweater was in my dryer. It went from about 4 feet long to about 1 foot square. First and Last time I EVER tossed wool in the dryer. I still have that thing. It looks like a pot holder. Ahhhhh... memories.


answers from San Francisco on

No, I have nice wooden hangers so I hang them. Otherwise the sweater takes to long to dry I and I sense a musty mildewey smell in it.



answers from Houston on

I bought a drying rack at Target. Love it!!!



answers from Portland on

No, I don't have any clothing that really demands that much care. Even if the label give that advice, I tumble dry on delicate until most water weight is out of the fabric, then hang to finish drying.



answers from Pittsburgh on

I wash all my stuff in the washer on delicate. Do an extra spin. Then I hang inside out to dry. Except REALLY heavy sweaters. Thos I do lay flat on a folded towel.



answers from Philadelphia on

On my bed. And yes, if it says "lay flat to dry", I do exactly that. I've ruined too many sweaters thinking I was smarter than the directions...



answers from Washington DC on

My dryer has a rack that goes inside it for drying flat. But I've only used it like 3 times LOL everything gets tossed in and comes out fine in my opinion.

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