Do You Need Any Paperwork to Fly with a Baby?

Updated on September 29, 2011
R.. asks from Cleveland, TN
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I'm taking my 17 month DD for her first trip that requires air travel... I just was wondering if I am supposed to bring her birth cert. or anything like that? (we are staying within the US, if that makes a difference...)

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So What Happened?

Thanks! I think I will be taking her birth cert. with me... She is a very big 17 months, and most people who see her think she is 2-3 years old, so I will take it with me. (She is flying 'in lap', so I agree that I would hate to have THAT stop my flight!)

~After the fact... I took her cert... but they didn't check it. So no worries. :)

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I always brought SSC & BC sometimes they want it most of the time they do not ... however I rather have it than not. We fly about 2-5times a year.

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answers from San Antonio on

but yes, birth certificate. And a dvd player, books, balloon to wear her out before you board the plane. Don't forget to potty yourself before you board, since she'll be in your lap the whole time.

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answers from Chicago on

I would bring her birth certificate. It depends on what airport - I have flown a lot with my daughter and some check and some don't.

If you are treating your daughter as a "lap kid" meaning she doesn't have her own seat - I would definitely bring her birth certificate so that you can prove she is under 2. I'd hate to have my flight delayed because one of the airline people thought she looked older than she really is.

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answers from Nashville on

I found if I checked in outside the terminal at the sky cab they never checked documentation. If I checked in at the terminal counter, they often did but I would bring it anyway. If you don't want to bring the birth certificate you can bring shot records from your doctor which provide her age.

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answers from Lakeland on

I travel all the time with my daughter from FL to PA. I have never needed any paperwork for her.



answers from Washington DC on

You probably don't need her birth certificate, but it wouldn't hurt to have her father's permission in a notarized letter if he is not flying with you.


answers from Seattle on

Yes, it does make a difference. For domestic travel, you need proof of age IF your child is traveling on your lap. If she has her own seat, you don't need anything.



answers from Cincinnati on

They checked birth certificate when I flew with my son around that age (wanted to be sure the baby was not 2 and needing a ticket).



answers from Tampa on

Birth cerificate, but they dont check at all times. I wish more airlines would check babies birth certificates while domestic travel.



answers from Charlotte on

No, you don't need anything. But in case of any emergency of a sort, it's not a bad idea to have a copy of her birth certificate with you, as well as her shot record.

Have fun on your trip!



answers from Fayetteville on

Take her birth certificate if she's flying on your lap.



answers from Los Angeles on

We took our son on his first trip to Florida at 14 months and I did not bring any documentations at all as the airline did not tell us to do so when I called.



answers from Lake Charles on

Honestly, the airline tells you yes but we've flown three times this year and they haven't asked once.. the last time we even got her through as a lap baby when she was really over two. So sue me, we couldn't afford an extra 500 seat... bring it just in case but don't be surprised when they don't even want to see it. Continental didn't even give us a boarding pass for her (sometimes they do though..).


answers from Kansas City on

I have always had to have my children's birth certificates. They check them when you check in.

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